Web novel written by God
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Web novel written by God

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신이 쓰는 웹소설
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Web novel written by God

100 million views, “Previous Life” by author Na Min-chae, a new work.

I thought it was a common cliche of “woke up and found myself possessed by the protagonist in a novel” but… there’s nothing predetermined about the past, world, settings, and characters before the reincarnation of the protagonist Lee Hwan.

The author, or rather the god, said: “The way I write web novels is a bit different from yours.” This is way too different!

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  1. This poison was new so it took me some time to recover. Story is like there are one writer which is god but the mc tries to well suggest where the novel should go towards. So he says dialogues that would point into fantasy background then god creates fantasy background.
    So its like having two writers and mc is the one controlling. It not good and its not that bad.
    I stopped when god became mad that he changed the story he though of.
    You might regret reading so would not recommend.
    Its new with potential but story wise not that great.

  2. Nightune says:

    Hmmmm…. I’m confused If I should consider this novel good or bad but It has potential. For me It gives an interesting POV about how a clumsy novice modern novel writer (God) who dived too deep in reading fantasy novels and a An actor-like MC that is forced to play the role of a Protagonist in a novel God is writing both of them trying to create a novel that will rank 1 in a novel posting site…..

    Reading their POV of how the novel story (the world mc possessed) is being created in actual time like settings, story lines, characters, etc. by their actions (Mc and God) interest me….

    On the other hand without looking at the POV of the MC and God and only looking at the novel they trying to create I just can’t like the novel or story line because I don’t understand the names of the skills the MC is using due to translations. It’s like I’m being info dumped with chinese martial arts that I don’t understand and the story feel like a typical template OP MC that will always be considered good by the surroundings due to various plot armors. Well It’s just the early part I hope the story developed and solved this problem

  3. Ask_Ether says:

    I did some dipping I had read 2 chapters and it seemed like it’s about a webnovel author mc who got transmigatted in a novel. The writer of the novel is legit doodoo water at writing but want to make a award winning novel which is in the fantasy type section and so the writer trapped the mc. The mc on the otherhand have to create the storyline using his dialogues, actions, and thoughts. If he makes a single mistake or a irregular variabl(ex. Saying “Wow author you did a bad job) will cause a reset of the scene going back to the past.

  4. Tian says:

    twelve hours since the poison came out, no one has made it back, I’ll go scout and I’ll bring back news, but I’m not sure I’ll be successful

  5. says:

    The poison tester above has died because he hasn’t returned, hope another poison tester with more resistance to this type of poison will come unless he returned.

  6. Bruh says:

    I am going to war, my brothers for you

    I hope I will return with results

  7. ali dd ali dd says:

    I am amazed at how quickly you stole this novel. It was posted on the Kakao website on March 30th.however The theme of the novel, the writer and the hero choose, what kind of strength the hero has, what kind of main and sub-characters, and the construction of the world.
    Read 8 chapters and in my opinion it is good and it is from the same author who wrote the novel past life regurner

  8. Build Kingdom says:

    Dude you A live???

  9. Nightune says:

    I wonder what this poison taste….

  10. Work Out Work Out says:

    Bro, I’ve been seeing you everywhere, you doing good?

  11. nanashi says:

    I’m a poison tester from Qin Dynasty

  12. Carlos Nigelson says:

    Come on where is my harem novels

  13. Looks interesting gonna taste this poison after three long hour class.

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