Grave Keeper of the Fallen Kingdom
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Grave Keeper of the Fallen Kingdom

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멸망한 왕국의 묘지기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Grave Keeper of the Fallen Kingdom

‘Decaine’ is a graveyard where heroes who saved the continent from demons are sleeping.
Hundreds of years pass by, and the heroes’ achievements fade and their traces gradually disappear.

In the end, the kingdom is destroyed due to the re-invasion of the demons, and the only grave keeper who honors the heroes dies.

When I opened my eyes, I returned to the time when I became a gravekeeper before the kingdom was destroyed.

[The job is selected as [Grave Keeper].]
[Acquire 「Cat Eye」.]
[Acquire 「Spirit」.]

I began to see the spirits of the graveyard in my eyes.

[Do you want to decree?]

And it became possible to borrow the power of the souls.

“Is this Decane?”
“Are you the gravekeeper?”
“I am the descendant of this hero.”

The prince of the kingdom, high-ranking nobles, the divinity of the continent, the mercenary king, even the descendants of heroes… … .
The strong people of the continent who keep coming to Decane.

“When did you forget, and why do you come looking for me like this?”

The gravekeeper of the fallen kingdom struggles to protect the kingdom today.

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  1. I read it to the 210 chapter and am definitely waiting for more , this novel is worth the read , it is slow in the beginning and later really picked the pace . It is a hidden gem and I have read it in one go and mc definitely shows emotional growth and the series picks it pace after 90 chapters .

  2. I read till 110 chapters and it’s an interesting story and the there misunderstanding plus system a little like the academy weakest become the demon limited hunter ( only a little ); the main character also shows development and is timid at first but it gets better , it’s slow start at first but definitely picks pace and it’s definitely worth the read

  3. amogustimestwo says:

    For some reason my discord isn’t working but rn my update list is:
    – became the academy romantic phantom thief
    – I became a swordsmanship instructor in romance fantasy
    – I’m not a Hero Like You
    There are some other random good ones too tho. I hope the good ones get updated soon… But anyways the first and last novels are really good to me at least if anyone’s looking for something to read.

  4. Jjoell12 says:

    Esperando la actualización 👀

  5. What says:

    Is no one going to comment how theres an actual lengthy synopsis!?!?!?

    Even if its trash…

    Its a miracle!!!

  6. DragonSlayer1355 says:

    I wouldn’t recommend the series, the MC is continuously stepped on and at some point, it just becomes unbearable and annoying. I don’t like his cowardly personality at all, it feels so bad to see him continuously mocked or looked down upon and still decides to interact/help those people(and I know his background and all of that, but that is not a reason to have so many such scenes, I think that there should be a balance between such scenes and satisfaction and I don’t that there is ), it just is soo annoying.

    1. Damn thanks for the review, that sounds like exactly what I hate and I would’ve most likely broke some stuff out of anger while reading those scenes and how pathetic the Mc is

  7. OnlyTruth says:

    ANYWAY it is trash according to criteria mentioned uppward

  8. OnlyTruth says:

    It is not op but very much nerfed because of his personality and job i think what can i say
    Anyway it is not so good in my opinion because if you like brave outside timid inside mc then read it and then you should not
    And it not op at all because of Mcs circumstances
    In my opinion if authors want to add system or status window in atleast keep Mc a little bit op and i think it shouldn’t disturb story much like Reincarnated assassin as swordsman genius

  9. Kim Party says:

    [30 chapters] The description summarizes the beginning of the work well so I’ll skip it. Mc returns, gains a system that allows him to see ghosts that gives him quests with rewards for completing (Kinda similar to the Academy Necromancer). The system is very op because it allows him to learn the teachings of the ghosts and be “possessed” by them. The backstory is not very interesting, mc is an illegitimate noble who suffered along with his mother and sister and ran away from the family with them. Today he is looking to be recognized for this reason he hides his strength (although he reveals himself at the first opportunity) There is not much tension, problems are quickly resolved, mc slowly grows faster with daily training efforts. Medium work but that gives to pass the time (for now 💀)

  10. OnlyTruth says:

    Interesting status window
    Lets see how good his status window is

  11. Kim Party says:

    Interesting description. I’ll try

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