Became a Munchkin Skill Thief
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Became a Munchkin Skill Thief

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먼치킨 스킬 도둑이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Munchkin Skill Thief

I thought it was a stealing skill.

But right before he died, he knew that his skills would also be stolen.

So he stole from the return.

ps: Munchkin means Marry Sue character without it being the avatar of the writer – a character who are just unrealistically powerful to the point that it does not make sense. (from reddit)

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  1. Munu says:

    Noble, when will you update a good novel like this again, please update damn it

  2. Rader says:

    @Extra Damn Reincarnation is a licensed novel. If it appears here Wuxiaworld will come with takedown notice. Why bother getting their attention? In fact all the novels here are not licensed to be translated in English. They may have fan translation, but not the official one.

  3. Extra Extra says:

    This is great so far.

    As another commenter mentioned, it feels similar to ‘Damn Reincarnation’, another KR web novel.

    Why the hell hasn’t an MTL of that novel been uploaded on this site yet?

  4. Shadow says:

    @Suherman Joshua His ability isn’t actually specific to curses, he can steal curses because the ones who are cursed don’t want them, and some other conditions,
    same with skills, if the skill holders don’t want them, and some other condition is fulfilled he can steal their skills. The original Protagonist regressed 9 times and failed each time. He grew tired and began to regard his regression ability as a curse and hated it, so our mc was able to temporarily steal it. But as it was a skill unique to the regressor it vanished from our mc back to its original owner after his return.

  5. [Last Read: Chapter 24]

  6. For stealing ability that MC have. Stealing difficulty is a relative evaluation of a person’s life, both curse and skill, which give author more plot material to the story. Also reason to make MC not directly OP and giving him strunggle. For example, to stealing emotionless curses from her fiancee, he must become someone most important to her. I think because his fiance loveless live. In order to steal skills from his older brother who has pride, he must destroy his self-confidence. In order to steal immortality curse from his current teacher, who is known as one of the strongest in the continent, he must be stronger than her, which is why he cannot steal it for now. There is a character who is very stubborn, to steal his skills, he must defeat his stubbornness. But I still don’t understand why MC can steal skills/curses of heroes who have regression abilities in the early chapter. I think it just plot device for MC return. The story is good for reading in boring time, but personally I don’t like MC as a character. One more thing that I don’t like, MC’s plans are always successful, which other previous comments said, it’s the opposite of the character of the MC before the regression who wasn’t smart enough and was fooled by other characters. The success of MC’s plan made him overly confident, which I hope backfires to him. Hope the writer doesn’t make the MC too Garry Sue. The main heroine is nice, but she’s still weak compared to the pre-regression. Her character is just about MC in the recent chapter. I hope she grows as a character, but the writer focused too much on the MC story. Maybe the writer will add another heroine, MC has met the princess from the enemy kingdom who is attracted to him and also met the woman he loves from the first round of regression. There are many female characters surrounding the MC. For now, the MC only cares about her fiance as a love partner.

  7. Shadow says:

    He does dislike them a lot though.

  8. Shadow says:

    @Gladiator_02 Not out of malice or anything, but he does slowly completely and utterly destroy his enemies self confidence and pride to steal thier skills. But not all of them (I haven’t real all of it yet) as he is very pragmatic, even joining hands with “enemies” to increase his strength.

  9. Shadow says:

    I believe this story should atleast by rated 9.4/10, if not more. The story and characters are interesting and not unrealistically dumb.

  10. Please tell me guys, does Mc take revenge on the hero party so far?

  11. Cheesy and misunderstanding mcs are not my cup of tea
    But for genric romance lovers this is for you

  12. Idk what to say exactly.
    But if like misunderstandings and mc saving damsel in distress heroines and harem this is for u.
    Tired as fck to read repetitive works like this .

    Cliche harems are my thing .
    It has only distinctive difference which is the main plot and power system, otherwise no different than genric harems where girls gets crazy for mc once he saves them.
    And somehow he overturn villains to good ones and you’re telling me the guy who was used around around like a idiot and ragdoll obdient dog somehow has a scheming mind this time around.

    Idk about you genric lovers
    Have read these repetitive tropes so much, i had seizures in appendix lol

    Other wise genric wise 6.5/10

  13. Kirill Popov says:

    Not bad. If he stays only with the bride without a bunch of concubines, then everything is super.

  14. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    @Azeizel I saw some illustrations of the 15 free chapters in novelpia, if you enter the page and go to the ranking section (랭킹) you will see the novel, it is in position 5 right now, if not look for it by the name in Korean

  15. Azeizel says:

    For me it is very good novel till ch-50 so I wish for it to update soon . Also where I can see it illustration please do tell

  16. Reqeuis Ballinham says:

    Gas, lookin forward to new chapters and updates

  17. To rob z says:

    After rereading chapters 1 and 48 yeah mc is mentally unwell. I see the point.

    Now I think it is a mixture of reasons with mc following him blindly as a tool well party member and a healthier mindset. I said tool because well as long as Arthur has him absorb curses from the generation of the sky he just going to end up back in the same state and if he took broken mc, there is always the risk of mc not taking all curses next regression.

    “your ability to steal curses is very useful. But that doesn’t mean I need you as you are now. What I need is you, with a clear mind, to follow me”

  18. tian says:

    well, I read 49 chapters and I liked it, I hope it will be updated regularly 😀

  19. Miryuu says:

    this is good, 7.9/10

  20. rob z rob z says:

    Responding to the “to rob z” above on the broken point – I normally I would say “agree to disagree” but not in this case. Here is the conversation:

    [MC} “… what about me?”

    [Hero]: “Ha ha ha ha!”

    [Hero]: “Krash, what’s the point of passing down your memories if both your body and mind have become like this?”

    Point is that MC’s body and mind are broken in view of all he had to suffer for the hero and his party that the hero won’t take him along with the Memory Inheritance, which is what leads the MC to do what he does (won’t give away spoilers).

  21. kk77 says:

    firstly, I don’t think the mc is a munchkin, at least not as of yet. so either the title is misleading, or it’s in the sense that mc steals skills from munchkins — or maybe he’ll just become one later. also the mtl is kinda bad. nothing unreadable, but still…

    there’s only 50 chaps rn so there’s no way to make any real judgment of the novel at this point given the pacing and projected length of the plot; however, the story and characters seem interesting enough, and there’s certainly a lot of potential especially with everything that’s been set up thus far. Definitely recommend keeping an eye on this with future updates, if not already caught.

  22. mr joster mr joster says:

    I read to 16 chap, any fun? I think it just not my cup of tea

  23. If bro is a regressor he must really suck if he, instead of saving everyone, only saves a select few. Wow, you really suck. You literally know the future how do you fail lmao

    After writing this I realize there are many regressor who have failed many times but I’m going to ignore that because I spent 3 minutes writing this and I’m not deleting it 😡

  24. to rob z says:

    Slight correction it’s not that mc is too broken to be useful but he wants to use the mc as a “tool” to absorb curses from everyone in his party.

  25. rob z rob z says:

    This really reminds me of Damn Reincarnation, except the MC had (and has) a terrible relationship with the hero party, who actively tried to screw him over.

    In short, MC is around at the end of the world working with the hero party (not really called that, but closest analogue I could find), which is comprised of the “classic” hero, his harem, and the MC, whose skill so far is the ability to steal curses so they affect him and not the cursed person. In classic trope fashion, the harem hates the MC even though he ate a lot of curses and suffered for them. Strangely, hero and his harem don’t seem all that perturbed about the end of the world, so MC is like “What’s your problem?” At which point, hero reveals he is a regressor and will go back with his harem, leaving the MC behind – who in the hero’s view is too broken to be useful in a regression. MC doesn’t take this well, and the story begins.

    So far I am not sure I am seeing anything that warrants a regret tag. To the extent there is any “harem” so far, it had nothing to do with the MC, but rather the original hero. Also, the story with Bianca so far is really looking like a pure love tag

  26. Misib says:

    @tian, u can check the illustration on the site, or ask in discord.

  27. says:

    Damn I am really tempted to create a discord account and join nobel server to see the illustration, but maybe after a few months of thinking on it I guess.


    Man if I could read Korean/Japanese/Chinese I would go check out munpia/novelpia. It seems like all the good novels are over there

  29. tian says:

    @Misib where can i see the illustrations for free? in novelpia you have to pay after a few chapters

  30. Fauzan says:

    Please upload more chapter🙏

  31. Redom Redom says:

    Holy mother cow 🐄 ! Thank for blessing us with
    ur delicious mooow milk 🍼 since i was needing of it after reading a deadly poison! 😋😊

    🐄 Holy mother cow 🐄

  32. Misib says:

    okay guys, this is a good story, for the regret tag, is not the usual the party members liked me and now regret it, its more like second chance munchkin novel, the main heroine is freacking adorable and…. the best part is…. the author is also the guy who does the illustration, so the illustration are taylor made for the moments and u even get hyped on, thats why i reccomend u read only after u check the illustration for which chapter and see the illustration, as i said it is taylor made for the chapter and the moment.

  33. says:

    In the Last novel I commented on*

  34. says:

    Thanks nobel for the ps, but anyway the cover is cool and mostly the same tags mostly in a academy plus it got the obsession so I am heading in I guess hope I don’t cough blood and massaging my forehead in pain every chapter like in the novel I commented on wwwwwww.

  35. tian says:

    I’ve read 6 chapters and it’s good, plus the mtl is the best I’ve read here

  36. Ligma says:

    Wow finally a cover that wasn’t either booba or just word

  37. Putu says:

    The title is like a munpia novel

  38. Aqib Ali says:

    Munchkin ✓ Regression ✓ obsession ✓ regret….✓alright everything’s here time to dive in..

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