The Only Ending for the Evil Count Pig Is Destruction
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The Only Ending for the Evil Count Pig Is Destruction

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악역 돼지 백작의 엔딩은 파멸뿐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Only Ending for the Evil Count Pig Is Destruction

“This is not the ending I hoped for!”

My favorite novel has been made into an online game.

It was like a dream to see my favorite characters come back to life as NPCs.

But that was only for a while, in just a year, NPCs were killed by the players and the world was destroyed.

In the middle of the heat, I was possessed in the game.

But, of all things, the villainous pig Count I hate.

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  1. Wth says:

    The author is a lolicon fr

  2. Moonlight Walker says:

    Ok 👌🏼 found it!
    It was chapter 200
    Chapter 200 was the last chapter before the update…
    Thank me later👍
    Im still finishing the [SILVER GATEKEEPER]….

  3. Moonlight Walker says:

    Can anyone say which chap did it updated

    1. Moonlight Walker says:

      I just remembered about him saying that his subordinates mother is alive???

    2. Shadow says:

      You all do know that if you tilt the phone screen to landscape and then look at the Chapter list it shows the update date of the chapters right?

      1. Arcus101 says:

        No, I didn’t. Thanks for the tip, well I usually just switch the page to desktop mode anyway.

  4. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    This is actually a really good novel, if you don’t like it 10 chapters in, it’s probably not for you. But I love the plot connecting lines and the background lore.

  5. Please update, awesome novel!

  6. I have read this novel and liked it. This novel like slice of life, romantism ( maybe ) and obsession. but the story moves very slowly

  7. TWO :3 TWO :3 says:

    This is not for me. It was alright at first but then there was the romanticising of a 12 year old? And a kinky ass chapter for all the feet fetishizers out there. It would have been better if Wendy viewed herself like a sister to MC but I guess harem means even the underaged wouldn’t be free from it.

    1. Enter says:

      I confirm.
      Chapter 100.
      MC’s penis fell off.

      1. Zelphire says:

        What do you mean by that. If it’s true that his thing fell off, then I’m bailing 😭

  8. TheBoredOne says:

    This one’s pretty good

  9. (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠)⁠ノ says:

    Anyone have read the last chapter of this novel? do it has bad ending like the title says? I hate bad ending, except if author planing to make other novel based on that

    1. Arcus101 says:

      Well, usually, even if it says that there’s only a bad ending, that usually meant that the MC is a villain/villainess abd their only ending in the game is a bad ending. That doesn’t mean that this novel itself will have bad ending.

      For example, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom, a japanese novel, despite the name, it is not a serious novel at all abd I sincerely doubt it actually will end in a bad ending.

  10. wasi ahmed wasi ahmed says:

    8.99/10 very good writing no grammatical mistakes and understandable read, characters were build very patiently and harem was not like wild dumb c*m, harem was of own uniqueness one of its kind it really didn’t cut the story and killing the good vibe while reading till now I read till 200 chaps and this is my ratings
    MC = 4.7/5
    Bella 1st FML = 4.5/5
    Wendy 2nd FML = 4/5
    Helga 3rd FML = 4.6/5
    belethra 4th FML = 4.4/5 (I don’t know if I’m doing justice for belecthra, but author is now focusing on 1,2,3 FML more and ignoring 4th)
    overall, the novel is 8.99/10.

  11. 4/5 It’s good fantasy novel with solid plot mostly well written characters and only some flaws that mostly come from my personal taste. Recommend it and wait for more chapters

  12. TheBoredOne says:

    I do agree that this is a bit generic but I quite liked it. Waiting for more chapters

  13. matachi says:

    wtf i dont know if it will happen in the later chapter but theres some hints where the mc will fall in love with 12 years old girl… im out bye.

  14. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    For some reason the harem-seeking protagonist tag in this tag can’t be trusted there are other non harem-seeking protagonist novel that got that tag too.

  15. Zen says:

    First read 1-15 chapters..then drop it….if you don’t like the novel

  16. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    STALE. And the harem seeking protaganist tag is wrong.

  17. kk77 says:

    lacking soul. do not recommend

  18. If you like to read cliche stuff then read it. Over used tropes are used here so boring for me

  19. Kama Hiro Kama Hiro says:

    Read it if you have more time, I was expecting quite a lot in chapter 1, but after a real dive into the next chapter. Honestly this is disappointing, this is too general and so boring

  20. Luckyzero says:


    It’s not great but I can endure diving in this novel…. Atleast It gather enough interest for me to read…….

    After Saad’s quick summary the mc is acting like a tsundere villian and he somehow solve problems (which is kinda light) by using unusual quirks well I don’t know later on though

    The most impressive moment for me is probably when the mc is trying to solve the sin of his own family……

    …..And the MC’s father in the last moment flashback give off a tragic but impressive villian vibes

    The summary is …. Let the others do that…. I’m too bothered….

  21. Koi baat nai( no worries).

  22. Zen says:

    I accidentally posted two same comments sorry 😔

  23. Zen says:

    Is there romance by chance..

  24. Zen says:

    Is there romance by chance?

  25. Saad . Saad . says:

    Read the beginning few chapters Quick summary

    mcs sister wrote a novel that was made into a vr game
    People could kill npcs so of course in they killed them all game ended after a year of release
    Mc got isekai’d by his sister
    Reborn as a villainous character basically a fat fuck that was married to the most beautiful girl on the continent cliche
    Acts different from how the pig acted usually
    Does the cliche death flag shit like XX Person is a death flag
    Doesn’t seem like anything new

  26. Luckyzero says:

    Judging by the Title It seems decent (I hope so…)

    I’ll try diving this novel to see whether It’ll be a mundane sea or a clean lake

    ….. Wish me luck I won’t drown

  27. daf says:

    its the same as the other villain novel. possessing villain, then change personality, then apologize to heroine because he did something to her before possessing and so on and so on. for me its getting boring reading this kind of plot again

  28. My fellow brothers and sisters.

    I hereby call upon the legendary Saviour, who will brighten the world of us, readers and Engligthten us with their experience of what is on the side of this story world.

    We hope that the saviour bestow us with the knowledge they acquired from the otherside and save the lives us from the upcoming misfortune.

    Thank you very much, Heroes.

    — Zena

  29. Extra says:

    ^^Is it safe for consumption*

    (MTL is really messing with my brain)

  30. Extra says:

    Poison testers? Are we good consume?

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