Became the Mafia of the Academy
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Became the Mafia of the Academy

Read full chapter Became the Mafia of the Academy, Light Novel Became the Mafia of the Academy english, LN Became the Mafia of the Academy, Became the Mafia of the Academy Online, read Became the Mafia of the Academy at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became the Mafia of the Academy

He became the mafia of the academy.』

I put my life into one game,
One day, I was stuck by the wall and lived second place

I suddenly fell for the game with the note I received
He’s an incompetent successor to the underworld boss

“Yeah, blood relationships are abilities.”

The game master won’t go anywhere
Overwhelming violence, endless wealth, connections in the back world
I’ll use anything to survive!

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  1. PAPI says:

    Everywhere I go see harem….

  2. Papi says:

    Why aren’t there more novels like this on this site. It’s always some i became this or obsession that or yandere harem or whatever. Can’t ever have no action fantasy without all that extra stuff.

  3. PAPI says:

    Been a while since this got an update. Please update this novel I’m sick of reading about academy heroines regrets and obsessions.

  4. saxmepapi says:

    Been a while since this got an update. Please update this novel I’m sick of reading about academy heroines regrets and obsessions.

  5. Three says:

    @two Damn bro, what a character arc

  6. TWO :3 TWO :3 says:

    After a few days I’ve come to terms that harem is a genre that people can and will enjoy and noble is a harem loving site. I’ve gained inner peace and wish I could delete my impulsive and rude comments. Sheesh I was on a rampage.

  7. TWO says:

    This is a rant, dont read it if you dont care cause i dont care what you think either.

    Honestly, I can’t rlly say much abt the harem part since everything added to noble these days are either harem or pure trash. Mind you, I still think harem novels are brain rotting garbage that only people with no brain cells enjoy, but when I say those haremless novels are trash comparable to the harem ones, I’m not joking. And since I only have these two choices to read, of course I’m gonna read the one that ISNT harem. I have had enough of harem destroying a good novel. I don’t mind however, those novels that aren’t harem but somewhat harem with many girl characters interested in the MC but the MC just don’t care.

    Now, you may ask, why do I dislike this novel even though I said I didn’t mind harem ish settings? Well, first of all, I didn’t say I dislike it. I have a sorta neutral feeling towards this novel, neither like nor dislike. Secondly, the plot holes of this novel are so big I could literally fall in them. The plot holes make me unable to fully concentrate on enjoying this novel cause whenever a problem crops up, it’s mostly because of those exact plot holes, which always left me questioning them and lessen my sense of immersion in the story. Plot holes do that, that’s why nobody likes them. Unless it’s not a major plot hole then it could be ignores or reasoned out. Which these clearly wasn’t. Thirdly, because I wasn’t totally immersed in the novel, I got bored, and my brain decided to get ticked off by the smallest stuff to keep me going. So, my annoyance for the novel was the fuel that let me continue reading this mid tier at best novel.

    Still can’t understand why everyone in the comments seem to like this novel that much. I shouldn’t be surprised since most of them read garbage harem stories and actually like them. Like that piercing Spearman story where the MC’s interaction with Meredith or wtv her name was cuz I skipped every interaction they had with each other (yes I know, this is a harem novel. But I wanted to give harem a chance and the plot of the story seemed so in line to what I like. Well, I was right. Harem sucks and that novel only reinforced that idea further.) because their every conversation is literal cringe and how the fck do people like that? The stuttering was getting to me. The ‘flirting’ which makes me wanna puke. Damn how low are your standards to be able to like interactions like that?

  8. TWO says:

    Also, I love how the villains who terrorizes civilians are not put on death trial but instead sent to a prison where they are able to escape and continue terrorizing people. Plus most if not all the problems the MC face in the academy could be easily solved if he just announced that he was the heir to the callione family. The reasoning to hide his identity is so bs. If everyone who shld know his identity (the higher ups/big bosses) alr knew it, why tf hide it in the first place? Makes no sense. Literally only for plot progression honestly.

  9. TWO says:

    BTW, not the one and only spirit wizard in the world, but the only and only spirit wizard he has any interaction with.

  10. TWO says:

    Turns into a harem-ish novel real quick with the unequal male to female ratio. There are only two male students the MC befriends with and the rest of the males are either grandpas or fathers. Only female students know his real identity and newly added characters are literally all females. There are also only granddaughters. The females are girl bosses that are either the best in the cohort other than the MC that can defeat even heroes, the head of a overseas trade club which is quite influential, the vice president of the student council, and the one and only spirit wizard. These are not all of the female characters mind you but come on, add some guys too. Is that too much to ask? Might as well pit on the harem tag now why don’t we?

  11. FlatbreadHero says:

    When will this novel be updated Noble-san? Is this novel dropped?

  12. Estela0107 says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations for similar novels?

  13. BloodAngel says:

    Where did sword saint granddaughter go
    I didn’t see her after early chapter

  14. Overseer says:

    this one is pretty good, it has no romance either btw

  15. saxmepapi says:

    The novel’s about a man who transmigrated into a game that he was pretty much the best in the world at and became the incompetent small time villain son of the ruler of the underworld.

    The MC obviously changes this by being competent as all hell and through accomplishing missions/quests that help his mafia family or benefit him he gets rewarded with abilities or items that make him stronger.
    At this point in time he’s not op but he’s STRONG.

    I’d give it a decent 8/10 I like that there’s no romance which is a fresh change of pace.

    Need more updates 👍

  16. This novel contains mob romance and ı think good

  17. Thanks for the chapters!!!

  18. Bocchan says:

    Seriously? What’s this novel about? Anyone tell us is it good or bad one?

  19. Riana Okta Riana Okta says:

    Is the novel have some romance stuff?

  20. Helo says:

    Next pliss

  21. [Last Read: Chapter 30]

  22. Jess says:

    Thanks for the chapters!

  23. Sirius says:

    Thank you Noble! I’ve been waiting for this update! Thanks for the other novels too!

  24. What is the novel about?
    Tell us briefly.

  25. PAPI says:

    No new updates?

  26. PAPI says:

    still waiting on that update…….Part 2

  27. PAPI says:

    still waiting on that update….

  28. Estela0107 says:

    Could you please update?

  29. PAPI says:

    New chapter PLEASE

  30. Aak says:

    Plz new chapter

  31. Aak says:

    PlzZzzzzzzzzz new chapter plz

  32. Aak says:

    PlzZzzzzzzzzz new chapter plz*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZz

  33. Estela0107 says:

    when will the next update be?

  34. Fisk says:

    I believe these are directly taken from novelpia or similar sites, their machine translation have a much higher quality than standard translators but most of the chapters are behind a paywall

  35. kolo says:

    im a bit curious is it just one guy mtling all of these or is it a group thing, im new to novels so sorry if this is a stupid question

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