Became a Teacher at Monster Academy
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Became a Teacher at Monster Academy

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몬스터 아카데미의 선생님이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Teacher at Monster Academy

I became a teacher for monster girls.

…I do not want to go to school.

ps: Monmusu mean Monster girls

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  1. Nah too boring, not my liking

  2. Rader says:

    Can’t read it man. Just can’t. It’s pathetic to read, I carried myself to read till 35 chapters but that’s it I am out.

    Problem with this novel is that MC is a football, he is kicked around by Monster Girls every single time that it almost hurts to read. Black dragon girl fights him. Wolf girl shows him her panties and ask for babies. Angle girl asked him to become her slave. And Vampire girl got into his bathroom naked. All this happened in 1 single day. And when he went to sleep a Succubus girl attacked him. In one day he became a plaything for monster girls. It’s so bad.

    MC, a person called as Spear of Humanity, is acting like a noob. Didn’t he spent 10 years in war? Why he didn’t kill off Succubus who showed dream involving naked Empress? Why can’t he kill or humiliate the Angel asking Spear of Humanity to serve her? Why can’t he beat down Black Dragon mercilessly to show his dominance so that others will not approach him? Why he can’t stop students invading his room? He just can’t do anything and it’s just sad now.

    On one side we have Space Marines in Warhammer Universe who pledge to destroy chaos and serve Human Emperor. And on this side we have a Spear of Humanity having no shame and acting like a nobody. He dares to apologise to Angel, he made food for Vampire with his own blood thinking that she will not notice. In summary there is disharmony here, MC is treated as a Hero but in reality he don’t think like this. He is too Humble and treat monster girls as if they are some Goddesses.

  3. He basically co-founded an empire, but the real question is why? Why would you even consider monarchy as the preferred ruling system when you are from a much much much more advanced civilization? And why would you give all the authority to a medieval peasant girl? I am sorry, I am not into these kinds of novels so I am gonna stop reading. Good luck to everyone.

  4. TheDiir says:

    No Yandere? AGAIN!!?

  5. Jack says:

    Maybe harem again 😜😜

  6. Johan says:

    Apparently someone didn’t take their pills today either.
    Why can’t they give a good synopsis to this?

  7. The first thought that comes to mind when I see a monster girl is: how much experience does killing her give? She should give more experience, since she’s half monster, right? Just because I don’t see a status window in this world doesn’t mean there isn’t a leveling system and an experience gauge! Maybe this book just isn’t for me…

    1. ……fr? You would definitely be in the category of evil Protagonist if that’s the case. I will be in chaotic neutral.

      1. Cuz I am self destructive person.

  8. Read it. Seems standard. MC is a niche enjoyer of the Monster Girl games and possessed a child there. +1 for no childhood arcs.

    Anyway, he is a hero that invented and refined Steam Punk Armor that allowed them to counterattack the 4 pincer invasion of phisically and magically superior monster people. Anyways the worldview explains that dwarves and elves are stull human and the monster people are distinctly different like snake legs, mermaids and tentacles to name a few.

    Going back, 10 years of war has passed and MC is a national hero and co-founder of the empire because he essentially raised the empress from a commoner to the absolute goat. The enemies have reached a peace agreement and humanity made an academy to teach monster people and humans to bolster relations. MC is then appointed as professor.

    The worldview showed that this academy held dangers so the delegated noble houses sent their low ranking noblility subordinated as professors. But because MC is too high rank that him doing that can cause to many scandals so he has no choice but go himself. Though it is explained that because a long time has passed, he no longer liked monster girls and has a slight apprehension towards them, naturally because of the war he experienced fighting them.

    Anyway, based on my novel reading experience, he will be an mazing professor that will stick his nose wherebit don’t belong and help the poor monster girls with their daddy issues and inadvertently make them attracted to him by virtue of his mc rizz.

    1. Sooo …..the main question still stands. Is it good or bad? Is it worth it? Or is it just average or above average but with just a little different from other plot and nothing much special? What is it?

      1. I’m not there yet. I just explained some sruff for people that needs a little nudge to read

        1. The monster girls are dangerous, battle maniacs, nymphos, estrus state, nourishment, depraved fetishes, the mc has to deal with his students delicately to not experience becoming a dil*o for the girls.

          On whether it’s good or not, if the genre is spmething you enjoy then it’s undoubtedly good enough, the exposition is boring and cluttered with info dumps but the worldbuilding and characters are good enough to enjoy it.

          But if you don’t like this genre then there is just no way you’ll like this I guess.

  9. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    The word i hate most is MAYBE!!. Because in high school i lended my math notebook to a classmate so he can complete his notes, but my classmate was son of b*t*h he was absent for 3 days straight without given any notice. So our dear beautiful maths teacher takes that into consideration i don’t have my maths notebook she write & explain tons of no literally tons of equations and fuging geometry, in only 3 days, i write 23 pages of equations and geometry in my rough copy and i have to re write in my main copy when my classmate return from his vacation. But that SOB after been absent for 3 day straight first thing he say to me when he return is- “Maybe i forgot to bring your maths notebook… Sorry”

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        Hey i have delicious, intoxicating, poisonous leaf, wanna go high with me

        1. Salty1 says:

          Sure its my first week back in uni and i might have a need for it

  10. Reii i Reii i says:

    Sounds exactly like the plot of Rosario + vampire

  11. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Wdym maybe obsession

    1. Seems like noble didn’t read it or whoever recommended it didn’t really tell if it’s obsession maybe or harem too.





      P.S: Mhm, Don’t mind me Milky and Insufferable, everything is fair for raws and translation.

      Thanks for your sacrifice my dear friend, my brother and sister(maybe?), I will make sure to pick up your bones.

      *Sheds a single tear of sadness*.

      1. If I become bones then I will be able to tap into the shadow necro world and obtain the scepter of the necro lord and gain the power of necromancy. I will then stab you in cold blood and make you into my subordinate lich that will spread madness by virtue of your senseless ramblings. Milky’s bones will become my Death Knight riding a bone dragon and spewing scourge green flames onto the battlefields. All the while I aim to fight the Noble Old Gods and obtain the authority to choose what novel to update every day.

        1. *chuckles*

          I am in danger.

        2. Unfortunately for you, i control the information realm, so i just have to change the data and done. You got erased from existence. None knows about you. And no one will ever know.

          1. Since I have a connection to the necro world and control the scepter, I have authority over this realm. The information realm can only subtly influence me so I counter it and survive. After that I study the influence of information realm and used your ability to cause madness and corrupted the info realm you are connected to. Now the corrupt info realm has caused the world to descend into apocalypse and I grow stronger because of it.

  12. Oh, and yes, I am one of the people that thinks monster girls is just furry with extra steps. Fight me.

    1. Well furry or not, if the women is beautiful it doesn’t really matter honestly. Just no hair in body , face and no animal face. I don’t mind tail, wings, horns, scales on forearm, but more than that is too much. And yeah, no furry behaviour pls. Anyways, if this is harem and academy I will read it, but I gotta wait for reviews first.

      Sooo goo my poison soldiers, bring forth glory and spread happiness to everyone in this world(site)!!!!

    2. Salty1 says:

      I wont cuz i agree with you thats rare meeting someone beliving in it too

  13. I need someone to come to me and use a scrub daddy to clean my head of the voices telling me arson can get me a college degree.

      1. Ah, I see the devil is here. How much do you get for enticing people to commit domestic terrorism?

        1. Cero says:

          Do not resist, do It!

          1. The voices in my head has reached this site. Please noble gelp me.

  14. NiTwo says:

    Maybe harem? Maybe obsession? What?

    1. Manchester Black says:

      Exactly. It either has it or it doesn’t. There can be no middle ground. I don’t understand these tags

  15. Altxria says:

    We early rahhh

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