I Became a Dark Knight the Empress Is Obsessed With
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I Became a Dark Knight the Empress Is Obsessed With

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여제님이 집착하는 흑막기사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Dark Knight the Empress Is Obsessed With

Became the guardian knight of the sunfish empress in the breeding simulation game.

For her happy ending, you must save her from her death.

But this character I possessed is somehow strange.

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  1. Arthur Pendragon says:

    Don’t worry, my knights. I came to save you!

  2. rob z rob z says:

    Kirik calls it 100% correctly, and I couldn’t have said it better myself: once you hit the 60s / 70s, the author runs out of legitimate ideas to create tension, so he/she turns the MC stupid to further the plot (and not just in how he treats the FMC, but in making painfully obvious for the MC to think “oh, that’s something interesting, but there is no possible way it can impact the story, so I will just ignore it” – and of course, it directly impacts the story / plot. I also had to skim through about 60 chapters (till the 140s) before I could even tolerate it again.

  3. Kirik says:

    Novel reminds me of The Villain Wants to Live. Really good, but then around chapter 70 the mc’s brain shuts down only for the sake of creating drama. It gets really annoying.

    I skimmed and skipped through the next 30 chapters and he keeps having spontaneous spurts of spectrum disorder where literally just telling the truth or his intentions would solve everything, but no, he says nothing and causes the heroine to have actual personality destroying conniptions just for drama.

    Very frustrating, would pass on this.

  4. Reafan says:

    Its really bother me how much struggle/clueless the mc despise he already done all the endings , like he only know the endings , not the other content like hidden treasure/quest/Relationship/speedrun , Omagah i take this to seriously as Vn player lol

  5. Manchester Black says:

    Pure love and obsession are compatible?

  6. Phantom says:

    Now make a novel where the MC gets transmigrated in a game with 99% good endings but somehow always chooses the worst / dumbest option like Detroit Become Human

  7. Forgotten one says:

    Sunfish Empress in the breeding simulation game… Damn , what’s that…??

  8. Common Bandit says:

    Pretty good 7.5/10

    Enjoyable read with a sweet romance. Good to clear your soul of reading all these crazy yanderes in this site.

  9. SomeDude says:

    I realize that the girl on the cover is Unlucky Cora

  10. Bro the novel cover got those Korean letters that are realistically fake on it now, it’s official now.

  11. cosmos says:

    yall I thought it might be m*lf cause it was written empress and obsesdsion. I got happy for no reason

  12. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Latest Chapter:
    Its surprisingly quite good. MC is neither weak or too strong. He doesnt really care much about breaking the original plot. He has to keep the Princess safe and not stessed, though its very tough in that world. Honestly I feel very bad for the MC. Bros trying his best in everything.

    Plot is interesting. Since MC derailed from the plot at day 1, shit barely goes the way he remembers, though he manages to scrape by. Each arc/game chapter makes you really take the current stakes seriously since its full of death flags.

    Female Lead (Little Empress) is basically a barely adult girl who had to take reins on thr empire. Though the obsession is there, its not much of a “I want to keep him” obsession, but more of a “I dont want him to disappear” which appeared due to the trauma she incurred.
    Each arc she grows, but due to the stupid Stress system, she gets negative traits each time Stress level goes past 10. If you know Darkest Dungeon its basically that. Honestly I’ll say the novel is quite inspired with that. MC and CO. fights against eldritch horrors and stuff.

    Im curious about how the plot will go. More chapters when?

  13. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Stress Mechanics remind me of Darkest Dungeon. Get a negative trait once it gets past the threshold.

  14. Aith Aith says:

    Obsession starts at chapter 28.
    In case you need to know

  15. Salty1 says:

    Its interesting basically mc become a knight who saved the princess in a terrorist attack however he cant use mana very well so he is always bleeding and due too a trauma the princess basically become obsessed with him i read up to chapter 29 and its safe however beware of the plot twists i wont spoil but its screwed up the mc knowledge become almost useless but a far as i read its not really romantic its more “i’ll protect the future empress from all kind of bullshit and try to survive against monsters while i have almost no skill”.

  16. Okazo says:

    huh looks like I need too disappeared again

  17. Alex says:

    Basically, the story is like this:
    A gamer that played a hardroce game called “Raise an Empress” did all the endings, where 100/108 are bad ones. Afterwards, he is offered an extra hardcore difficulty, agrees and gets transported to the world as a Guarding Knight Fried, petty, rumored and despised by many. The royal family gets annihilated by a terrorist attack from some church that worships demons from the other world and while running for life, he saves the 4th princess. He becomes the only person in the palace that she can completely trust, despite rumors around him. Later in the story princess gets a mental breakdown from stabbing and killing one of her close aides by a knife, and receives a mental trait “Obsession”, guess who is she obsessed with?

    Not a bad read to spend some time, 4/5

  18. Phobi21 says:

    I’m here brothers, I didn’t have time to read this novel before, but now I can.


    The beginning is typical *you have completed all the scenarios of the game*

    I won’t say if that’s good or bad, but I’ve already read it about five times on this site.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter one, as expected, begins with the protagonist comfortable for having finished the game after hundreds of hours…

    At least here the protagonist is not obsessed with any character, I only play him for the desire to complete each achievement.

    Anyway, what follows is the typical *there is an update, touch here if you want to play it* of course, he does and then he is transported to another world.

    If I’m honest, so far everything is repetitive and predictable, even the body he owns is right in a situation of chaos and danger…

    Episode 2

    At least he worries if he seems a little worried about transmigrating, not as much as I would like, but we’ll see how he progresses in the future.

    Another point in favor is that at the moment of crisis, the protagonist decides to run away, after all, he had never been so close to death before, it would be rare for him to start fighting without worry… it’s rare, but there are novels that do so .

    In any case, apart from the description of the crisis and the escape, the only important thing in the chapter is the encounter with the fourth princess, the last heir to the throne.

    Chapter 3

    I’m a little disappointed, the protagonist owns a system, however, that’s just a personal problem, I won’t add it to the description.

    He has a system, but it is unknown what rewards it will give him, so far he only presented him with the mission of saving the princess.

    While the rescue happens, the protagonist must face the villain on duty while he discovers the great power of the body that he possesses.

    Chapter 4 and the last one that I will review.

    The fight is dirty to say the least, the protagonist doesn’t know how to use a sword so he decides to fight with his fists and stones, appropriate for the situation really.

    In the end he manages to defeat the villain and gets the reward for saving the princess…

    Personally I will follow this novel hoping it becomes more interesting, but I don’t know if it’s something worthwhile. If it maintains this level then it will be boring, but considering the good detail narrative that the author has, this novel has the potential to be outstanding.

  19. kk77 says:

    ??? a full legion of missing soldiers and still no reports from the front. y’all dead or captured? is it safe go forward??

    …screw it. this isn’t even my genre but im going in. Take me, morbid curiosity!

  20. not my type of mc. he act like a pushover.

  21. I feel the sugar is strong with this one…

  22. Salty1 says:

    I will retrieve our dead brothers and i will explore all of it wish me luck

  23. Lalala says:

    I see everyone is wiped out

  24. RAVENS says:

    Is someone who is still alive can tell what happen?

  25. Xiao Ning'er says:

    Poison testers died of a sugar overdose

  26. mad yandere lover says:

    reporting i explored all novels on this web site all i can say is if tags are pure love and obession then proceed without any cautions
    if it is obsession and regret then dont approach carelessly
    that’s my wisedom

  27. There are 2 possible outcomes:
    – the novel is so good that the knights testing the poison got addicted and can’t write;
    – the poison is too strong (Rest In Peace honourable knights).

  28. zorrow says:

    Is the poison strong?

  29. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    Romance , Fantasy ? The best gem

  30. Salute to the poison testers. We await good news (hopefully).
    Gonna read it anyway sooo ✌️ 😶‍🌫️

  31. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    OBSESSIVE LOVE AND PURE LOVE!! What a combo, all i ever wanted

  32. Macguffin says:

    These guys…

  33. Aith Aith says:

    Romance?,Fantasy?,Obsession? I am all in.

  34. Wikka says:

    The heck with you all!?

  35. Moonlit Walker says:



  36. Saad . Saad . says:

    I’m a simple Man I See obsession I read

  37. Caliber says:

    Poison testing sequence initiated……..

  38. Lance says:

    Lance Reporting!(Salute!) Currently risking my life exploring another reality, can’t explore this one currently.

  39. Aqib Ali says:

    Soldiers?? Where u at??

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