Crazy Talented Ex-Villain
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Crazy Talented Ex-Villain

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미친 재능의 전직 빌런
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Crazy Talented Ex-Villain

came back to the past……. Something is strange.

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  1. NeverTalks says:

    Review part 2

    Characters and the setting here were quite expansive.

    The theme was similar to muvluv alternative or edge of tomorrow less the mobile suite. The world were infested of diverse monsters of different level the stronger the monsters is the less effective normal weaponry.

    There’s heroes here but the more appropriate call for them imo is special units. They are people who awakened with special powers.

    The good thing here although they used the hero term they are just elite soldiers with super power that also dispatched and dies en masse against monsters lol, some heroes have groups that sponsored them or own them.

    OP MC but there’s no cringe fawning of him, they used MCs achievement as pr material for publicity and to boost morale not just author glorifying the MC.

  2. NeverTalks says:

    This is a hit or miss noble.

    A dying villain made a deal with an ethnic god and received a 2nd chance (return to past) along with some kind of quests forcing MC to a different start (So no future event planning so far) and new skills to unlock.

    Its quite good but the bland and monotonous way of story telling might put you off, You can also describe the MC that way which also make the sypnosis feels quite fit.

    The way story progress feels like mushoko tensei or damn academy just devoid of comical part.

    No harem so far nor potential interest and doesnt feel like it will need it anywhere soon.

    Last chapter read 40+++

    lastly the parrot was part of his quest, he need to have one in 30 days or his dead.

  3. Sou says:

    for me it’s not good :)) I read to chapter 10 and stopped.

  4. Mista says:

    You’re a hero. We will never forget your sacrifice, Garbage Diver.

  5. garbage diver says:

    ill dive head first comrades…
    give me encouragement…

  6. Sou says:

    Tôi sẽ thử độc :)) sẽ quay lại sớm

  7. Lolicon says:

    Score 9.4 is this Good?

  8. Blue Shadow says:

    The synopsis getting shorter!!

  9. DR says:

    I hope one comrade can dive in this unpredictable area and give us a scout report

  10. Greed says:

    Lol these synopsis are becoming shorter as time pass

  11. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Well at least it tells us it is a ‘went back to the past’ story. Which isn’t explained in the title or tags, so that’s something.

  12. Sunless says:

    Is this Harem or not .any poison tester.

  13. Extra says:

    Parrot on the cover. This has to be a 10/10

  14. Phantom says:

    You might as well just leave the synopsis blank

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