The Absolute Martial Deity of the Fallen Family
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The Absolute Martial Deity of the Fallen Family

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Absolute Martial Deity of the Fallen Family

Baimurang, the Heavenly Wolf Emperor, was the absolute master of the martial world, the strongest leader of the Martial Alliance throughout history.

But waiting for him, after all the battles he had won, was betrayal – by his subordinates and his own wife.

“If I had known this would happen, I shouldn’t have gotten married at all.”

Filled with regret, he met his death.

However, when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in an entirely new world – as Sirius, the son-in-law of the fallen Rigel family.

What, no Martial Alliance? Then I shall create a new one myself!
But first, I need to revive this family.

This time, he will establish the true Martial Alliance.
The advance of the Heavenly Wolf Emperor, Baimurang, has begun.

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  1. simplethrone says:

    As always, it was the goddang pacing. Could be decent(ish) if that was fixed. We were never given the time to process any developments properly, it’s just events after events after events, like feeding an addict.

  2. oneautumnleaf says:

    Not bad just Bland

    1. oneautumnleaf says:

      Okay correction,,,
      This is bad and bland. Like the other person said.. the execution and story flow is amateurish

  3. Suherman Joshua says:

    So basically this story about tsundere husband and kuudere wife. Tsundere husband want create force that annihilate all evil in the world, so he want make Tsundere family become strongest family. Kuudere wife just want revive her family but agree to join hand with his husband as long as it suitable with her own goal. Kuudere wife see everything based on logic, so she never believe her husband love her and only act of kindness based on marriage contracts. Tsundere husband have bad trauma with his previous wife before possession, so he don’t want fall in love again.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      The premise of the story is good, but the execution of the story is not good, I think

      1. gege says:

        you spoil me when im about to read this u mf but its fine since i don’t like politics genre that much ty for review

  4. Insufferable says:

    If I were to be that transcendentally strong, I wouldn’t bother with conquering and making a name for myself. It’s useless. You’ll be a legend but they’ll only remember your feats and never who you are. Not only that but given enough time they’ll also lose respect to your name and might even make a game where you turn into a girl and become a servant fighting and replenishing your energy with schmex.

    Luffy has been right all along. What’s the use of all that just have fun. Thank you for listening to my yap session. If you ain’t reading allat then I forgive you. To live in ignorance is something I can never fathom.

    Anyway if I were to get reborn in a fallen family like that them I’ll just dissolve it and go traveling in a strawhat and mesh cloting looking like a vagabond that is actually an expert. Trying to revive a family just to get involved in politics with man children whose whole life clinches on being in power is such a tiring life.

    Embrace the tao and become one with the tao. Earthly attachments are impermanent and only the tao is eternal.

    Yadda yadda. Yadda yadda yadda.

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      Why be a Pirate King like Luffy, when you can be King of The World like Lelouch. “Obey me subjects. OBEY ME WORLD!” Too cool.

      1. Shadow says:

        Cool yeah but he would have avoided that path if it didnt lead to the best outcome. And becoming a Emperor wasn’t his true objective anyway

      2. IME says:

        why midlelouch when you can be KING OG HAREM HYOUDOU ISSEI

        1. amogustimestwo says:

          Why be HAREM KING HYOSSU ISSA, when you can be Lelouch vi Brittania.
          Lelouch vi Brittania ga meeeijiruuu….

          1. amogustimestwo says:

            You can also be a skibidi sigma mewing rizzler named Joker Persona 5. OR a skibidi sigma mewing rizzler named Shadow(Not the hedgehog with skibiding gun) who is an eminence in shadow.

    2. simplethrone says:

      He doesn’t necessarily trying to revive the family though. It’s just their names are usable for the flag bearer. He’s just working to finish his past regrets: Uniting the entire murim world under one alliance banner.

      Also, the fallen family is not his family but his wife’s family. The title is a bit deceptive.

    3. Arcus101 says:

      Ah, but you make one mistake…there is also people genderbending Luffy.

  5. Big Blackclock says:


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