I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years
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I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years

Read full chapter I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years, Light Novel I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years english, LN I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years, I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years Online, read I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years at Noble Machine translations.
10년 방치된 가챠 게임에 들어왔다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Entered a Gacha Game That Had Been Abandoned for 10 Years

I entered a beautiful girl gacha game that had been neglected for 10 years.

But, the condition of the heroes I raised is strange

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. amogustimestwo says:

    It was an okay novel. Not amazing and definitely rushed towards the end…. at most I’d give it a 6/10.
    – It never explains why Loria turned evil or whatever. Or more like it never explained why she was good. Felt like the author just wanted another harem member. She wanted to be whole or something, but it never expands on that. She’s just suddenly good and apparently, she was good before and turned evil.

    – They have this huge exposition dump that explains why MC came to this other world, the connection of the game to the other world, Loria, etc. I know many novels have this thing, but I really hate it. It’s just so boring.

    – This is not something I really mind, as I kind of expect this, but all the characters have pretty much the same personality where they love MC a ton. Their personalities are very simple. Elena is a gambler knight who loves MC. Adria actually wasn’t too bad. Shandra is a Magic Tower person(?), who loves MC + calls him daddy. Melinda is a wolf girl who loves MC, etc. Actually, it was surprising in the beginning this wasn’t too much of an issue. But eventually -probably due to the author’s inexperience- I couldn’t remember everyone’s traits and names, all of them acting too similarly. By the way, the MC just sucks in general. I completely expected this. At first, he is the “dense MC” then he converts to ” ‘Sigma’ MC” (pretty much where accepts all the girls. Maybe it was alpha actually?). But I don’t really care about him, and he follows the cookie-cutter MC templates (he uses both eventually), which I mean honestly everyone expected.

    – Minor issue but the author says “Hyun Kim-woo will die in 2 days.”, then does nothing with it. Rien says nothing about it, which if she had she could’ve patched it up and even though I’d be slightly annoyed, it’ve been better than it is now. I am still thinking about it. The author also could’ve killed him then brought him back to life. He could’ve done something with it. If nothing else, he could’ve erased or replaced that line or even the scene… The main problem is the author doesn’t expand on the line.

    So, this all leads into the why this deserves a 6/10 at most. There are many other reasons that I just don’t want to list but I mean this just doesn’t feel as great as everyone else is saying. It’s still a decent read but it’s somewhat average, maybe a bit higher, at least in my opinion.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I won’t get isekai’d, it’s only 1939 characters lol.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Oh yeah I hope that one novel gets updated… I Gave Up On The Conquered Heroines or something.

        1. That was very good ngl, I don’t know why it was never updated and it was popular too

  3. the ending is kinda rushed, but still a good read.

  4. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Although story was rushed everyone was just explaining why it happened but the way they execute the ending was superb made me cry a bit

  5. milky violet says:

    Weak ending 😞😞😞

    It tried to be intelligent and big at the end but it doesn’t work out since there wasn’t enough tension and the world wasn’t developed enough.

    There’s too many last minute introductions and new things for it to be a good ending, I mean it’s a happy ever after ending but I mean it’s not an ending that fits.

    1. milky violet says:

      Oh I remember the word for it. Rushed. The ending felt rushed. The author even acknowledged this…

      Feel like the r-18 scenes shouldn’t have been so soon, it should’ve been later and then Author would have room to maneuver the romance plot and intrigue plot. Author locked himself into rushing the ending when he wrote the first drying session. Hmm actually, I feel like he locked himself into that route when the ring had a time limit, cause then you’d have to write a marriage ending soon cause there’s a time limit.

      What should’ve happened is, MC buys ring and everyone acknowledges that and spend a lot of time vying for marry supremacy, but not too a crazy extent since MC can just be like “I plan not to use it right now” and because there’s no time limit, you can procrastinate on that plot point for a while.

      Then introduce your other plot points which would extend the story length but also make the ending a lot better cause more stuff is explained and more characters explored.

  6. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    man i hate it when i find a good novel only for the author to introduce the shadow sect or whatever boring ahh secret orginization

  7. Asalty 1 Asalty 1 says:

    An update we are eating good tonight, praide noble nim

  8. milky violet says:

    I have prom on Saturday and I still haven’t gotten an outfit 😞

    I’m going to procrastinate on it…

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      tbh kinda surprised your going. no offense ofc lol

      1. milky violet says:

        it’s alright, online I’m devious 👹 but I’m fairly normal offline 🫣🫣

        1. IME says:

          prom is haram

  9. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    MC has become human at chp 146

  10. gege says:

    guys who’s loria again? i forgor

    1. milky violet says:

      system narrator

  11. milky violet says:

    nyahahahahahahhahahahahahagagagagagagahahahahahahahahahahah it updated hahahahahaahahahahaha

  12. 10 more chapters have already been uploaded, please update

  13. amogustimestwo says:

    tbh the MC is kinda boring. The main appeal are the FLs ig

    1. IME says:

      that’s the point when its “misunderstanding” tag.

      other see MC like he is a god
      but internally he is dumb, naive, luck 9999999

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        no, if you look at the eminence in shadow you can see what is, at least what I believe is, peak misunderstandings. I was just saying MC is average, just like any random person you see on the street.

        1. IME says:

          nah dude, you cant compare japanese and korean novel

      2. Suherman Joshua says:

        For me, the MC is unlikeable.

  14. Rinrin says:


  15. milky violet says:

    Hmmm I can’t believe I say the most weird stuff. However on the topic of tall ladies, I love tall ladies. Especially with long legs. My ideal would be like 7 ft tall, I want a giant so that my children will be born 5’6 and begin a YouTube channel and upload a video about ruining a famous movie scene!!

    1. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

      What do you want a son or a baby that is already 5.6ft???????? Or do you want him to be 5.6ft in like age 9 or 15 or something

      1. milky violet says:

        grammatical error, apologies.

        I will not elaborate on what I originally meant too.

  16. IME says:

    no way, I was ranting in the previous update and when I refreshed the site, one of my favorite novels was updated lmao

    thanks again Noble.

  17. IME says:

    YESSS thanks for the update NOBLE-SAMA.

  18. amogustimestwo says:


  19. Can anyone ask for an update please?

  20. RizVN RizVN says:

    I have read up to ch 80.
    The female characters are fun and probably are the main reason I continue to read.
    Despite being tagged as a regret novel, they are not annoying, and the author also does not linger on their past too much. Which is good.
    MC is forgettable. The good opinions towards MC feel excessive and I usually gloss it over, but it can be fun if you like that kind of thing. MC’s territory building is not fun for me, but the pacing is fast so it’s readable.
    Overall, it’s a decent read. I’d rate it at 7/10. Most novels on this site don’t even reach 6/10, so this is quite high.

    1. Zzz says:

      agree with this review kingdom building is not really a theme i enjoy much. mc is lackluster. fls are good 6.5/10

  21. Prettyboy099 says:

    Um, got mixed feeling for this novel. I like the regret part although it’s pretty common. BUT the mc is useless. He is basically a living Plot Armor. If anyone read the novel they will understand that without the luck, mc wouldn’t be able to survive a day. Plot Armor leading misunderstanding is a bad combination.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I agree however I still like eminence in shadow

  22. Fun read. But I swear mc has no personality lol

    1. As much as I like this novel, I have to agree. He really has no potential impact on plot .

    2. No No No No says:

      I think a novel about a gacha isekai that has an MC with no personality is poetic.

  23. All Night says:

    Reds a regret tag.

    1. Ali Syed says:

      it just updated…

  24. milky violet says:

    hehehe no one will notice this comment until it is next updated so I will go on a tangent on tall ladies.

    ahhh I love tall ladies, I specifically want them to be a foot taller than me so they can pin me against the wall and I have to look up in terror. I am not a masochist, I absolutely hate pain inflicted on me. But perhaps I will make an exception white haired, tall———- etc etc authors should make more femdom novels, I like strong MCs but I would like the heroines to be stronger hehehe so that the MC will have to be on his toes.

    1. milky violet says:

      i would simply go kyaaa~ with a bloody nose like a stupid anime character if I were to be pinned down by a tall white haired character. I would marry them on the spot too~~~

      1. milky violet says:

        Hmm I meant pinned down as in “I have a misunderstanding that you did not bother to correct, so I will corner you so that you explain it” pinned down.

        None of that dubious stuff, Nuh uh I may be a pervert but too far.

        Wait that also means I am a dense character!!! I hate dense characters, it is not fun- nah it is fun to be dense. It is funny to see people frustrated with my lack of thoughts!!

        1. D1Grandmaster says:

          Hmmm interesting… Idk if I’ll trust another comment of yours again after this since it looks like this website has already poisoned you

          1. Poison Tester says:

            Nah, he had become poison itself

  25. rob z rob z says:

    This novel sucks @ss. The basic concept had promise (i.e., coming back to the game 10 years later, the regret aspect, rebuilding what was lost, etc.) And I kept waiting for it to start to develop the story and take off. But it doesn’t. There is essentially no plot. There is no character progression. It is literally like reading your nerd friend’s description of what he did in his gaming session the day before (of course commenting to himself how brilliant he is).

    And the MC is horrible. He has no social skills. He has no empathy. He has no character. And like Walter Peck from Ghostbusters, he has no d!ck – complete eunuch. He is the quintessential loser gamer otaku. To the extent there are any gags about him in the novel, they are lame AF (like his sh!tty character naming ability). And for him, the whole thing is just playing a game, and he treats and evaluates everyone like they are NPCs based on whether they are useful or not.

    1. Well I don’t know why you hate the mc so much but of course he will pay attention if not useful or not he is not obligated to take care of anyone not useful to him and about the name thing he was still young so he just put any name he didn’t know that the game will become real so you can’t blame him as for the regret part he even has no idea about what happened with them and why he didn’t accept the first hero back because of her reputation so there a lot of penalties that he can’t afford for the time being

    2. IME says:

      see? i found your negative comments again lmaooo

  26. Sephir says:

    thought it was a new novel with 340 followers in matter of hours, got hyped for nothing…

  27. IME says:

    yes thanks for the update, lets continue to enjoy this “regret” p000rn

  28. Sohyuna says:

    A fun kingdom building novel mixed with cute unsettling yandere girls? Yes please. Keep updating! Or else…

    1. are you kidding me. My two previous comments didn’t go through. I really want to commit devious acts against humanity now.

      1. long story short, it’s about stupid mobile game rise of kingdoms and how I hate it.

  29. Read 25 chapters, the premise was okay and execution was ok too… But couldn’t get myself to read more… It felt average and slow. There is obsession and lot of regret and guilt. It might get better later on, but for now, I have lost interest..

    Overall I would give 5/10.

  30. You can actually read this on novelpia for free at the moment, so you can go check the New update by yourself.

  31. Nos . Nos . says:

    Didn’t know that 1.7 mil for 50 chaps was a tag. They make a tag for anything nowadays huh.

  32. Please update this one when you can, very enjoyable

  33. IME says:

    yoo this is the hot one on novelpia.

    50 ch, nearly 2M views

    lets dive in.


    1. IME says:

      this is perfect.

      100000000000000/10 for me.

      now i know why this is so popular 🤣

      1. Hehe says:

        Fren , maybe we are same passion

  34. xxx xxx xxx xxx says:

    best part is the interactions with the old gacha heroes but there’s only less than a handful interactions within the first 50 chapters with them and the mc. its pretty average otherwise. I did skim through after reading first dozen chapters normal pace before losing interest in the other bits of the story and going speed.

  35. Big Blackclock says:

    On a scale of 1-10, how big is the “obsession” here?

    1. Sephir says:

      ch20, would say 3/10 not that obsessive more like longing and guilt

  36. Sephir says:

    9.5? I’ll try it

  37. milky violet says:

    It’s good, I don’t like steward type novels but it’s fun and the obsession 🤑🤑

    it’s slowly building but it’s there, but I’m pissed that they ended with a cliffhanger !!! I want to see more obsession!!!

  38. komaru says:

    oh this a popular one.

  39. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I’m up to date with this one in novelpia, it’s about a mc who played a video game where he had to develop a territory and defend it from monster attacks, for which he raised 1 star heroines (there is a star rating, going from 1 to 5) giving them what they wanted and taking them to 5 stars. There comes a time when he get tired of spending money on breeding them because yes, everything is paid and quite expensive. When he transmigrates to the game 10 years have passed and the territory is abandoned and in a deplorable state, all the heroines abandoned the place and the mc thinks that they hate him but surprise, it’s the opposite, the heroines regret and miss the mc to such an extent that one of them injures herself. I like the story but it is very slow because the mc concentrates on developing the territory with new one star heroines (there are reasons) while the yandere heroines lurk in the shadows looking for opportunities to ask for forgiveness

    1. Cero says:

      Como fanático de novelas de gestión, está supo atraparme.

      1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        esta bastante bien, aunque yo la leo por la obsesion y las yandere 🥵

        1. Egg123 says:


        2. Cero says:

          Por el momento solo hay obsesión, las chicas se neutralizan entre si Mientras el Mc va a su bola con su terreno jajajaja

  40. Arlos says:

    Getting Doki Doki feel from this

    1. Luckyzero says:

      Nah, there are too many monica here

  41. Isn’t it the highest rating after Academy Demon Limited Hunter?

  42. Hated Author KR says:

    I knew noble would take a limited-rank novel…

  43. Imma gonna trust popular work and go in blind

  44. Just read few chapter of this in novelpia

    1. Luckyzero says:

      Is this good?

      1. I only read around 3 chapter, but its quite good. Its popular work after all

      2. Cero says:

        I read it, it’s good. I recommend It to you.

  45. Luckyzero says:


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