A Treacherous Courtier Manages the Empire Well
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A Treacherous Courtier Manages the Empire Well

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Treacherous Courtier Manages the Empire Well

I became the treacherous courtier in a tragic novel.

I have played the part of the traitor so well that both the princess and the emperor, who are in charge of the empire’s military power, are completely obsessed with me.

But if things continue this way, my gruesome death is certain.

I must find a way to save the empire.

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  1. This is ridiculous, just incrementally losing brain cells as I read more chapters

  2. Nameless says:

    Finally finish this novel. It really good

  3. Thug Shaker says:

    Dumbass surrendered everything in chapter 1 for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

  4. idiomancy says:

    That aint no kim dokja😭😭

  5. milky violet says:

    I was going to go on a nostalgic rant about this site but enough of that, I just realized I was paying for a steam subscription that was supposed to be on my brothers card. Goodbye $100. I’m not exactly pissed, but more so sad that I have lost $100. One hundred dOllars man, 100!!!

    1. Wao spent $100 for this ?, why ? Is there any reason for yoi to spend that much money ?. Atleast if you want to support why not $10, $100 too much for this.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        no for his steam not noble

      2. rob z rob z says:

        Actually, I was the one who paid for this to be updated. It was 8 coffees, so about $30 I think.

  6. Addicted says:

    Noble is back guysπŸ˜­πŸ’’

  7. I don’t like harem and or r1pe. But I make an exception for white hair, ahhh I would gladly be devoured and tied up if a white hair said so😍

    However just because I accept such things does not mean I will accept the possible abuse that does with it. No, I expect to be treated like a normal human until the desire starts. Then you can- no you can’t do whatever you with me. I do not want 9 fingers and 5 toes.

    I will list 59382929201149000 guidelines with super specific rules stating what can and can’t be done to me:

    Wait, willingly being tied up is not my forte. I will tease the white hair until they snap and give me a taste of my own medicine- mhmmm yes I love white haired characters

    1. Su 183 says:


      1. Su 183 says:

        I kept thinking about you every time i read ‘bamboo forest manger’

        Using the comment section to vent out your dark desire

    2. Poison Tester says:

      White hair supremacy.

    3. SenatorArmstrong says:

      Tags: Instant_Loss, Smug, Amazon_Position

    4. Miguel O Hara says:

      So you guys like super old men and women….

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        They must be natural white hairs. Or white hairs caused by gaining too much power. Or PTSD. Or cigars.

  8. Poison Tester says:

    safe, you can read it.

    This book have similar story with manhwa the world best engineer but without Comedy and more focus on developing. Btw it have less romance.


    1. Roy says:

      is he getting disrespected like in the world best engineer. I liked that MC but must of the comedy was reliant on him being walked over by everyone which got boring quickly. there is a difference between a psychopath that can’t tolerate an insult and being walked all over for no reason.

  9. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    MC possessed worst villain in the novel, try to redeem himself by making the Empire stronger while also trying to make a new relationship with the girl he manipulated.
    Everything goes well for him, he try to modernize the world.
    Beginning there’s sort of romance/obsession but later it’s more about solving problem and modernizing the Empire.

    So just a good read to pass time but rip that the romance part is just left out after getting a few “sex scene” that aren’t rly one.

    1. asf says:

      Sounds generic. Want the possessed the worst villain and becomes a worse villain than the oroginal and kickass

  10. crow raven crow raven says:

    about iskeai guy turn in villain and now uses his knowledge to craete a better land uses stuff in modern japan.

  11. clown 🀑πŸŽͺ says:

    this good cause that a first seeing a tag called “wisdom”

  12. Hell knight says:

    Wait, there is no love till chapter 10. The first chapter has r*pe but, from there on, it will become a building game like coc (class of clans). He will build cinema , factory etc. It felt more like genere change at that point anyway, if you love story where mc build and farms, is a good one i suggest for you.

    Also, there is lot of iq drop, so shut the brain cells and read.

  13. quygan says:

    No I know, from the synopsis it doesn’t seem like pure love.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Chapter 0 is an r**e scene, so I guess you’re spot on

      1. Insufferable says:

        And she seems to have also been “groomed/brainwashed” by the original villain that mc possesses so she’s pretty twisted alright.

        Why did I type ‘an’ in my previous comment?

        1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

          No pure love? πŸ₯Ί

          1. Cero says:

            No pure love, just obsession 😞

      2. rob z rob z says:

        Reverse r@pe, guys, reverse r@pe. That makes for an entirely different novel than you all made it seem. I almost didn’t start reading because of this mistake.

        1. Memomo says:

          people are fine with reverse r@pe but not with regular r@pe…we truly live in a society

          1. rob z rob z says:

            Sorry, this comment was at best uniformed, if not plain ignorant. The difference is because of how these tags play out in KR / JP web novels.

            The r@pe tag typically is really r@pe as conventionally understood – violent and non-consenual assault of a woman. Just look at “The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines”, which was updated a couple days ago.

            Reverse r@pe (which is defined as a woman taking advantage of a man) is normally portrayed in these novels with a comedic element, and almost always ends up being in some way consensual, as is the case here. Indeed, the MC here admitted it was consensual by the end, and even before, the MC wanted nothing more to tell the FMC he loved her and wanted to treat her well. So just calling this a “r@pe” novel was disingenuous and likely to mislead readers (as it did to me).

            And now I am going to get on my soapbox, because I am tired of this sh!t. All these people come out complaining against what are, in the grand scheme of things, relatively innocuous novels because they claim sh!t like its “grooming” just because the MC is 7 years older than the FMC. Yet for the truly ugly novels like “The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines”, which for whatever reason are popular, you guys don’t say sh!t – I was the first person who posted a negative review on that novel that was first posted, what, over a year ago, which boggles my mind.

            And godd@mn, don’t you all realize how degrading conventional “harem” novels are to women? Yet again, its just passe and accepted – and even actively sought out. There are only a handful of people I have seen on this site call it out.

          2. SenatorArmstrong says:

            Girls do not care about what we read nor will they see your crusade for them in this MTL Korean site, sorry to tell you this. If you feel validated by calling out obvious fictional power fantasy harem stories then I don’t know what to say…but nice?
            I like reading harem here cause they’re put into funny situations and I like shuraba. Does that mean I want a harem in real life? Hell no. I’m a history junkie and I know exactly why harems are created which is why I prefer reading fiction and not how Genghis Khan f*cked the entirety of Chink women.
            On the other hand, I ignore things that I don’t like, and I do not read heavy handed novels like the novel that you mentioned cause I prefer light hearted ones. Being in Information Technology is tragic enough.

            And on that topic, I have actual friends who are women that enjoy anime like Mushoku Tensei, Eminence, etc (harem). I also know girls that play Granblue Fantasy(fujo franchise) and Arknights cause they like the hot guys there.
            Also reverse r*pe and femdom is hot, GIWTWM. Monster Girl Quest did irrepairable damage to my psyche.

          3. SenatorArmstrong says:

            Comment above is for @rob z btw.

          4. Memomo says:

            me who wrote this comment as a joke and found out it turned into a full fledged argument with someone get offended for zero reason…. bro got trolled real bad πŸ’€

        2. Somehow I couldn’t reply with your other comment, but I really agree how frustrating harem is for girls. It’s like saying there is no other value in women other than being a trophy, and a glorified s3x tool. They don’t have a life of their own, and whatever brain they have revolve around this one guy who just happened to be nice once, who also chases the skirt of 10+ women who he just happened to meet a day ago.

          1. Daver55 says:

            You really didn’t read shoujo or josei didn’t you? Average looking 30 years old woman, no boyfriend, small apartment, dirty apartment, likes to drink, a bunch of no good ex bf, competent in her work but at home is laid back, super rich/hot/powerfull guy falls for her, her male childhood friend also starts fighting for her love, love triangle……. You get it, the protagonist protag-ing doesn’t happen only in “guy’s” novels. They are the protagonists lol, the world, the people, the story… should revolve around them.

          2. Memomo says:

            yeah don’t take about how degrading for woman and stuff when they are literally reading the same genra but reversed for them

          3. Luckyzero says:

            I don’t get the point why you all are arguing, I mean It’s like common sense that girls don’t like harem and guys don’t like reverse harem

            And just because they watch harem and reverse harem doesn’t mean they like it, sometimes there are really wonderful story out there where you’re just forced to ignore those two genre because they’re that good and worth to watch

          4. Luckyzero says:

            Well, there’s an exception to everything though…..

          5. @Daver55 Which is why I don’t read those stupid braind dead shoujos the same way I avoid harems. I prefer the KR romances where the guy falls in love after like 20-30 chapters in, rather than 3 guys following a girl blindly by chapter 5.

          6. @memomo Most “reverse harem” are usually fake though. MC usually marries one guy, but during the process 5+ guys like her. But even for true reverse harem I also don’t like. Aside from well made ones where the trope is played so well, like Regressor Instructor Manual, I hate all harem tags, reverse or not.

          7. Lol, forgot to mention that even in reverse harem 90% of the time there is 3 male leads who like the MC and not more, unlike harem ones where it’s usually 5+

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