The Villain Bought the Heroine
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The Villain Bought the Heroine

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Villain Bought the Heroine

I’ve possessed a popular villain character in a novel.

So, I’m going all out.

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  1. Deku24 says:

    I read it until the end, there are about +300 chapters, I can say that I don’t regret it. At first it was too much to read it with so much cliche, but then it gets better and it’s not a harem, it’s pure love, our mc manages to marry the heroine and has 2 children.

  2. Last read : 60

    Hardworking main character with a villian reskin. Has all the cliches for a academy possession story. Good for academy story junkies.

  3. Rader says:

    Mediocre story at its best. 6/10. Problem here is MC, so called villain is just an antihero. He is doing more efforts than the hero sent by gods and then say that he should live like a villain. Nah, this is not good.

    I have no problem with good hardworking MC but problem is MC who says that he is fine to be villain and will enjoy it only to work even harder. Villain MC should play as villain, use family power, use money to get cheats, seduce heroines if needed, brainwash people if needed, not work 20 hours a day and then says that Hero is still more hardworking, especially when Heroine who is blessed to be Hero is actually afraid to see him having such a little sleep and has never seen him having even a bit of fun.

    Overall problem with this novel is precisely the Villain MC. He is just too good of a person to be even thinking of playing as a villain, I mean which villain doubles the amount without even asking, which villain give money to Village chief moment he entered the village, when chief had not even done the work. Which villain will let a Magician keep making fun of him continuously. This is like a Mary Sue character crying to word that he is a villain when in reality whole world treat him good.

    1. Sephir says:

      ur description is more of a rival than anything

    2. Suherman Joshua says:

      I don’t know if MC more like rival or anti hero. Even though he did something that annoyed other characters for future sake. However, I never saw it as evil thing, he just want motivate other characters to become strong like form new club to train character that will be died in the future. So they can survive. He also help protagonists to become strong. Notable that there 2 original protagonist here, because novel about possesor. Unfortunately, this plot novel is same like many, so I don’t feel like reading further. I only like interaction MC and his fiance compare his servant, but it’s not main focus story. Here we have childhood friend ori protagonist that dislike MC, saints that misunderstood MC, genius prince that want become strongest, ori possessor protagonist that want save the day etc.

  4. IME says:

    i read till chapter 60, what can i say is, the more further the story the more kind MC become,

    he didnt act like a villain more like a tsundere.

    and for me this is harem, but not a romance.

    alicia, frida, erica, saintess, and more

    6/10, no romance scene is the one that makes me leave after ch.60

    but if there’s someone already read this till the end, when alicia and mc become more intimate?

    1. IME says:

      60 chapters and only holding hands is crazy man even though mc and main heroine is master-servant,

      maybe because i read too much novelpia which the mcs and the heroines are more aggressive

    2. Suherman Joshua says:

      Impossible, MC is kind tsundere lol. Even when teasing his fiance, he never believe she love him, even though she actually still like him, but don’t want admit it. Same with her servant, Alicia, he like joking that she is pervert who like him lol, but always mention that their status different. Poor Alicia.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Ahh, it’s the d!ckless eunuch trope. One of the characteristics of a poison novel.

  5. gege says:

    i’ve read all up to 100 chaps and mc’s doesnt act like a villain, but more like a anti-hero instead. well since there’s no tag still, im not complaining.. anyways to those curious what the genre is & what was the story is like then i will tell you 😉

    first genre.. had a fantasy, a bit comedy?(rather than comedy it seems more like romcom to me since this only applies to vargan and alicia even to whole 100 chap).

    harem & romance(first of all vargan saving heroines he thought of under the pretext of usefullness to keep his life intact atleast from mc’s actions so far he didnt seem to have desire to save the world but his safety anyways the full story still hadn’t revealed yet so i have expectations to how the story would progress)


  6. I haven’t read much, but I want to say only one thing in the comments – the main character, to my disappointment, does not behave like a villain despite the comments. He behaves like a narcissistic but hardworking hero without the typical kindness of typical stupid main characters. That’s all. The fact that he doesn’t behave kindly (he is still kind enough, but expresses this kindness as tsundere. Like, “I want to stay in your house for the night, keep the mountain of money that is clearly much more valuable than what I will get”) or doesn’t defend good and all that is good does not mean he is a villain. Just as being a little narcissistic does not make him a villain, because he justifies this narcissism with the typical inhuman self-improvement work of main characters. At best, this is a main character trying to behave like a villain, and at worst, it’s just another main character who simply thinks he’s a villain.

    1. Rader says:

      Right on. I should have read this comment before reading it and saved my time as I found same issues.

  7. Daver55 says:

    Someone ntrd the novel of it tags…. No one is safe anymore… Imma keep reading “Transmigrated to another world the day before finals” to feel better.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      Dang its a week before the 3rd quarter exams for me lol

  8. IME says:

    at least give me the Korean title, I want to find out more about this novel before reading it.

    i know that there’s a title on the cover,

    i mean the text one in description

    1. IME says:

      or the raw source

    2. RealEason says:

      it’s probably so that when Korean search for it noble wouldn’t pop out and cause another novelpia situation

      1. IME says:

        yo, that’s make sense

  9. milky violet says:

    oh well I was pretty happy before but now that I’ve been c*cked 2 times because of my dog connection, I’m not really happy. All I’m saying though is that the one piece is real hahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      dang imma be the pirate king then

  10. Arcus101 says:

    I assume there will be but just to make sure…will there be romance? Or nah?

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      The heroine is timid girl that MC bought due her talent magic. The romance part is kind boring with heroine like that. MC also strict and disciplined man who train heroine to become stronger than ori protagonist. It’s like watch S&M show with heroine slowly love MC, even though MC always treat her harsh. 😶‍🌫️

      1. Suherman Joshua says:

        Oh right he also have love hate relationship with his fiance

  11. Big Blackclock says:

    God damn. Mc possessed a third rate villain. And he acts like a villain. Arrogant, cruel and cunning.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      Finally MC that possesed villain and act like villain

  12. Insufferable says:

    I now realized how much we were spoiled by noble lol. The whole weekend felt like a drought.

    Let’s just see if the water we painstakingly waited for is poisonous or safe.

  13. Rinrin says:

    Where is the tag?

  14. ali dd ali dd says:

    There are no tags.
    They’re right. I don’t know what to classify it even though I’ve read 100 chapters

    1. Memomo says:

      do a review then

    2. gege says:

      pls spoil us, so we can tag it together

  15. Zhen Wu says:

    I guess it would be similar to the “villain who robbed the Heroines” But less twisted v:

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