The Genius Professor Wants An Easy Life
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The Genius Professor Wants An Easy Life

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Genius Professor Wants An Easy Life

I was born in abject poverty.

‘I will surely be happy when I grow up.’

While struggling and working hard, I suddenly entered a game.

Born with a diamond spoon, but as the worst underachiever character.

‘I like it! I will not suffer at all in this life.’

But then…

– You awaken the Master of Magic attribute!
– The versatility of a Thousand Transformations…!
– The charisma of the Black Flame Dragon…!!
– The judgment of the Gambler…!

Ah… something is not right.

I just want to live an easy life…

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  1. The novel is bland, it’s not even mid because there are plenty of mid novel that are interesting but not this, this has no taste. Idk, that’s just me tho

  2. Bornes says:

    This a great nivel ty for translate

  3. Idont Know Idont Know says:

    I need something to turn off my brain to
    And since this novel does not have harem I’m gonna read it hopefully it’s ok and not full on poison

  4. Idon'tknow says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna regret this but I need something light and I can shut off my brain to
    Also no harem is a plus
    Imma check it out

  5. Suherman Joshua says:

    The only trope that I like in the novel is bluffing, every time the MC says something, it is always translated in an arrogant and authoritative tone, which makes many characters misunderstand the MC. Other than that trope, every other aspect of this novel is too low. No romance, the author failed to develop the background of the story well, all the characters suck MC d*ck, the pace of the story is too fast, too many characters are introduced but fail to develop, the same plot is written over and over (MC says he doesn’t want to deal with problems, but when the enemy comes , MC handles it, everyone praise MC, that’s always the story) etc.

  6. Rader says:

    Not bad but world settings has issues. I mean, Author is moving it too fast. Character he possessed was the real protagonist but he was so OP that other godly beings along with fate punished him such that he became useless.

    You can even say that to balance this unfair adjustment 16 heroes were born, but yeah out of 16 besides few everyone could also go to dark side so it’s balanced overall. Anyways since he came into game world MC erased System messages which was a bad move according to me as system could have helped him by telling some things, at least remove it after listening to it.

    Anyways problem is that since his attributes are unlocked now, besides the punishment of not having mana sensitivity which everyone has, he is Godly. His level 2 spell is enough to rival level 6 and he even became a Godly being, called Ascended, for some time resulting in his soul having permanently ascended even if his body can’t follow, with this his level 1/2 speels can rival level 8/9 spells which are Final level spells. Yes there are restrictions to the power, and I even like OP heroes, but problem with this novel is that due to let’s say True Protagonist coming up all villains are on alert as they are not id*ots. This leads to fast progression, game was based on hero academy and enemies of 3rd year are appearing in few months he entered.

    And honestly MC is a sick person. He wants to have a break and enjoy it he is way too greedy. He wants money, when he gets it he becomes greedy of other things like good family, protecting others, and so on. So he wants to enjoy in peace but he is so greedy for perfect rest that he is always on move. He is sick because he may never get any rest with his attitude, I can even bet that everything he has done is going as per Main Quest System showed and he removed even before reading it. If he was so nosy in everything around him, acting as a God and Messiah then perhaps using System would have been better as he would have gotten some rewards too.

    In short, a good novel with flaws. Starting is good but as you progress and see big enemies appearing one after another you lose the steam. And when you see that Academy is just hollow you lose even more interest. For example I don’t know how classrooms are made, don’t know about cafetaria, teacher’s area, principal office, and almost every other location. This impacts a lot as I can’t imagine the world properly. Heck I don’t even know the clothes, faces, hair, and body types of most characters, it’s so hollow that I give a 7/10 rating even if it deserved at least 8. Maybe even 6 because it’s so bad.

  7. Dagonsuznyz says:

    In a world where everything breathing or not can pose a threat to your life, there is no way in hell you would not want to get powerful to protect yourself. There is no way you’d actually justify staying weak to avoid mild inconvenience when you can literally die. This is a stupid novel written by a stupid person.

  8. dav says:

    easy life with cheat

    “i built this empire with no effort . NO EFFORT!!!”

  9. bozakir says:

    MC is a pissant. And I am sick and tired of this “slow life” farce. You are not gonna woo a girl get married raise your kid and dedicate your life to create ultimate BBQ sauce. Obviously you are gonna go follow the plot. Its not like MC is gonna go “Ohh I have all these super powers I should do woodworking on my veranda.”

    My rant aside Its the usual same cliche fest. Read it if you are really bored there is nothing original in it.

  10. reii says:

    live an easy life……these words itself seems poisonous. I haven’t seen a single novels says this and proceeds an easy life

  11. amogustimestwo says:

    Idk about the story but the magic system seems interesting?

  12. usui says:

    Any readers more than ch 50?
    Is it poison ?

  13. Roy says:

    Just once, I want an MC with proper ambitions. This one, like always , is aiming for an ordinary life and “reluctantly” act when necessary. Pretty generic overall, extra with bad rep becomes munchkin.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Agreed 100%. It’s the awful “slow life” trope. If you see this tag, it is 90% likely to be poison.

  14. frytogles says:


  15. Zen says:

    Chapter 2 last read 😩
    Really hard waiting for more reviews to maybe continue..

  16. Hated Author KR says:

    I’ve read this novel… Well, the MC is really an absurd munchkin…

  17. WillBeBlack says:

    First ???

  18. Deleone says:

    Academy without harem? WTF!?

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