Extra Pushover Trains the Bad Girls
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Extra Pushover Trains the Bad Girls

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엑스트라 호구는 악녀들을 조교 합니다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Extra Pushover Trains the Bad Girls

Extra Pushover Trains the Bad Girls mtl

Somehow, I was possessed as a rich hukou Sangdanju who was used by the villain in the novel and then killed together.
But there’s no way. He immediately covered the back of the wicked woman’s head. The only thing left now is to enjoy life in this world steadily while investing and extracting profits using spoilers as a basis. But why.. The more I go, the more the villains I captured seem to cling to me too much?

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  1. novel reviewer says:

    Smut: 8, 13, 25, 42, 99, 157

    1. ACYNED says:

      Legend. thanks for the help!

  2. Kacb says:

    I was also disappointed after reading 8 chapter

  3. says:

    //note to self don’t read this
    //It have a prostitute as love interest

  4. Stop reading at c21, its not my type

  5. K 🇻🇳 says:

    Thanks @Blue Shadow for in-depth review, I would try it

  6. Blue Shadow says:

    Well, its very good in my opinion.

    First about the MC is smart, cunning, and still kind, MC will do things as long its benefits him like taking the villainess he show a cruel person to point he blackmail, r@pe them and then end up with taming them.

    Second is about his personality well in the beginning of the story he cruel to the villainess, he do that so they can’t do mass destruction also for his survival so he taking them under his wings and in the mid of the story MC personality began to change he show compassion, kindness and love to the villainess, not only him change the woman also change. Although they hate him for what he did, but eventually they back to him. So basically his personality from earth still there.

    Third MC is a merchant so everything that profit him he will do it, he also build his business with trust thats why he start to love the villainess.

    Fourth Romance MC here have 3 woman so its HAREM, First wife, The busty Milf merchant, second wife, is his sword as well his guard, Third wife is his ex fiancee that come to love him with all she has

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      mass destruction?

  7. CP says:

    Warning : novel 18+

  8. Misib says:

    Come to the dark side, white, come…
    Ok jokes aside i dont really see this as a dark, but more realistic at least.

    1-Girl fiance the rped girl(she isnt a good person).

    2-Girl she is a beauty and is poor, ofc people get her body.

    3-Girl she is widow.
    (Ilust is her )

    Read up to 10-11 a nice novel for now.

  9. White says:

    Misib that’s what I like I always read pure romance that I need to something to derail my mind a little bit

  10. Q D Q D says:

    bruh, admin should add “dark” genre

  11. Misib says:

    Only read up to 3-4 chapters so, an early review:
    Dark fantasy novel, protagonist father was killed by a bad guy so was his mother, then his sibling didnt accept it and killed himself while the people who destroyed his life didnt get punished, so he transmigrated as an extra into a dark fantasy novel, punish the villain as a sx slave(so yeah rpe), not your usual happy going novel, protagonist probably gonna treat female villains as toys.

  12. Blanc says:

    Same taste

  13. Q D Q D says:

    I came here for S-M training ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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