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Became a Dark Merchant in the Academy

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아카데미 흑막 암상인이 되었다.
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Synopsis Became a Dark Merchant in the Academy

There is a schemer in that academy.

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  1. Broken Doll says:

    Pls Update

  2. Broken Doll says:

    Update please

  3. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    Damn, although at first I enjoyed seeing a MC who was a real villain, I admit that this part does touch my sensitive part, I mean of all the tools he has, the sister is the one with whom I really feel that he is being very cruel, forcing her to kill to his subordinates, friends and even family.

  4. Enter says:

    All drug addicts drowned in their sperm while reading.

  5. Daver55 says:

    I like this kind of MC, what I dont like is that he’s still a beta, yeah, because he is. It doesn’t matter the reason, “love and snu snu iza weknex” or whatever, the main point remains, dude doesn’t act on his “conquests”, like any other beta.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I don’t think that’s true. Shadow from TEiS is not a beta because he doesn’t care for women in a romantic sense. Or just doesn’t like the people who like him? But anyway, same situation here. The MC just doesn’t love them. Are you gonna have kids with someone you only view as a tool? Shadow wouldn’t have s*x with his subordinates who he views as his friends. It’s weird to just do that someone just for the sake of it.

  6. Luckyzero says:

    I quite like it the novel to be honest but other people probably won’t, because even I admit that this novel is poisonous and there are some scene that you may dislike (but since I felt that the evil scene is only equivalent at the level of reading a hard, truly obsessive yandere novel, however not to the point of NTR maybe?) I can still read It cause I’m trained to read It

    I mean you need to be an apathetic and indifferent when reading this novel if you don’t want your moral and values to degenerate or to instinctively disgust the story

    Oh, but I agree with @Trash Taste said I sometimes get bored because I don’t see any reason why he become a villain, I sometimes think that he can just use [UNKNOWN] skill for fighting and get some giyeon that can change his class to assassin and abandon his merchant class

  7. Fyl says:

    Definitely great! Though not everyone will like it. Most people say they don’t like an evil MC, that he’s mean, bad, etc. At the same time, they ignore supposedly good MCs in other works, although they also commit senseless murders and genocides. It reeks of sophistry. But I definitely liked it, a breath of fresh air, although she is unlikely to be updated because of all this hate.

  8. Windmill -> weather vane

  9. Oh, and yes, I am one of those who likes the main character, who is pure, distilled evil. Why? It’s hard to say, maybe I just don’t have adequate sympathy to sincerely think something like “oh no, he killed another n people, how terrible!” or “oh, I shouldn’t laugh heartily seeing how some idiots can’t get over their desire to save people in front of them in order to actually save more people, lol”. Not that I can’t understand the fact that probably sympathizing and not causing harm is right, but I can’t help this refreshing feeling that arises when you see the main character finally rise from his knees and go after something using the most rough methods just because he can. Is it bad to desire power? Is it bad to desire wealth? Is it bad that this thirst sweeps and distorts the destinies of people around? Oh, is it really bad? How so? Well, this won’t be a reason for the main character to give up his desires, because he’s not a windmill that follows the flow, but an icebreaker that cuts its way, no matter what it is. That’s nice.

  10. I’ll just leave some of my thoughts here about what kind of “repentance” I would be interested in seeing in books. In my opinion, the situation that authors usually consider as repentance for characters, when they, for example, take an oath to never kill again or try to correct their mistakes and make the world a better place, is not repentance. It is either just a reassessment of values or a very foolish reassessment of values. When a person suddenly stops killing when it is necessary to save more people, it is a very foolish reassessment of values because the protagonist cannot see beyond the idea of “what I was doing was wrong, so I must not kill.” The case where the protagonist sincerely makes efforts to correct their mistakes and change something is a reassessment of values. However, this is by no means “repentance.” I find such characters boring and even disgusting because they turn out to be cowards who cannot stand their ground and follow through. True “repentance” begins when it is no longer possible for you to change anything. Only when you have killed an entire race of elves and then realized that you did something real mad can you repent. Simply because there is nothing else left for you but repentance. In my opinion, repentance is what remains for a person when they can no longer do anything about what they have done. When it is too late to reassess values, when you can no longer change anything, no matter how kind you become. Repentance is a state where the character who made everyone suffer and revelled in it ultimately suffers themselves because when there is no one else to mutilate, you start mutilating yourself. Repentance is self-destruction, tormenting your own soul for wanting to find someone else to kill, but when there is no one else to kill, you suddenly realize how meaningless and purposeless it all was. Repentance is that moment of peace and wisdom that comes after a long period of bliss from which you were unable to break away. That is the kind of “repentance” I would like to see.

  11. darking darking says:

    @acturcia well apparently most of readers doesnt like tasteless and unrefined evil mc like this? story like this is a minority taste, niche fetish for some. Like, maybe some edgy people somewhere think, {man, i could use some story about evil manipulative character who sells drugs and use people like trash, but also no consequences fall upon him and he wont need to take any responsibility because he’s the main character}? sure, people like them exist, but how much? you might be one, but me and most commenters here dont. So please dont say things like {i dont get your readers, this story is refreshing and you should like it}. Basically you trying to force what your hobby to someone else.

    And your comment conflicting with each other, you are saying {also, as someone who got tired of 1D stupid harem heroines, it’s a joy to see them somewhat suffer. It’s the same kind of satisfaction of seeing a tsundere get slapped for her BS} because the mc IS 1D stoopid character. He literally wrapped in plot armor. Does he ever suffer for his actions?

  12. This novel is just mc getting everything he wants. Everyone other than the mc is dumb and mc has thick plot armor.
    Its just your average poison.

  13. Redom Redom says:

    Well I do agree with what most people said and @Trash Taste took the words out of my mouth.

    Well I guess this a good novel for an apathetic person or someone who is needing some rage/hate in their lives, well it’s up to reader to go in or not.

    Well I don’t really mind evil MCs like this one, but I think they went way to far tho, it wasn’t necessary (by what I read on comments) that much gaslighting… Well I’ve read once before a novel similar to this one (mc wasn’t this much trash tho) and I ended up dropping bcz at your 1st read it’s interesting and entertaining but it just eventually gets boring and hateful, so in my opinion I just reccomend for those who have “weird tastes”. 👍
    (Well those who like this type of stuff must like netorare too 😐)

    For the novel with evil mc that I mentioned earlier: meccha shoukan sareta ken

    Anyway for those who like proper Evil MCs (with reason to be) and not trash Evil MCs
    I do reccomend: The villain’s side of the novel,
    one of the best villain novels I had read, and probably ppl here will definitely like it. Personality wise he is like Hades from Greece mythology.

  14. Sorry, I mean the manhwa. I need sleep lol

  15. @leonhart theobald. I read that book, and actually cheered on the “antagonist” ie original/false MC. Then I read the spoilers since I knew that he will be defeated eventually so I’d rather not feel down about it. I read why and how everything bad happened to him. I genuinely feel bad for him since he never deserved any of this. I would blame the friend, but technically he is a victime of circumstances too. The gods are mainly at fault here, for distributing powers to people who may not understand the full extent of its strength. Basically irresponsible people who made other people do their jobs, and then leaving them to clean up the mess (as well as all the side effects of the power they oh so generously granted them)

  16. @Trash Taste My view on another world mostly change when I read “hero has returned” manhwa ch 1. Although what he did was wrong, I rather blame the god or whatever isekai people there selfishly. Well, if you think it’s pointless to blame something you can’t do anything about…That’s true ,I guess.

  17. False Truth says:

    A villain with no reason as to why they’re a villain, other to just be evil isn’t supposed to be a main character because main characters are supposed to be the reader’s insert into this fictional world.

    No human needs to be evil, one is always born good but can be molded into evil. Pure evil will never truly exist, as different factors make up a human.

    Take this one example, Joker(DC) as a main character. Without Batman aka his meaning, he would unironically be a DMV worker. Also, unless you’re that type of guy to into that stuff, nobody wants to read/watch him doing evil without any good reason.

    “B-but, the Joker mov-” Shut your goofy mouth, edgelord1337. That Joker has a multitude of reasons why he became that wicked, his family, society and disabilities.

    A good villain is someone with reasons, it doesnt need to be sympathetic just good writing or if the villain supposedly has no meaning, then make everything else 3d by comparison. That’s also why Jack Horner in the puss and boots movie is a great example of a pire evil archetype.

    TL;DR: No meaning villains should not be protagonists because people dont want to be innately evil. Also, if you want to do it, make it a great written work, not some I’m evil because I’m evil.

  18. @leomheart theobald Poor reason, if god can take your soul and transport it into another world its already prove existence of heaven and hell, eternal torture doesnt seem fun for me
    Atleast try to save it and go back to original world or if you dont have anything left behind in original world you can stay in another world

  19. Talking about reason , ‘a god out of nowhere throw you into another world with ability that need to be train to death to be strong and told you to save the world or die’ is enough reason to say screw this world for me, just saying.

  20. Velcon says:

    I have to agree with everyone that having evil MC just cause evil it pretty bad. With no reason and motive for us to cheer the MC there is really no reason to read this but for the downfall. And what people are saying we always wanted an evil MC here is the thing, those people are asking for an evil MC in the past is cause they just want to see the snap with a justified reason for evil.

    Like a good motive would be this: There once was a tale of an MC that fell to this world. A world full of magic and wonder which left him in awe. But as he is exploring he only meets ridicule and hate for he is without mana. During all of this he meets one friend who never judged him for who he was or left him alone in a cruel world. But during all of this a high noble thought it would be funny to rid such a friend, thinking its a favor ridding his life from being friends with the powerless.

    With this done, MC choose to hate the world. He chooses to fall into the underworld and take control of gangs, mobs, and drug groups so that he can one day use such a power to destroy the nation by slowly poisoning everything. Falling deeper and deeper to his dark nature as a human, caring not for the weak and slowly ridding all that he hates.

    Edgy af, I rather not write something like that again cause I don’t want edgy in my life.

  21. Its not about that, its because MC is evil just for being evil, everything need a reason why.
    If he dont have any motive, what the different this from any other generic MC.
    The best part of story with evil MC is their downfall, look at breaking bad for example.
    Walt have motive for him to go down in meth bussiness, he not doing any of that because he just want to, he has a reason and we can understand why he is like that.
    but his arrogant lead to his downfall, and thats the best part of the show.
    I am not hating the fact that MC is evil, but i hate bad writing

  22. Trashtaste says:

    So this is the novel, where some random people from earth got isekai and replace the original evil MC, he replace MC in the beginning or the moment before MC die, then he need to do everything he could to survive.
    Or the original world of one of harem member MC have and she time traveler to the last.

  23. I don’t get some of you readers. When in other novel titles with Villain in it you complain the MC is not evil. Now that we get an actual evil MC everyone suddenly gains a moral compass and say this is wrong and edgy? This novel is refreshing as heck compared to those “villain not villain” novels.
    Hope Noble update this novel more often.

    Also, as someone who got tired of 1D stupid harem heroines, it’s a joy to see them somewhat suffer. It’s the same kind of satisfaction of seeing a tsundere get slapped for her BS.

  24. jwslayer1488 says:

    this is pretty funny. definitely not for everyone but try it if you like amoral/evil/ruthless/manipualative protagonist like fang yuan, dantalian etc

  25. RealEason says:

    i would rather read this than generic harem academy novel #309

  26. Ryuu says:

    I will read this book if there is a fanmade of this novel called I accidentally killed a dark merchant villain in academy!

  27. Jobless says:

    Very poisonous this is my kind warning

  28. rob z says:

    Why noble? Of all the available novels to translate, this one? Just poison. And gaslighting may be the worst tag I have ever come across. In fact, this is probably the worst Korean web novel I have come across since Villain Who Robbed the Heroines.

  29. Kaniya says:

    From my POV

    Author is a drug smugler . He wants to fulfill is inner desire.

    Maybe he doesn’t even have a girlfriend.

    No decent background and story..

    just some 3rd rated author and his novel.

    Even a R-18 …mind control novel even have a better story and plot.

  30. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Wow what a rare evil MC
    But this is not my taste
    I’d rather pushover villain rather than pure evil MC
    If he had a reason or good backstory, maybe this would be good, but if there is none
    Then this novel pretty much reading criminal story

  31. Apops says:

    Adding to this long *ss comment section, I agree with Arcus that I’d rather have a generic goodie two shoes MC than an evil, manipulative, and self-serving lunatic as MC. Reminds me of RL and world has too much of those fckers. Pure romance ftw! Sacrificing yourself to save the world/heroines! Ftw!

    I’m glad to see that this site’s reader base still have their sanity intact

  32. Suherman Joshua says:

    Some people may not understand so much about what gaslighting is. The term originates from the Patrick Hamilton’s original 1939 stage play, “Gaslight,” where a husband psychologically manipulates his wife. In the story, the husband attempts to convince his wife that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment and insisting that she is mistaken, remembering things incorrectly when she points out the changes he makes. The play’s title alludes to how the abusive husband slowly dims the gaslights in their home while pretending nothing has changed in an effort to make his wife doubt her own perceptions. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where someone leads you to question your own reality, memory, or perceptions. I admit that this is one of the novels with unique idea.

    So here are examples of what gaslighting MCs do. When it’s gaslighting, MC are aware they have done something to hurt to heroine and are pretending to play dumb. In defensively posing this question to heroine, they are denying the impact he had on her and are also forcing her to question it. Sometime MC make statements that cause heroine to feel like she is the problem, even when she have fallen victim to something such as bullying or abuse. He intentionally get heroine to question their experience, behavior, and thoughts in order to take the focus off of them. MC neglect any responsibility for his actions. Instead, he will directly blame others. Ex: make principal even apologize for things that aren’t her fault. MC question some heroines own sense of who they are. In some case MC flip the conversation towards one of heroines and make it out like she is the one who is in the wrong by accusing her of being defensive and that she is attacking innocent people. Then she become the a fugitive and only has an MC by his side.

  33. milky violet says:

    I heard someone mention light from death note but at least you can get behind light for his motivations. I’m not sure about this one… characters that are evil just to be evil aren’t bad, but like can’t you just murder people instead of gaslight? Ugh

  34. Jahe Manis says:

    I can say that MC is an optimist. Compared to other main characters who enter novels, games, or webtoons and want to avoid the main plot, by knowing the story plot, the MC sees opportunity and achieves more that he didn’t get in his previous world, a.k.a. power, wealth, and fame. Why would he want to be an extra character when he can be more than that, like president, leader of heroes, or boss of the underworld? So he sells drugs to make money. The problem is that he is also from class K, which is an outcast and an unofficial class. To make sure Class K becomes an official class, he causes an accident that causes many of his classmates in Class K to die (damn, even though all classmates admire the MC and choose him as class president) and the teacher to die too, including the heroine’s father (she appears a year later as a junior admiring the MC, not knowing he killed her father). He slandered one of the villainous organisations as the culprit and pitted them against the heroes and the police. Finally, he gaslighting the principal to officiates class K. He also succeeded in uniting all the students in Class K and make himself look hero that fight against school that discriminate them. Hooray. I think the author succeeded in creating an evil villain that evokes a range of emotions in the reader. In my case, I just want him to screw up.

  35. veldra says:

    My review is simple.

    I think Novel readers here must make a choice. Make a category of your tastes and what you desire in a novel and match them. I see many people complaining that the MC is evil, and they go to another novel and wish the MC of that novel was evil. I personally think this novel isn’t bad and can’t be enjoyed by those who hate evil. Never the less, it is pure hypocrisy if you try to quantify “evil” by saying it for good; in the end, evil is evil, no matter the end goal, whether it is for power or for the sake of others. Some are saying it’s bad because of drugs. I mean, we have murder and mafia on this site; that is just double standards.

    Some are even saying it’s edgy. Of course it will be a bit edgy; edginess also includes stuff like anti-hero, loner, and more.

    If you like evil MCs who gaslight this for you, otherwise try other novels.

  36. Shadow says:

    Meh, its boring to me, he commits evil deeds, murder and more with zero moral or ethical restraints and has a weak to non-existent moral code, he isn’t even interested in forming any meaningful relationships and for just wants power and wealth for no real reason. His thoughts always jump to murder after a person’s usefulness has been finished or if they might hinder him in the future.

    It’s a bit unique, but to me in a repulsive way.
    So I am dropping this.

  37. All Night says:


    Not a single one of your examples are “evil”. they’re all the “unwilling villain” trope.

  38. All Night says:

    An actual villain and not some goody two-shoes forced into a misunderstood “villain” role?

    I’m all for it.

  39. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Evil for the evil’s sake is boring and edgy, but if the Mc has a solid goal and has to do evil to achieve it, then it is acceptable. The more personal the goal is, the more acceptable the actions become in the eyes of the reader as we immerse ourselves into the characters and the story.

    Take Tanya for example. Her goal of survival is relatable and understandable. That’s why we can at least be impartial to her actions. The same goes to novels like “Arifureta” or “the Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me”, where the MC is put on a position to do evil/ looks like doing it.

    Therefore malicious actions for the sake of power, or worse, for the fun of it, are hard to implement for the author. You have to be very careful in order not to irritate the reader. “The Eminence in Shadow” is one of the rarest examples of a very successful evil/ boss character implementation.

  40. Sephir says:

    Doing it again

    Evil mcs to the core can’t be a good thing,
    if what he seeks is power (mc), what’s the point?
    What can he truly call a friend? At the end of the day is the relationships you built real?
    No he’s in his own delusions after being the strongest what’s after that,
    wow I’m the best i got so much gaslighted friends and my lovers are mad in love with me who ruined their life’s.
    So yeah at the end of the day he has nothing even what’s supposed to be humanity isn’t in him anymore, he got nothing.
    That’s why don’t make evil mcs it just taste bad in the mouth

  41. Sephir says:

    Ehh my 5k comments, it’s gone

  42. Extra Extra says:

    I’m not a fan of truly evil MCs.

    Gotta pass on this one, regardless of how good or bad it might be.

  43. Forgotten one says:

    Thank you for saving me from this poison…🙏🙏

  44. Evil MC!!! Praise the lord I hope this is similar to that FFF class Trash Hero. I’m tired of goody two shoes heroes, as well as those “I’m a villain but not really (read as pushovers)” MC. It’s dang time we got an actual evil MC. It’s fiction anyways, this gonna be good. Diving in boys!

  45. An evil MC, that’s rare, I hope it’s good like “Reverend Insanity”, I’m going in.

  46. Poison Tester says:

    Guys, did MC have good reason or back story to be a villain? I think I will read this if the MC have good backstory like Geto(Jujutsu kaisen) or Otto Apocalypse(honkai impact) personality

  47. Yuki says:

    To be honest, I read this novel because I was already immersed in it, I was just curious about how the MC would end. I think he will suffer the same fate as Diavolo from Jojo, stuck in a death loop. Both are drug dealers, lack trust, paranoid and do not like to jump directly into the field to be too dangerous, instead relying on his men.

  48. Shadow says:

    If you want a good guy protagonist, I can recommend the hero returns and SSS-class suicide hunter. Both are finished and the second one in particular is pretty wholesome. I guess you can also include Omniscient Readers viewpoint and A returners magic should be special.

  49. Insufferable says:

    Man. What a let down. I like scheming mc’s but not evil ones.

    I just enjoy mind games and outsmarting outsmartings but straight up manipulation and Gaslighting isn’t a very intelligent thing for me imo. Sure Liebert is very intelligent but what truly makes him succeed is his unrestrained nature. That’s not what I like. Maybe that’s why I like death note more than monster despite people saying Liebert is superior to Light. (not that I like Light any better.)

    Puts a bad taste in my mouth. Especially if innocent people are affected.

  50. Yuki says:

    @Zero He hasn’t changed in recent chapters. I thought he wouldn’t. Like Light character in Death Note who is justice. MC obsessed with wealth and power. His original background is a civil servant who enjoys a promotion, but is suddenly thrown into the novel as an extra character. He even let the island fall into the city, killing hundreds of thousands for his scheme. He even forced one of the heroines to slaughter hundreds of Chinese people. But he is not a schemer character in R-18 who likes sex. Instead, he considers love and lust as a weakness, and because of that he never crosses the line with heroines who are infatuated with him. Yes, MC is one of the most evil characters I found. Surprisingly this novel is quite popular. If you read comments on Novelpia, many reader adore MC and prase his plan. If noble uploads this novel to the last chapter on novelpia, you will find a plot twist about a female character that the MC thinks has fallen in love with her like any other heroine. It was the first time the MC was nervous and had paranoia

  51. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    From the review, sounds horrible, I’ll be honest and say that I rather have a generic good hero from a non-grim fairy tale that is riddled with cliches and tropes or a boring cookie cutter, one dimensional MC that doesn’t get any character growth and barely any personality beyond I do quest, defeat boss, get reward, repeat than such a horrible and manipulative bas-*ahem* person as an MC. Reminds me of that ‘Background setting’ guy all over again but worse. So I won’t read it, but if you like those kinds of MC, it seems that this novel is for you. Sorry for the somewhat long rant from someone who hadn’t (and will not) even read this.

  52. Aaf says:

    This novel is only for those that can stand evil MC.
    He gaslight his way to his harem. Manipulating everything along the way.
    Many have fallen victim to his crime

    If evil MC isnt your thing just dont read it

  53. Zero, perhaps the translator did not accurately translate what I wanted to say. Second attempt: Finally, a book with a villainous protagonist and a yandere. Just what I needed after a long hiatus from reading.

  54. By the way, a small note. Ideally, any books with an evil protagonist should end with repentance and possibly their redemption (in my opinion), but if they do happen, they are done so clumsily and poorly that perhaps it would be better for the protagonist to remain a villain until the end in those books. It’s interesting why no one wants to properly explore the theme of “repentance”?

  55. Luiz Felipe says:

    I refuse to read this

  56. Zero says:

    Woah woah, wtf. Thanks for warning, @Yuki
    How is this even allowed to be uploaded in here? MORE YANDERE NOVEL. Btw @Key BirdAndTree Did you look at @Yuki’s review properly? This book have evil mc. Someone tell me if this mc change for better or got caught

  57. For some time I was busy and couldn’t read new books here freely… And now, a work has come out that seems to have made up for all my sufferings without my little drugs (books with yandere or evil main character). I have very high expectations for this book.

  58. Kaniya says:

    @Yuki thanks for your review

    I am safe from the stupid MC and his 🐂 💩 .

    It just a waste of time.

    Admin really promoting the illegal drugs.

    Many young peoples learning about drugs.

    I am against it.

    Beware of those novels and lead a healthy life

  59. Dagonsuznyx says:

    I don’t like malicious MCs who don’t assume responsibility and grow into a better person. There is already enough love for crime and criminals, and I don’t want to waste my toilette breaks by reading these kinds of novels

  60. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Attention here 🤚

  61. Yuki says:

    Well, finally noble uploaded this novel. I introduce you to the drug dealer MC that destroys many youth with drugs. You expect a realistic story MC getting harem. This is your novel. The MC manipulates many heroines and makes them depend only on the MC. He manipulated heroine A into being bullied so that she only had MC to depend on, not knowing that he was the one causing her grades to drop and bullying to occur. MC pretends to be a model student, while he carries out many criminal activities and terrorism. The MC slandered heroine B as a criminal and made her a fugitive, leaving only the MC to rely on. Kill heroine C father even though the father wanted to set MC up with his daughter. The MC’s goal is to become underworld king while at the same time he enjoys his status as leader of heroes. Basically he is a bad politician pretending to be a good guy. The question is what would happen if all heroines knew that the MC is the cause of their suffering? Can someone stop MC? MC is not OP but he grows stronger, and succesfully force the heroes oppose him bound by a slave contract that forced them to protect the MC.

  62. Insufferable says:

    Wait wait Gaslighting tag?! Wtf

  63. Insufferable says:

    I like scheming mc’s imma go in.

    Bravo 6 going d– zzzzt.

  64. Kaniya says:

    Summoning the mighty HEROES

    *Crowd cheering

    *Heroes are immune to poison

  65. Bocchan says:

    Idk i just got here

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