The Golden Sun of the Academy
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The Golden Sun of the Academy

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아카데미의 금태양
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Golden Sun of the Academy

In a game world where all sorts of shit-like events are rampant like minefields.
For my comfortable future, I had to put away the Lego blocks one by one for the main character to swallow.

It is possible only for me who knows the future.

By the way… … .

They seem to take my good deeds in a different way.

ps: Not NTR

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  1. Roy says:

    Very hard to read compared to other MTL. The pacing doesn’t help at all. Feels weird with some back and forth and world exposure in the middle of everything. Stopped at chapter 20. Like the concept but poorly executed and/or translated.

  2. Ninja says:

    I cant read more NTR

  3. Honestly way better than I thought, read up to chapter 200.
    The most burning question: Is there NTR or not? The answer is yes, but no, if ego sword NTR counts. Otherwise he’s a fairly decent person in general, other than acting as an ass to the MC to stimulate his inferiority complex for personal growth. Even steals MC’s ego sword while he’s at it.
    As for romance, there are a total of five girls interested in MC, no one has made any direct confessions, just the usual bait strategies KR novels like to use.
    The plot itself was pretty straightforward, but some parts were very interesting and were fun to read so I think it’s still worth a shot.

  4. *spoiler* There is ntr. Weapon ntr. Also mc still a bully

  5. IMAX says:

    @Fardy back at it with his NTR agenda

  6. WWW says:

    Behaviour is trash but MC’s reason makes sense. Like, MC can copy OG!MC’s System cheat with stat screen and shop by inflicting psychological damage to him, why wouldn’t he do that?

    In the end, it is just comedy that makes you cringe a little. MC stays within limit and doesn’t do actual trash actions like blackmail, gaslighting or murder.

  7. Extra says:

    The Author’s writing style makes this MTL kinda tedious to read

  8. 3/5 So far from 60 chapters I can say that it is good mid. Typical power-fantasy novel(as I like) but a bit frustrating _*spoiler* _ (that gold emotionaly bully original mc bit by bit to make old mc character “indomitable” grow and copy shop talent, it’s a bit trash behaviour with weak reason)

  9. Urmom says:

    How is it netori when it’s his sister tho

  10. Lector_OP says:

    Leave pls leave

  11. Mc is a bastard who wants to netori the Protagonists’ little sister(maybe)

  12. says:

    Check out KMTL Adult TXT channel for many wholesome and pure love novels ☺️

  13. Rone says:

    Maybe there will be an unexpected yaoi lmao. Maybe there isn’t, considering noble always translate obsession with females.

  14. 7th Extra 7th Extra says:

    So there’s no romance?

  15. Phobi21 says:

    That’s the premise of the story, however, if I’m honest, chapter 1 and 2 are almost unreadable, maybe it’s because of the LTM, but it’s really hard to understand what’s going on.

    I mean, I did get the gist, but it really felt like I was reading a puzzle and not a novel.

  16. Phobi21 says:

    Ok, I only read one chapter but I already understand the whole concept of the story.

    The protagonist (MC) enters a game world, however, he possesses the body of a total delinquent looking guy, the kind you would see in a Netore story.

    However, he does not act like a bastard, on the contrary, he concentrates on helping the protagonist of the game so that he can save the world or whatever.

    The problem is that his actions are seen and misinterpreted by the protagonist of the game, will you say how? it is simple.

    Chapter one describes the protagonist of the game as a guy with a difficult life, who despite having little talent made an effort to get ahead, to help himself and his sister.

    But, everything goes to shit when he sees the MC with his sister, a delinquent-looking guy, but, the breaking point is when he sees them entering a hotel.

    But the reality is that the MC only went to the hotel with the protagonist’s sister to sing karaoke.

  17. Phobi21 says:

    Ill try

  18. Norkos 10 Norkos 10 says:

    candidates please approach the poison test is safe and without risk (maybe)

  19. Extra says:

    Not NTR? What about NTL?

    Is there any romance at all?

    Poison testers? This does seem like a risky one to taste.

  20. darkA says:

    The inscription at the end is very suspicious. 🤔

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