How To Use Regressors
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How To Use Regressors

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How To Use Regressors

I woke up to find myself not at home, but in a strange place.
And a tutorial? Get a job, arm yourself with weapons, and fight monsters?

In such a crisis, a woman appeared and saved me.
Doubting what I saw, I checked her status window. What? A returner?

“Um… are you alright?”

But strangely, she’s friendly towards me.

There’s only one thought in my head.

‘I have to… take advantage of this.’

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  1. Rader says:

    By reading it you will wonder why you are not reading or seeing comic of Regressor Instruction Manual. But as you read it further you will see that this novel is kind of an improvement and lighter version of RIM. Here MC is not blackened man who is like a Devil but a Smart man with Sadistic streak.

    He is willing to give up on an injured if it means saving him but if that injured is his team and friends he will consider smartly and even take the hit as he reached the conclusion that his team member getting damaged will be even worse for him who is not talented. MC is average person, better than RIM MC but he is surrounded by Top Talents which make him looks worse than average.

    Overall RIM protagonist was a person who could unleash hell in heaven if it means that he will get some benefits. This MC may also unleash such hell but will do it for himself and his team in front. And if this means that he will die or sacrifice for them he will do it, which happened in first round leading to obsessed Regressor as MC maybe had two option, him going back or her going back, he decided to let her have it because she was more talented and he knew that he will act properly in front of her after reading the stats page of Regressor. Not a bad novel per se, but it is kinda retell of RIM which looks strange.

    1. Bronya's armpits licker says:

      RIM Also do the same tho, RIM mc never abandon his teammate, the reason why he blackened in first round is because one of his teammate die to begin with. But you are right about the difference, RIM is more extreme.
      Definitely reccomend to people that hasn’t read Regressor instruction manual yet.
      For me its really like copy of RIM with more cheap harem so i don’t really enjoy it so much.

  2. amogustimestwo says:

    Sort of like Grimgar

  3. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Definitely reads like regressor instruction manual

  4. Our regressor can’t be this cute!!

    Awww, I like female regressors that come back because the mc died from like something, how fufufu

    1. Anyways yeah it’s kinda like regressor instruction manual, but better.

      Idk maybe it’s because the regressor is such a cutie- and etc etc I think it’s decent. Kinda like regressor instruction manual but without the annoying yandere hayun yet (if that was her name)

      1. RealEason says:

        hayan. I kinda like RIM better just because kiyoung himself is an asshole

  5. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    Storyline, plot, char everything is nearly identical to the manwhua “Regressor instruction manual” or its novel counterpart.

    A weak but intelligent MC who one day woke up into another world, need to survive and encounter a regressor, do everything to curry favor and board his bus. A tank char, a timid girl with strong aptitude toward element, a Survivor camp in the middle of the test, an instruction camp after completing the tutorial, getting recruited, a strong noona interested by MC wit etc…

    Either way, the novel could be cool to pass time since it’s still a bit different from the one I mentioned earlier, I hope it’ll become more and more different and not smthg very alike.

  6. Phosphorus says:

    The synopsis sounds like an exact copy of one of the greatest novels I’ve read, “regressor instruction manual”. I recommend you read that one instead, especially now that it has also been adapted to manhwa.

  7. I love white hair but I will make an exception because she is a regressor

  8. It is an ok read… It mostly focuses on how MC uses his brain and system to survive. He is pathetically weak, with absolutely no trait that makes him stand out, even a little.
    You get to read lot of struggle on how how MC uses his wits and situation to survive.

    All in all, it follows a *People are summoned to Tower* troupe to level up.

    1. But such weak MC is not sitting me well. 😅😅

      1. Mostly korean novel, mc is op

        1. There are only two works I have seen and read which had *Really* OP MC and the work was really good to read. Have any other works in mind similar to these,
          1. The Unemployed Demon King
          2. One-Punch Man

  9. amogustimestwo says:


  10. Bronya's armpits licker says:

    Is he lee kiyoung lost cousin?

    1. k says:

      Is that the mc of Reregressor user manual

    2. Lol, I also thought so. I even wikied to search for younger brother.🤣

  11. D1Grandmaster says:

    Zzzz Weak Mc so he is forced to rely on other people

  12. This novel gives different vibe…

  13. Cero says:

    The trope of seeing status windows is one of my favorites.

  14. Reiiii says:

    I have high Hope for this😃

  15. crow raven crow raven says:

    my guess is similar to blind swordman

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      with fl being regressor and obsesed with main character

      1. Big Blackclock says:

        No obsession or yandere tag, so it’s definitely different from blind swordsman where she didn’t do anything bad to mc… But can’t trust tags in this site.

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