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Damn System

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빌어먹을 시스템
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Damn System

「The trait as*hole is enabled.」

There’s something I say every time I see that sentence.


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  1. Losty says:

    I like it a lot, I hope there’s an update

  2. Mystery says:

    Very good. The guy who said that it was like SCOG was 100% right.

  3. Rader says:

    Have you ever played Diablo or some similar game where you are a mysterious wanderer who gradually becomes a hero or legend? And that you are not alone, at best you can be the top player or hero at the same time. That’s it, it’s the setting of this novel.

    Earth had a god who was facing problem with some monsters leaking from some other nearby dimension. God of Earth is also quite scientific and made itself a system by sacrificing itself to some degree and created a game. It selected players at random and they have to play the game, hunt and level up so that they can protect Earth. It uses the settings of games for doing that, even showing the guides and videos like a proper game. That’s why MC hate it quite a bit, he feels like he is forced to be a pawn.

    MC is an Elder Brother of two twins and working hard to provide for them. While system is letting him to earn money, he is endangering himself, and after death of their parents he does not want to burden the twins with his death too. That’s why he hate the system even more.

    Story is quite realistic and at the same time quite game like. It’s very likely that the System who created the Game so that it can let humans of Earth level up is doing all this so that humans can protect themselves from other dimension too, for now they are in other dimension. It’s not difficult to imagine the story to extend just like a DLC or something. So it can be a long story.

  4. Rone says:

    Update, as for now I agree with @milky violet, but the conflict grow more interesting. I think at some point his siblings will know what he was doing and we’ll see how he’ll solve the problem. As the tag says everything but the synopsis doesn’t (lmao), I think it’s safe to say it deserves 9.7/10 as @Sexy Lyvy said in Kakao. Not too perfect but it got its own charm as there is many stories about hunter and it’s usually mediocre

  5. It’s pretty good. It’s kinda like the second coming of gluttony but the system and the way everything works is different.

  6. zedtype says:

    Last time I seen a synopsis “it’s “X””

  7. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    Or a three words sentence

  8. Q D Q D says:

    It seems the Korean authors just like to use random swear words in the synopsis instead of writing a normal one

  9. Rone says:

    So far, the synopsis doesn’t actually help for you to understand what kind of story is this. I’ll try to explain what kind of plot you’ll read without spoiling as much as possible.

    The setting is on modern pre-hunter age. The MC is supporting his younger twin siblings while his parents are dead long ago. Then as expected, he got into beta testing thingy for hunter system to emerge and somehow for all his effort in the beta test, only he came out as the best. As if the author intending for him to be the only strongest beta tester. So OP MC foreshadowing there. Anyhow, the narration is ok for me, the conflict doesn’t solved instantly, good enough for read.

    8/10 for now.

  10. Seyx Lyvy Seyx Lyvy says:

    this story has a score of 9.7 on kakao so it is probably not bad

  11. Rone says:

    Yea, the synopsis is good as always. F*ck

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