The Devil Who Grants Wishes
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The Devil Who Grants Wishes

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소원 들어주는 악마
Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Devil Who Grants Wishes

The Devil Who Grants Wishes mtl

“Hold this sword.”

“…Will this be used to stab my heart and devote my soul?”

“No, I’ll teach you the basics of swordsmanship again.”

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. The incest reverse r@pe comments are a bit concerning. Is the daughter supposed to be the heroine in this story? I’m gonna avoid this unless the story has some normal romance and fun plot.

    1. Lullaby Lullaby says:

      There is no romance, there is only an obsessive, one-sided love

  3. I like the early and mid-game of the story while the late game (180 chapters that are available as of 28/7/23) is the classic end-game boss having a hidden boss that has another hidden boss that has another hidden boss while the MC is a [REDACTED]. Classic.

  4. So what happened to the Goddess that hate MC ?

  5. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    When will there be an update? Or you can link to the original, where you can read the following chapters, without buying on novelpia.

  6. Redom Redom says:

    Spoiler ALERT:

    It was quite a good novel until the protagonist got reverse raped by his own daughter even though he could have stoped it… Making quite an embarrasing situation

  7. AlphaReader says:

    Add revrese R#P@ tag

  8. Lolicon says:

    Some of the novel genres here are obsession and sometimes yandere, looking for a masochistic heroine is difficult, even though I also love short tall heroines (don’t have 2 big mountains)

  9. Shah says:

    Hey can you plzzzz post helmut: the forsaken child

  10. UltraNoobMaster says:

    When is this going to get Updated

  11. I love this novel, it has the crazy laughable elements that a reader loves to read.a Award winning no, but enjoyable? Yes! I rate it 8.5/10. I recommend “The Demon Prince goes to the Academy” also known as 마왕은 학원에 간다

  12. Paru Itagaki says:


  13. Gordo says:

    Poor faust, accidentally mind corrupting people just by existing XD

    Novel is alright, just be aware that the mc is op enough that nothing truly bad will happen to him,

  14. Best site, love the laughs

  15. iv_m says:

    An interesting novel. It’s a pity there aren’t enough chapters. How will it be updated? Thanks to the author.

  16. D F D F says:

    Glad my fav genre is mostly the same with the admin, this site is a treasure trove for me.

  17. Do says:

    Admin(noble) has a yander fetish. Lol

  18. Ryuu says:

    Obsession + admin = yandere?

  19. huehue huehue says:

    Aight imma try to read this. I hope I’ll get hooked like I am to OV 🌚

  20. Q D Q D says:

    Why most of the stories in this site have the obsession tag? Is that admin’s favourite :))

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