The Protagonist of the TS Posession Is Obsessed With Me
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The Protagonist of the TS Posession Is Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Protagonist of the TS Posession Is Obsessed With Me

Here’s the translation for the text you provided:

“Why do you keep avoiding me…?”

The beauty with silver eyes blocks my path and speaks pitifully.

Honestly, I do feel a pang of conscience, but there’s a reason I can’t help but avoid her.

She, Dina Polaris, is the protagonist of the TS possession story.

…That bastard is a man.

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Author’s note:
There are no TS elements. Really, there are none.

Please take care of me.

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  1. Des zera Des zera says:

    Stopped reading at ch 166, my god the novel is so wordy. Like bro took 1 whole chapter for a fight that lasts like 23 seconds while the protag is reminiscing about things that happened earlier. Author is taking the piss

  2. Dootdeeterson says:

    This story is Pure Love, using harem tags for views. No love interest but Dina has gotten any meaningful development, and the little development they get is forced and or immediately glossed over. Dina is also forced into any and every encounter even when the set up for a different heroine to get development is there Dina takes it over and the girl in question is sidelined even in her own arc.

    I don’t dislike pure love, but adding tags to get views is just as scummy as click bait. That’s what the author here has done and it’s ruined his own story trying to pretend to be something it’s not, and the forced addition of Dina everywhere to keep his pure love story masquerading as a harem has ruined any novelty and interest this novel held for me. Dropped at 141.

  3. WHÆT says:

    Im dying to know on what does TS mean

    1. gege says:

      it means TranSformer like megtron ^_^

  4. IME says:

    yoooo, thanks noble

  5. IME says:

    that “generic harem academy novel” really got me hype, i love that this wwwwww

  6. SenatorArmstrong says:

    When your “knowledge of the novels story” partly becomes a disadvantage lol.

  7. SenatorArmstrong says:

    That just made me want to read it more.

  8. Extra Extra says:

    Dropped at ch 50.

    Others might think it’s a decent novel, but I personally couldn’t tolerate the MC and his misunderstanding with Dina. He came off as such an idiot in his inner monologues. His mental gymnastics showed off how incredibly prejudiced and dense he was. It really put me off from wanting to read more.

  9. Nemui says:

    FYI, the ts heroine MC mention isn’t the one in the cover, don’t be misunderstood.

    You can see Dina illustration on the official page.

  10. Nemui says:

    Official Tags: #light novel #harem #Academy #Possession #Obsession #mistaken #The main character is mistaken #No TS #TS heroine does not exist #pure love

  11. sololuminoso says:


    They forgot to add regression tag… Or they did It on purpouse because they wanted to add a twist

  12. Big Blackclock says:

    Mc fights someone more stronger than him, barely manages to win, and is again forced to fight another stronger opponent.

  13. Sephir says:

    Noble doesn’t care anymore he’s straight telling us to wild on ts genre

  14. Insufferable says:

    @rob z. First, I’m not a harem fan. Although I don’t feel strongly enough against it that I will call myself an ‘anti harem’.

    Second, I don’t really care. Just like I said. It’s a trope I have a pure, unreasonable hate for, for no particular reason. No matter how reasonable, touching, realistic, or well done the trope is used for the plot, I will not like it. I can be judged however you want but I mean what I say. After all I didn’t call myself insufferable for no reason.

    Man I felt so edgy In that last line. Call me anti hero insufferable from now on.

    Of course just because I hate it doesn’t mean I won’t continue reading a novel. I just hate it just how I will hate a particular villain. I’ll continue reading the novel but I won’t like that particular part of the novel.

  15. Bocchan says:

    Lmao if the mc is Lgbtqc+= i almost got a heart attack for that

  16. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    masochists, stalkers, apocalypticists, and Illuminati, the novel.

  17. rob z rob z says:

    @hash20 – what are you talking about? Korean novels are far better than Japanese novels in the romance aspect, where pathetic beta cucks (e.g. loser introvert otaku gamers with no positive qualities whatsoever) have multiple random women fall all over the for no reason.

    1. BK says:

      Repetir la vida, no significa triunfar sino una trampa. Eso me parece igual o peor.

      No e visto una novela con el nivel de to aru Majutsu no index o fate.

    2. simplethrone says:

      That is a lie. Because of people like you, the JP protag are now sex pests alongside meta breaker and Korean protags are either eunuch, or psycopath. It’s like someone wished on a monkey’s paw.

  18. rob z rob z says:

    To start, this novel is not poison (unless you have the predilection where you think any misunderstanding novel is poison, in which case you are just wrong in any event :-).

    Next, this novel is not what you would expect from the title. It is an academy, romance, misunderstanding harem novel. The whole TS thing is such an overblown aspect. There is one FMC character who is totally naive, innocent, and in love with the MC (with slight yandere tendencies) that the MC thinks was originally a guy that possessed the character based on his experience with the original story. He was wrong (no surprise). But you can replace “TS” with any other kind of misunderstanding in a slice of life story – she doesn’t like me, she likes someone else, she already has a boyfriend – and the story would be exactly the same.

    So quick summary without rehashing too much, MC is brought into this other world, takes over side character, goes to academy, wants to be close to the protagonists in class A (there are two in protags in particular, one truly female, and the one female who he thinks is possessed by a dude but is not). He wants / needs to be close to them so he doesn’t die (as one example, apparently all of class C is wiped out in the original story, so he is not stupid enough to avoid the original protags altogether), but wants to stay out of the hard stuff and is not into the whole TS thing. And, of course, a bunch of women fall in love with him because “reasons” – I anticipate this harem will go to at least 5-6 women. And that’s about it. It’s exarlty what you would expect in a generic harem academy novel – tension between classes, trying to get good grades, grinding to improve stats, some random overpowered evil organization that messes with the students, etc. So if you hate academy novels, avoid this.

    @Insufferable – your post gave me angst. If you are truly an anti harem guy and your criticism is an outgrowth of that, then I tip my hat and my drink to you. But if you are somehow against this kind of plot device as it applies to the first FMC, but are still a harem fan, then your beef is hypocritical at best, as this is one of the more tame, less stupid reasons for a harem member to fall for the harem protagonist. The first FMC is a naive, innocent girl, who is confined, mistreated by her family, and literally tortured by her brother, scarring her emotionally. She goes out in one of her rare escapes from hell and comes across our MC – a young, good looking guy who is shining in his effort. He is the one person she gets to see regularly in these escapes. Of course this can lead to this FMC falling for him. Now, when the second FMC who is the onee-san character does the same, I agree that is a bit trite, but for the first FMC, nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

  19. Ineur says:

    you put the authors name twice novel name ts 빙의물 속 주인공이 내게 집착한다

  20. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:

    Nah, it is giving me Poison vibes. *Shiver*

  21. Hash2O says:

    Well bro, if you wanted to see some original romance, it’s not time to start with KR or CN. It’s always either curiosity from a personnality change, curiosity from being beaten, etc, etc, or a childhood sweetheart 🙂 They never make a normal process.

  22. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Okay tags, I’ve heard(read) you fine the first time you said so, she is not a ts heroine, I get it.

    All that aside, how’s the novel, is it good?

  23. Insufferable says:

    It seems like a good novel.

    But I personally don’t like it. Because the heroine gets to know the mc while watching{spying) on him as he trains from a clueless swordsman to a genius swordsman in a manner of weeks only. No. Please no. Out of all tropes of how mc and heroines meet, the ‘curiosity as I watch you struggle with training and hard work and somehow relate that with my traumatic situation. Also, I find it cute how you pout and sulk when training goes bad and when you smile brightly when it does’ trope is the trope in which I have a pure hate relationship with. Other tropes can be done so stupidly but I still like it better than this trope. Even if this trope is done well, I still won’t like it. I still won’t change my mind even if the pacing and progression is completely natural and rational.

    Anyway that’s just a specific trope rant.

  24. Zero says:

    @Insufrible: Basically the title is bait 🙃.

  25. Themadman says:

    Hoped someone would tell me how it goes in later chapters… geuss I will dive In myself

  26. kk77 says:

    quite often I find that the tags on this site tell an independent story of their own.
    where else might I uncover eclectic genres such as ‘not ts heroine’, ‘maybe harem’, ‘for men’ and so on

  27. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    @suherman joshua oh i see it was the same story.

  28. How do Heroines interest and fall in love with the MC, like in the heroine story in Fate Stay Night that saw Shiro practice jumping lol. Heroines A and B walk around and see the MC training hard and swinging a wooden sword: OMG, handsome guy training hard. Cool. Why is my heart pounding?

  29. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I think i read this on novelpia kinda like protagonist possessed novel or game something where that Ts girl i mean not Ts girl that was just Mc assuming so let’s continue i only read 1 to 3 chapter where our sliver hair not Ts girl have a artifact or some power to become invisible guess what she do of course spying on our Mc when he train with swords and there is also Mc master who is cafe employ of course beautiful woman who is sword master, cause why not he is Mc, and she is some A or B class hero, i read that novel long time ago so i can be wrong if it’s the same novel or not but form the title i think it was that novel not sure.

  30. Somebody spoil me at what chapter will mc finds out that the heroine is not a ts.

  31. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Mc legit said:

    Nah homie you ain’t my girl you’re my bro

  32. Amunmu says:

    Grande noble mtl, siga trayendo novelas con heroínas TS por favor 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  33. Amunmu says:

    La heroína de MC realmentees un hombre en el cuerpo de una mujer? O es solo un malentendido del MC? Averigüemoslo 😎 (por favor que sea lo primero ☝🥵👌) no me gusta cuando MC hace ts, pero si es para un heroína sí 🥵🥵🥵

  34. Insufferable says:

    TS, short for transgender, is an isekai sub-genre where a person transmigrates or reincarnates into the body of the opposite sex.

    Basically, in this novel. MC is mistaken that the heroine is a woman with a transmigrated man inside. It is not true. Just a misunderstanding.

  35. Mrvallet says:

    No wait… Should I say “the author”???

  36. Mrvallet says:

    Noble really tries to convince readers that this is not a TS novel lol🤣🤣.

  37. Extra Extra says:

    So the MC is under the mistaken belief that Dina, the OG MC, is a man inside a woman’s body and is avoiding her because of that?

    That’s at least what I’m getting based on the description there.

  38. Quiscon says:

    Ts is the genderbender tag in Korean novels

  39. Yuya says:

    Transgender bro

  40. Yuya says:


  41. Rizqi says:

    Ts? What is that? Anyone can explain?

  42. Putu says:

    what is ts?

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