After Saving the Villains, They Became Obsessed With Me
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After Saving the Villains, They Became Obsessed With Me

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악역들 구해줬더니 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis After Saving the Villains, They Became Obsessed With Me

why are you obsessed with me


There is a build-up.

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  1. milky violet says:

    Just watched the opening of Violet Evergarden again and I just reminded myself that people are just people. There’s so many bright minds, bonds and relations out there that it just stuns me. It’s beautiful… and we wage wars- nope if I continue it’ll sound like the ramblings of a hero turned villain and I HATE playing villains turned good guys. I don’t want to be looked upon 40 years from now and have stupid edits explaining why I was a good man, NO I BUILT THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR A CRUEL REASON AND IM WELL AWARE AT HOW AWFUL IT WAS BOY. I am not ashamed to admit I used the tired broken hands of my people to enact my own hubris and agenda. Do not call me good or neutral in the history books, I willingly used my people to cause destruction in the world and I am not afraid of being rightfully shamed for it.

    “herrrr derrr you see Milk K. de Violet was actually just severely misunderstood, he wanted to create a world of pea-“ shut yo 🐶 ah up 😹😹 if I wanted to create a world of peace I wouldn’t have chosen war to do it.

    “erhmmmw you see war was actually the fastest way to achieve pea-“ you can not rush a saplings growth, you can add fertilizer and water it every day yet it will still take months and years to grow into a mighty tree. Some wisdom stuff right here like “It is not my place to build the world of peace, it is my descendants. All I shall do is grow the roots that the mighty tree shall grow with. Peace through war is an unsteady peace, who’s roots have grown too shallow in the dirt and shall tip at the mildest of winds, an unsteady unsightly process and way to achieve it.”

    Yes but anyways if I continued what I was going to originally said, I would sound like Lelouch or something. Bad guy!!!

    1. milky violet says:

      Me: I could never conquer the world, I’m a pacifist, peace lover!!!

      White hair: if you conquer the world I’ll let you lick my hair or something

      Me asf: 💀💀🔥😈🗿🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🤴🛩🛩🗺

      Don’t worry guys, when I run for presidency you can totally trust me. I WILL not use the wide arsenal of weapons we have against the world I swear! Anyways what’s that?! 6/18??!

      1. Pure Candy says:

        Wow mate. ı lost my words

      2. 🚪 says:

        Bro what happened 😭😭💀💀

      3. Man, if you were running for president, I would vote for you simply because if you won, I would know for sure that the president and I share common views. Views on the superiority of white-haired girls.

  2. K says:

    The start was good but it get boring pretty quickly. And this maybe only on me but every character name in the novel has similiar name, there at least 5 Lee in this.
    Cmon even Vietnamese doesnt have this much Nguyen.

  3. Common Bandit says:

    Good but not for everyone. 7/10

    This is just like Fated To Be Loved by Villains, where the MC is surrounded by yanderes and has to keep their mood in check, otherwise the world is ruined. However, the MC is a pushover who lets these thots get away with anything, even r*pe.

  4. D220 says:

    It is an interesting story. It has good reviews. I enjoyed it a lot too. I recommend. It is a romance, Yandere, harem. However, as far as I have read (28) its type (harem) is not annoying. It has many interesting and humorous parts that you can enjoy. I became a fan of Nari SEO 🙂

  5. Caïssa says:

    This one got good reviews imma try it, wish me luck 🤞

  6. Lku says:

    It’s good👍

  7. rrobz says:

    Phil has a great summary above, and his comments are still accurate as of Chapter 50. Just a couple further notes:

    (1) This is definitely a yandere novel – MC has to balance some crazy FMCs. It is similar in concept to “It is Fate to be Loved by the Villains” – i.e. the MC has to keep all the FMC’s happiness meters above a certain level or its game over.

    (2) The ability to select all of these various powers from his past lives ends up being pretty OP; each of his prior lives appear to have some degree of exceptionalism to them, including assassin, undefeatable monster, etc.

    (3) It is actually a pretty fun novel so far. I am looking forward to the next uploads.

    (4) My one concern is that this will obviously be a harem novel, and I just hope it doesn’t turn into the MC being a eunuch because he doesn’t want to pick and individual FMC.

  8. Luckyzero says:

    Guys It’s weird….

    Inside my mind whenever I see a short synopsis I’m starting to build a conspiracy theory that there might be charge for every letter in order to write a synopsis in every Korean novel posting sites or apps….

  9. DoorKun says:

    This is weird, I see Academy tag without any mention of MC being a Janitor

  10. Blue Shadow says:

    Well oke, the MC is dense, he has all that kiss mark on his body but he doesn’t know who would do that!! And he only has 2 woman friend and male friend (there’s no gay here)
    Well anyway beside that MC transmigrate to novel world for the first time he comment, he got taken by system and the live for 10 live in there with 10 differents possesion, like every live has different body, so he train every live. In the 10 live the system take him to the ending of villain, and mc taking care her make her in love with him without him know that.
    And that system kill him again, and regress to the past, so he who want to make the villainess happy so he go to her, be friend, protect her. Not only her there already 2 person clingy to him because he want make villaines happy.

    And the villainess, who has disability, got bullied, outcast and here come the MC who save her from that dark world, became her light, her only friend etc basically a savior, but who would guess that she in love with MC, (not mc duh) and thinks after all that MC think why do you like me type stuff or ‘ i didn’t know that the relationship will lead to this’

    And honestly im more curious about his previous live before the tenth, especially the fourth live of his

  11. Extra Extra says:

    Please be good.

  12. Too bad I don’t know how to format so it came out as a wall of text

  13. Ah, I read this up to chapter 34 a bit ago so my memory is a bit vague.

    From what I remember the MC gets transported into a novel he was reading after leaving a comment on why the villains couldn’t have happy ends or something. Anyways, it starts off with the MC going onto explain that he regressed 10 different times and in the 10th life he meets the only living villain who was left alive, but his 10th life he was a guard at what is basically like Alcatraz and she is an inmate. He gets close to her and she starts to open up her heart to him a bit because of how nice he treats her, and then becomes infatuated only for him to be killed by another inmate. However, before he died he managed to get complete the hidden condition which gives him the quest to regress back to when the villainess were attending the academy and was given the quest to get them a happy end or be forever stuck in the novel.

    I’m a bit confused on this part, but from my understanding in each regression he lived as a different person and thus lead a different life each time along with having different abilities. I bring this up because in this 11th life he has the ability to copy the ability from his previous regression by a certain % after drinking a potion the system rewards him with from time to time.

    Honestly, I was expecting MC to be a wuss going from how he died in the 10th life but he has no qualms killing people. Early on when the first villainess is being bullied he basically takes the dude out back and stabs him repeatedly with a pen lol. As far as the villainesses he has to save there were only 3 who have shown up so far as of chapter 34 but I don’t remember hating them at least.

  14. no what is it with this synopsis? can’t these authors manage to write a coherent paragraph or do they have some phobia

  15. kaey says:

    the title is longer than synopsis

  16. Putu says:

    they ran out of words for the title and synopsis

  17. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Please Vajra above me. Tell us if the 5982747th obsession novel in this website with the plot being “I saved the XXX and they got obsessed with me” is good enough to be read or not.

    Because I dont trust the plot synopsis with that yee yee ass
    ” why are you obsessed with me
    There is a build up” youtube kids looking writing

  18. Abs says:

    My friends I will test this for you, amitabha 📿🙏🏼

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