Extra in a Romance Fantasy
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Extra in a Romance Fantasy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Extra in a Romance Fantasy

I was reincarnated in the world of a romance fantasy novel I had read.

As an extra among extras, who didn’t even exist in the novel.

I tried to accept reality and live peacefully…

But for some reason, I ended up enrolling in the academy, which is the main setting of the novel.

And that too, in the position of the female lead’s childhood friend.

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  1. Rader says:

    Sometimes Author write dense MCs to just have fun and create a mess. And this is one example of this habit. Here MC has a near foresight level intuition but he can’t see the hungry women around him. There is a reason, but it’s half baked.

    Anyways, setting here is possessed into a novel but it is more than that, like always. Characters not introduced in novel are appearing every single time and even Gods are present, and they even know what MC is. MC has been blessed by world and is a literal hero. In fact even Devils or Outer Gods are chill around him. It’s a strange situation where Outer Gods are bored and have nothing to do so they are helping Humans who want to cleanse whole civilization just because those humans asked for it. Of course some Gods may have wanted it to happen but there are gods who can see future and there is one who even met MC and none of them tries to harm him.

    It’s a 8/10 novel. Good one. But if you don’t like such dense MC it will be 6 or 7. Well even I don’t like such MCs but sometimes it’s fun to see chaos among heroines because of a Dense MC not even trying to understand their true feelings until they attack him.

  2. Same trash with different name. Nothing unique about it

  3. Luis says:

    Top MC densos

  4. Ken Ken says:

    i didn’t have much expectation but in the end i enjoyed the story very much. at the beginning there so much cliche, yes he hide his power but circumtances force him to revealed his power to his friends, at first the mc want to follow the plot but ended up interfere and change the plot, overtime he stop caring about that and took active role in protecting academy.

    and yes he does have harem but he dense like neutron star but i feel this is suppossed to be comedic aspect that author tried to put but fail ??? i don’t really care about it since it only happen few times, i only focused on the stories and after 50+ it started to pick up the pace, the organization that want to destroy the continent frame mc for killing a prince from an empire since he the so called variable, so mc become fugitive and get chase by the empire untill one of the strongest swordmaster in empire fight him, the mc lose the fight and he fall in to the cliff and of course survived, sounds familiar ? fell’s like i am reading cultivation novel

    1. Ken Ken says:

      the mc is strong and have heaven defying talent but not OP where he overwhelmed his enemy, he struggle and improving himself while fighting

    2. Ken Ken says:

      The romance ? as i said the mc have harem but every heroine got their own screen time and their little arc so it’s doesn’t feel too forced, i guess ?? but this probably bias since saying i love harem would be an understatement for me. one of the anime that hook me to anime world (aside dragonball,naruto,onepiece,bleach,etc) was highschool dxd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. rob z rob z says:

    From the below reviews I gather:

    Dense MC (Insufferable, Legends Assemble, Komaru S, Kaniya)
    “Hide my powers” because “reasons” (Zzz)
    Must follow the plot of original story even if stupid to do so (Yuki, I Became the Regressor Academy’s …)

    So basically straight poison. Man, once then novelpia thing went down, the quality of the novels has declined precipitously.

  6. milky violet says:


    1. milky violet says:

      sorry, I’m waiting for sale on persona 3 reload. I’m not spending $112 no matter how good that game is. I love you Makoto but I mean, spring is a yearly thing y’know so I can just wait until it’s $40-70 (taxes included). I’ll just go play persona 3 portable, fes and persona 4 golden again 🥲

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Oh I got it for free. In the same way I get these novels for free. Currently on 36 hrs. I beat P5 with 150.

  7. Liberator says:

    This is good.

  8. An Extra who want to avoid the main plot.
    You already know what he’s gonna do.
    Yeah, complete opposite of that.

  9. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Decent but definitely a generic story with the epitome of dense gravity-level MC.

  10. Extra Extra says:

    Another good read.

    Looking forward to more updates.

  11. amogustimestwo says:

    I stopped at ch 2 then came back bc of the reviews. After reading to 50 it’s actually pretty good bc it shows the MCs goals and he breaks the cliche of “variables” although sometimes I think like, “thats obvious bro?”. Overall its still a pretty good novel so far although there’s only 50 chs

  12. Zzz says:

    In short dense but op mc, not revealing his powers
    Thats is what remained with me from 49 chapters
    Quite generic but readable
    I can see author tried to incorporete heroine pov’s but it is not well executed. Still readable as a side dish

  13. H Finn H Finn says:

    Not a bad start, as far as generic academy harems go.

  14. This is good.. Initially it was a *little* frustrating but after few chapters it gets very interesting. Though it follows generic troupe, MC is cool and calm not being flustered by beauties, though quite dense. Every heroine has appropriate screen time and development. There is some mystery and has good action scenes.

    Overall I would give a solid 8.5/10

    1. His childhood friend does not get proper plot, but it is hinted that even she has feelings, she might get her content at a later point.

    2. flo says:

      dense mc? no ty

  15. IME says:

    kewk if you’re reading this without any logical thinking, it’s decent read


    1. IME says:

      hmm but what logical thoughts did I write, silly me, never mind

      this is good to read.

      1. Do says:

        Bro changed his mind in 8 minutes, must have been the post-nut clarity hitting

  16. Fff says:

    Guys its a bit good since the mc is a munchkin/op protagonist although the story is kinda slow & keep roundbout

  17. Jahe Manis says:

    I agree that his childhood friend (girl in cover) lacks exposure. We know that from the MC’s point of view, the novel’s plot still revolves around her. So the original plot is his childhood friend as main character and 2 ML compete to win her affection. She still has 2 ML who are obsessed with her. MC also has his harem, 3 FML is obsessed with him. Ironically her childhood was the most normal. All FMLs who compete with each other do not take into account his childhood as rivals to win the MC. If I were a writer, I would make all ML and FML yandere lose, and pair childhood friend and MC instead, screw all yandere fans.

  18. Luis says:

    Cambien la clasificación de 9 a 8, es un insulto a las novelas que realmente tienen esa clasificación.

  19. Insufferable says:

    Holy fu**in sh**ty fu*k. This is some hot glarin dumpster fire.

    I admit, it’s fine. Its really fine. You can read it all the same and enjoy it properly. But holy heck the plotholes in this sh*t is as intolerable as the mc.

    First, the mc. He is such an idiotic master of denseness. His goals are so artificial not because it’s a bad goal, but because it’s not prtrayed enough for us to care. He is as personable and memorable as a piece of stale bread that you’d be disgusted enough to even think of wasting peanut butter on. He is an indecisive, dense, cardboard. His name isn’t even mentioned enough in the novel that I already forgot.

    Then, the narrative and plotholes. First, the pacing is garbled and in some cases, ineligible. Probably a month or two passed by in two chapters without anything happening. The mc’s childhood friend is not mentioned nor given enough exposition for us to even give a single ounce of sh*t for. The relationship between her and the mc is childhood friend but is left as vague as the time you had your first zaza, why is he friends with a noble? Why is the father and knight so condescending wuth hin demanding he watch over her like a servant? Wait, is he actually a servant? News flash we know jacksh*t.

    Another heroine is trapped in a berserk dungeon, mc rushes in to save her. The FRICKIN PROFESSOR THAT INCOMPETENT PIECE OF FECES just waits by the entrance all worried that the mc rushes in. Not even entertaining the idea of a rescue operation. Nah, he just waits and randomly decides their dead and suddenly is portrayed as some awesome inspirational mentor that smiles proudly at the bloody mc carrying an injured student that was left behind. And it happens again! Second time with a heros daughter! Why the heck do you all just watch outside? You let the mc rush in again and when they take too kuch time they decide their dead. Again!. What the hell were you even doing outside just watching if time was that important that staying too long means they’re dead? Fu*k that professor man. Fu*k that stupid academy that doesnt even have restraining powers against foreigh influences.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Did I also forget to mention the sheer lack of exposition? Yeah, let’s not go down that hile my head is hurting enough as it is.

  20. Kaniya says:

    2+2=4 …..3+1=4 …. that’s summary of those novels

    ….Dense MC

    1. Feng says:

      2+2 is 4
      4 letter in chinese~

  21. Fff says:

    Fkc why always like this, atleast upload some action fantasy or martial art novel im very thirsty now

  22. Yuki says:

    Again, we have to deal with this cliché “I can’t eat this apple because if I do that, the plot will be ruined and destroy the world.” That cliche would be great if executed well, but I see many fail. The most I disliked, if the author is hypocritical and explicitly writes the opposite from that cliche rather than implicitly.
    MC: Ah, I’m extra of extra, not even appear in main story, better not get involved with FML. (Involve with FML and become her childhood friend)
    MC: Ok, I will not just enter academy that main story takes place. I just commoner without money (Agree with FML’s request to enter academy and FML families pay school fees).
    MC: Ok, I will push away FML to original MC (Bro obviously she likes you and you already destroyed main plot)

    1. Cero says:

      Warlock 😳

      1. Daver55 says:

        True hero class of WoW.

  23. How is female lead’s childhood friend non existant in the novel?

    1. Anyways. Diving because it is a 9. Not 8.8. That 0.2 changes the quality way too much in this site.

      1. Cero says:

        In fact, most of 8.8 are just noble spam

        1. Well at least they are diligent about the schedule. It is understandable we have filler novels for time spending lol

          1. Cero says:

            Now, all i’m saying is that you shouldn’t take 8.8 as a measure of quality

  24. Cero says:

    Oh, childhood friend of the female lead again 😯

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