Became a Hatchling of the Grand Duke of the North
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Became a Hatchling of the Grand Duke of the North

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북부대공가의 해츨링이 되었다/ 드래곤 생존기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Hatchling of the Grand Duke of the North

The land of frozen snow, the Grand Duke of the North.
It became the guardian dragon there.


“Su, Guardian Dragon! Quiet! Miss Lucia is awake!”

I used to be a real man, but got hit by a truck from another world
…a brave dragon. No, it became a hatchling.

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  1. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Yeah it was so-so. Lots of slice of life and few battles. Lame dragon novel.
    > up to 100th chapter

  2. Demonic Alchemist says:

    Hope someone reincarnated into wind, if you want something more extreme. Reincarnated into female S*X toy… Hahahahaha

  3. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:

    Pathetic Mc. Don’t Read

  4. got baited with pure love and harem. boring to read. its even that interesting for a slice of life genre.

  5. Owlish says:

    Dragon is right , lizards are prime examples of precocial species . They can walk fine just after hatching.

  6. Dagonsuznyx says:

    THE BIGGEST ANIMALS WALK WITHIN THE SAME HOUR THEY BORN. SO YOU ARE TELLING ME TO BELIEVE THE FACT THAT A CREATURE CAPABLE OF BREAKING ITS OWN EGG IN THREE HITS IS TOO WEAK TO WALK MINUTES AFTER THEY BREAK OUT OF THEIR EGGS?? I can read and watch through the most idiotic of shows, animas, mangas and web novels, but I refuse to read this garbage story written by a twat who doesn’t know anything about biology.

    1. Soggytoes says:

      You have to think about the fact that this isn’t a normal species. It’s a dragon which is a completely different animal (for multiple reasons). And from what is described is that they normally hatch with the mothers help which he didn’t get so you have to think about it as a premature birth where he didn’t get all the necessary nutrients. And once again it’s a dragon not a simple lizard. Did you know that for a dragon to fly their bones actually have to be hollow like a birds (of course the dragon would probably die from the weight of its own body after growing to a certain degree) now imagine a newborn calf with hollow bones, the legs would snap instantly as soon as they try to stand. Not to mention it’s a human in a dragons body. Imagine being a human for 20+ years and suddenly your body changed into a animal, there is no way for you to get used to it right away especially if it’s a newborn animal body. If it was a true newly born dragon with the soul of a dragon then yeah it would probably go as what you said where they can walk fine because it would be by instinct not intelligence but once again it’s a human inside the dragon so you can’t expect him to be able to move like a dragon would right away. I’m done with my rant.

  7. Eyepatch says:

    It’s simply a slice of life novel , not much action , romance or anything . Since the MC is known as a guardian dragon he is simply admired , there is no such thing as romance , harem , pure love …

  8. Pun says:

    Reincarnated in the academy as a janitor when??

  9. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Agreed with kk77 comment

  10. kk77 says:

    here, id normally do a brief rundown on the story for the lost souls gazing, however it doesnt seem to be forthcoming. i believe, ‘mc becomes guardian dragon’, is literally the short and long of it from what i can tell.

    normally im weirdly rather partial and favourable towards monster reincarnation/growth stories, even the boring slow-burn ones …Definitely not a fan of this one. lot of reasons, only one i’ll bother to mention is that i found no likeable qualities in the mc whatsoever. and thats just talking about the person inside. the actual dragon is the subsequent result of severe animalistic regression so dont expect any kind of agency, certainly nothing worthy of being called sapient. though i doubt the original template (whom i can only generously describe as a fool and a coward (which’d be fine), as well as cringe (unforgivable)) would surpass the mark with much distinction. i saw no need for the human, may as well have had a natural dragonling and i dare say the novel woyld have been far better off for it.

    maybe there’re some developments worth giving a damn past where I made it to, and perhaps i could have bore through to it, but the novel gave me no reasons to persevere, let alone be intrigued, in 40+ chapters – so I didn’t, and cannot recommend others to do so on drawing from that experience.

    tl;dr >>echo Kaniya’s comment

  11. Kaniya says:

    Most pethetic , worst, low key , 3rd rated, trash dragon I have ever seen ( sorry 4 my grammar)

  12. Amunmu says:

    Gracias por el resumen!!! M ARTE EA!! 😁👍

  13. Insufferable says:

    M-Art Ea, has a lot of hatred for humanity it seems. Acts of heroism may be stupid. But it’s not as rare as you think. There are just some people that move before they think and not even have enough time to think of the life they’re throwing away.

    An mc being a man of justice doesn’t make him a pathetic person that deserves to be disdained and looked down on. If you think a cold, badass, selfish and calculating mc is the only type of mc that can be written well then I guess that’s on you. Not the novel.

    I don’t really get why people start hating on mcs that heroically lay down their lives to save others selflessly. As if every move they make must be of benefit to them as if they’re playing a speed run game where every move is calculated and benificial to the run. This template is also taking away vitality from the newer webnovels. There’s very little genuine mcs that they get pushed down the minority and is regarded as beta because they take losses for acting selflessly for others.

  14. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Ok, so our Mc, whose name is Han, was going home with a depressed face while doing self-pity in his head because he was F-class hunter anyway. It was then the unthinkable happened: Dungeon-break countless number of Orc were coming from gate to slaughter our fellow humans so the common folks are running for their lives. Well, at first Han was about to run like other mongrels, but suddenly he spotted the legendary crying child in the middle of fu*ki*g dungeon break, and it was also the moment Han sense of justice discovered he was not the lowly side character, he was the protagonist, THE MAIN CHARACTER!! so he decided to run towards the child who was about to die by the Orc bat, but he knew he can make it, he have author-san in his back and that’s what happened: he covered the child with his body and dodge the Orc bat. Wanting to appear cool, he asked the child to run away, and the child was the ungrateful brat without saying thanks he ran away. While the child managed to survive, but the Orc eyes turned to Han, and at that moment Han knew he had fu*ked up, so he reincarnated! Yay!!

  15. Kaniya says:

    Does vending machine has a dock for harem?

    You know what I mean?

    (Rip my eng)

  16. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    @zedtype Thank you for correcting me, english is not my native language, so I may be wrong

  17. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    @zedtype Don’t worry you’ll get well soon. Viruses will get tried of you pretty soon.

  18. Zero says:

    There os one in which he reincarnates in panties 🤣.

  19. zedtype says:

    Not with, but into. Sadly as NU lurker we seen worse…

    Sword, fish, hot spring, goblin, slime, dragon egg, vending machine, wand, pebble, mountain…. And the list go on…

  20. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Dude reincarnated with a vending machine 💀

  21. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I was just watching reborn as a vending machine, i now wander the dungeon, now i am going to read the hatchling.

  22. Sephir says:

    Why did you had to say it, it feels strange now dragon mc harem, obsession and pure love wtf

  23. Eshya says:

    MC become dragon 🤣🤣🤣. but I’m going to go with it, because honestly it’s interesting

  24. I’ll try to read it depending if the Mc can transform into human form

  25. Kirill Popov says:

    Thanks to True Love, I’ll try to read it.

  26. D_d says:

    Mother daughter rice bowl

  27. Sephir says:

    Harem pure love idk how to feel about this

  28. Sephir says:

    Noble got some problem with his schedule

  29. jony oli jony oli says:

    Please No academy or i wil die T0T

  30. Moonlit Walker says:

    We’re too fast to see the chaps coming here

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