SSS-Class Villain Life
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SSS-Class Villain Life

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SSS급 빌런 생활
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis SSS-Class Villain Life

He fell into the game world with SSS-class characteristics.

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  1. Yeah, I’m done. Chapter 40 he gets a mask that allows him to absorb the powers of people he kills. Because of course he gets something that does that.

    This author ran out of ideas 10 chapters in.

    Also, I forgot to mention in the last comment, but this author made the MC super dense when it comes to women. He sees a man with a red face, that is clearly anger, and thinks the dude has a crush on him, but when girls are red in the face he constantly asks if they have a fever.

    So annoying.

  2. Yeah, so MC just pulled skeleton creation out of nowhere because the author couldn’t use their brain to create other stuff, like necklaces or tattoos or something.

    Nope, creation magic/superpower lets you create skeletons. 27 chapters in and he pulls that out.

    I didn’t really like the story but there’s so little chapters that I thought it would be ok to just see how the creation skill upgrades over time, Guns, Ammo, Ring, and then a Skeleton creator. Which by the way, only has a cooldown of ONE DAY!???

    His ring cooldown is a month!

    I’m gonna just try to speed-read to the end to see what else he gets, because this is kind of ridiculous.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Finally, people who actually realize that MCs whose sole personality is “being too cold and calculating” are also as boring as Kirito-template characters. The best type of MC for me are those who start of as weak and indecisive, but grow up to be an absolute, insane badasses. Either that or MCs who are insane but still have emotions (like Oscar from 2nd Round Villain who is cold and insane, but is capable of caring and loving in his own definition). Absolute units of an MC such as Kim Gong-ja from SSS Class Sui-Hunter and Dokja from ORV are my favourites.

    Cold and Calculating MCs are incredibly unrealistic because we dont call them “Cold and Calculating characters”, we call them psychopaths. You prefer psychopathic characters. A normal person who gets Isekai’d/Forced into a novel or game WILL panic. Being pushed into a situation you are not familiar with will cause discomfort and panic.
    You can prefer the edgy MCs as much as you want, but you CANNOT call them realistic. Thats BS.

    Think of it this way: If your caring Father brought another woman and told you he will divorce your caring Mother despite your Mom and Dad having a good relationship, will you accept the situation, react with a neutral face and think of what to do in the next day? Unless you’re a psychopath, no you wont, because you cannot understand the situation that got pushed into your face. Thats basically the same scenario here. MC got pushed into another world, its normal for him to panic. But eventually you will grow into understanding, and forcing yourself to adapt.

  4. Likewise, MCs who are too cold and calculating are boring and one dimensional. They lack any personality other than “I will kill you” or using someone for their worth. You need to balance a characters personality, too emotional is realistic but boring while too cold is fun but gets boring later.

    This is why I love novels that have ‘insane’ personalities, because their chaotic nature perfectly fits being cool and being fun

  5. Phobi21 says:

    No brothers, do not confuse things, let me enlighten you a bit.

    The description of emotions is not equivalent to weakness and cowardice, a protagonist with emotions does not mean that he is a BETA because…

    If I want a protagonist who is cold, wrinkled and calculating, but internally his soul is the fusion between his past and the transmigrator, then I read The Villain Wants to Live.

    If I want a cold and ruthless protagonist who doesn’t hesitate to act as a saint or a demon depending on his needs, a guy who from the depths of his being has always been evil, then I read Reverend Insanity.

    Not only that, I may also want to read a protagonist who in the beginning has been pitiful, embarrassing and cowardly, however, as the story goes by he becomes someone proud, strong and manly, so there are several that I can read Overgeared, SSS -Class Suicide Hunter and The Second Coming of Gluttony.

    That’s not all, I can also add those novels where the protagonist seems to lack any emotion, but the background explains it or the premise of the novel is so interesting that I can’t worry about it, such as Sovereign Of Judgment, Reinarnator and Kidnaped Dragons

    Finally, there are also those novels where the protagonist is a crazy bastard who acts recklessly, where his actions lack morality and are totally unpredictable, those novels are like 2nd Round Villain and The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich.

    Therefore my dear brothers, emotions and narratives are extremely important, of course, I do not read only levels at the level that I have described, otherwise it would be dirty on my part, but, if they do not try to match that level at least a little, if they discard the emotions without even adding a past that compensates it, then… that is nothing more than laziness of the author.

    Once again I must repeat, I have read hundreds of novels, so my standards are very strict, therefore, this novel may be good for some, I am sure of that, for this reason I recommend reading it and only taking this comment as a reference and not as something assured.

  6. Rader says:

    Also, I understand why some comments here are saying that MC does not have emotions. I agree to some level, but it’s not that MC does not have emotions but that he treat his new world as a game. His goal is to earn money and level up, and if he can do it by becoming saint he will do it, if he need to be devil he will also do it. He is mad man in normal view of society nowadays, but it’s not an unrealistic character because mad people are more normal than we think.

  7. Rader says:

    People are saying bad things about this one a lot here. Let me say something good.

    I enjoyed the Story and the skill sets are unique. MC has power of creation and he first got gun creation, then bullet, then Undead creation, and then a predatory mask creation. He became a Necromancer who fitted his army of skeletons with guns and ice bullets. I found this quite interesting and fun, can’t understand why some here saying that skills are bad. Maybe they didn’t read it properly.

    Above that, MC is chaotic. He is a Hero. He is a Villain. He is a Bounty Hunter who kills Villains and Heroes. He first started killing because of the System but now he treat whole world as a game and has become better in killing. His ability to create undead also increased this alienation, he does not feel like he is killing people, to him he is farming exp monsters. Is it bad, is it good? I don’t know, but MC is flawed and chaotic and I quite liked it.

    Hash20 above said that author didn’t describe the human emotions. But he missed that Author went to great lengths to explain the emotion of people around MC. His actions surprise even Mad scientist and veteren S class and even they feel that he is absurd and scary. His teammates feel more scared with him than being with enemies. Yes Author does not tell us how MC is feeling much besides a few lines but by showing us first hand how broken he is that he don’t care to dig graves and treat it as normal author is doing best to show how chaotic this MC is. Sometimes there is no need for an inner monologue from MC to understand what he or she is thinking, just grasp the image Author is showing and it will be enough.

    Anyways, after Part 1 of the Novel it has gone to hiatus. On a personal level I liked it. It’s fast pace, violent, chaotic. Only a few novels dare to have a MC who is so chaotic that he will find normal that he is a villain and a hero at the same time.

  8. Archi2 says:

    For an SSS-Class characteristic, the MC has the most underwhelming ability. Sure [Creation] might sound awesome but the way it is implemented in this novel is not cutting it for me.

  9. Hash2O says:

    These novels don’t describe human emotions and feelings for what they would be, sure, but that’s hundred times better than the novels that does.

    It’s really too irritating, frustrating and cringe when the mc goes arround panicking and despite having reality in front of him is always denying or something for a good 20 chapters. For these type of things there’s always some guys who says “it’s only at the start after it get better” I don’t agree. If an author can’t properly establish the flow of the story from the start, it never get done.

    I prefer an MC who’s inhuman, supress his feelings, act like a machine, cold, calculating and irealistic over an ignoble kid that would do even worse than me and get me frustrated. Futhermore webnovels are supposed to be somewhat fastpaced and not dwell too into these boring details, if you don’t like this kind of things in the first place you should go reading classic litterature. In this aspect koreans are far ahead in the webnovels-making industry and chineses are catching up, sadly europeans webnovels are still too far behind, they can’t grasp the nature of what we want to read, and that’s why you’re in this website, reading mtl, stop denying yourself.

  10. It’s written as completed because of the irregular updates. The last update was December 27 so I guess it got abandoned by the author

  11. Phobi21 says:

    The beginning is typical, I will not delve into it.

    I’ll just say that the protagonist finished a game, and, after creating a new character with broken abilities, he entered that game.

    After that hmm…

    Perhaps some of you already know my criticisms of those novels that do not give the MC emotions, emotions of confusion, anger, fear and motivation, they only write about how the MC accepts everything without problems, well… this is one of them, to top it off , even after his first kill (towards a human) which occurred seconds after reincarnating, he laughs after seeing the activation of his system.

    This protagonist really has no emotions inside of him, the next chapter he keeps laughing and enjoying himself as if nothing had happened.

    I will not follow this, I cannot empathize with the story that the author creates.

    In any case, this is the review of someone who has read hundreds of novels and looking for an exciting story with good narrative, for someone who ignores the application of complex emotions then he could try this novel, maybe he will like it…

  12. Dao of hentai says:

    Umu very interesting, haven’t seen anything like this in a while

  13. Salty1 says:

    Any brave soul out here ?

  14. Dao of Hentai says:

    Let’s dig in

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