I Became an Academy Overpowered Instructor
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I Became an Academy Overpowered Instructor

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아카데미 먼치킨 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Academy Overpowered Instructor

I grow while teaching students.
If so, the knowledge that only the reader knows.
What will happen if we apply the secrets of mana, monster biology, new medical knowledge, ancient ruins, etc. to education?

“……If I do well, I will become a Munchkin.”

ps: Munchkin means Marry Sue character without it being the avatar of the writer – a character who are just unrealistically powerful to the point that it does not make sense. They erase all predicament because THEY ARE SO STRONG.

Stole the meaning from reddit

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  1. I thank @Renn _, @kk77 and @Blue Shadow for apparently helping me dodge a nuclear bomb. I pray for the injuries you got from the poison testing to be healed soon.

  2. Nightune says:

    Please Live well……..I think you two doesn’t tried poison testing You two suffered hell tasting…..

  3. Frustrating. You probably came here for the overpowered character on the title but instead you will get a sealed “overpowered” character whom always look down by the others including his own disciples let alone the other teachers / instructors because he got nerfed. So what’s the point of the “overpowered” instructor on the title there if the MC is actually weak and casually just let the others looking down upon him and being a beta? Does that sound make sense to you? Nope. Not at all. And also, There are no rich and tasteful thickness of the plotline, therefore the plot feels subtle, boring, and bland. The main character seems, talks, breathes, and walks like a half-hypocritical yes-man beta. I am terribly afraid to say this to my dear comrades whom I adore, but this novel disgracefully tastes awful for me. Oh my god, the author even dare to dropped this novel (source : novelpia). I almost dead after testing this poison. I am honored and feel glad to still remain alive so I can write the result of my investigation on this novel for you, my dear readers. I hope I can cherish and respect my life more after facing this obstacle by testing a new poison. And I deeply apologize if it doesn’t sound like a review, but for insignificant awful novel whom got dropped by the author itself, I think this review is worth for it.

  4. Deathrattle says:

    Thanks for poison testing @kk77. I hate this kind of mc’s. It’s OK with weak but at least u need to have self respect. Most Korean protagonist have this charecter compared to chinese Mc who don’t tolerate insults.

  5. Blue22 says:

    Well said

  6. kk77 says:

    ok forget reviews im just mad. this is so far removed from what comes to mind when you mention OP munchkin protag. he’s supposed to be the strongest person- but forget the intimidation and class of the powerful, this guy doesnt even hold to the dignity of a normal teacher, never mind a battle academy instructor. the teaching assistant of third rate teacher in a fourth rate school for delinquents prob gets more respect than this guy. he’s quivering in front of his own disciple, his students casually disrespect and insult him on the regular, and he’s bending over backwards just convincing them to follow basic instructions. yea ok he doesnt have any powers, people dont know or believe his reputation blah blah, but even the ones who know he’s supposed to be op constantly treat him like he’s weak and incompetent. he even says he needs to act strong and gives a whole speech about being strict and serious then immediately starts buttering up the whole class from then on. there’s no way the other average instructors get treated like this there wouldn’t be any classes ever. see it makes sense when u have everyone treat a weak mc like an idiot but then secretly he was op the entire time, or maybe treat mc like he’s op but secretly he was weak and faking the entire time, but whats the appeal in having everyone treat an op mc like a weak idiot while knowing he’s op but he actually really is a weak idiot it doesn make any sense AHHHH the more i type the more annoyed i get i cant read any more of this someone tell me it gets way better

  7. Aria says:

    is it good?? any poison testers out there??

  8. Blue Shadow says:

    Well this is not my cup of tea, (SPOILER) This is the bad side of novel.

    First about the MC is suddenly posses the strongest person in the novel but all his ability is locked for some reason, and in order to unlock he need point basically like other system where u buy skill and this has gacha. Idk about MC getting the original body’s memories or not, but imo hes not getting any memories, so basically non exprience person posses the strongest sealed body. But he can fight someone like cadet who been training.

    Second about his character well idk honestly he just chill accepting everything as normal, like about his friend who send him to another world, he just accept that

    Third MC is the instructor right, he just using the knowledge from his the novel he read, its from Novel Extra which Kim Hajin tell Nayun to change from sword to bow.

    The good side of novel well its enjoyable from some people who like this kind novel (not me) the system is good, well the rest you can read yourself

  9. kk77 says:

    ok no seriously who is actually writing these synopses

  10. CP says:

    add How to live as a writer in Moorim pls

  11. Hello, my dear comrades. It is a great pleasure to meet you here. I hope all things are going well for you and your family. I saw this new coming novel uploaded on our noble site, thus I came to investigate for further research and review for all of us here. I am called Renn and I am here as your fellow readers as well as a poison tester. So, cheer up, my dear, I will take a good care of it for you. Wish me luck.

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    No obsession or yandere Huh!
    I hope admin not sick

  13. If I don’t come back, then this is trash.

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