The Ex-Hero Is Too Good at Exorcism
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The Ex-Hero Is Too Good at Exorcism

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전직 용사가 퇴마를 너무 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Ex-Hero Is Too Good at Exorcism

Two years have passed since he failed to save the other world and returned to reality.
When I was looking for a job, the police asked me to exorcise.

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  1. SilverInk says:

    This is good.

    *Warning a bit of a spoiler

    The guy was summoned as a hero for 10 years and was task to kill the demon king. Succesfully killing the demon king he realize that the kingdom is controlling him and there is really no war its just the King just doesn’t like the peace and wants to conquer the world.

    Angry and wants revenge. He stormed off and kill the king. And the human side retaliate and the MC proceed to war against the human race until there is nothing left.


    And then he return.

    read @READER’s comment for continuation.

    What I like about the novel is how the MC do not keep his story a secret. His not boastful nor shy about him being a hero. He doesnt care if people believe it or not.

    It’s more like ‘showing’ that he is a hero than telling that he is a hero.

  2. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well, I haven’t read it yet so I can’t say much. But I think that fighting hard for 10 years, most likely losing a lot of friends or even lover only for him to fail to defeat the demon king as if all the things he suffered before has been all for nothing would break most people’s confidence, determination, etc. Not to mention being treated as a crazy person right after that failure as a cherry on top.

  3. After MC failed as a hero and the world he was summoned to got destroyed, the attempts to tell people about his adventures got him admitted to a mental hospital. After a year in that place, he stopped exercising so his physique declined. And finally the experience made him introverted with difficulty to speak.

    Only heroic things he has shown are desensitization to trauma and pain resistance.

  4. Reader says:

    The story starts long after the MC has returned from the other world after dying and failing as a hero. After returning to Earth without any of his powers, the MC finds that little to no time has passed since he was sent to the other world. He tries to tell his story of the other world, but no one believes him.

    Now sometime later, after he has settled down, the story starts. He eventually gets tangled with spirits and exorcists and becomes an exorcist. The abilities of an exorcist are somewhat similar to the abilities he had in the other world, but ultimately they are different as they use spiritual power as there is no mana or aura on Earth. This is also the reason why the MC hasn’t bothered to try and train himself as there is no mana or aura to use, meaning that even if he trained he would still just lose to a gun. Now an exorcist, the MC uses his experience as a hero to grow stronger, along with his new supernatural ability, the system(this is not sarcasm, his unique supernatural ability is literally the system).

    The rest of the story I assume would be about the MC growing stronger as an exorcist and his experiences.

  5. Eh. Dropped it early.

    MC says he went through 10 years of battle fighting in another world to defeat the Demon King, but acts nothing like a person who had the knowledge of 10 years of combat, training, and experience.

    Maybe he shows off his combat experience in later chapters, but his mentality has none of the confidence, steadfastness, determination, or courage that someone in his position should have gained.

    The way he reacts and talks is nothing like that.

    I understand he went back to his world and got treated like he was crazy, but realistically he should’ve been able to adapt better than is showed.

  6. Lieutenant Poison Tester here, initiating Protocol Poison-Test-Alpha-Beta-12.

    I’m going in!

  7. Lku says:

    we all are😭

  8. I think I’m obsessed with the obsession and yandere genre 😭😭

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