I Became a Madman in the Game
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I Became a Madman in the Game

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게임 속 망나니가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Madman in the Game

The story of a man who became a god in a world that does not know God !

『I became an idiot in the game』

As the youngest son of the first swordsman who dominates the North Continent,
Richard, who took the prestige of his family and did crazy things,
one day, he completely changed!

[Hor (Richard)] [Least level deity]
– He is a newly born god.
– Gather followers and faith.

“God is with you.” Pay attention to the performance of Richard, the only god who writes a new myth

with the power of omnipotence that only he can use !

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  1. Miryuu says:

    I have read up to 100 chapters and, it’s disappointing I mean there are almost no surprises in this story. I will stop at chapter 103 thanks for translating

  2. haze says:

    Madman? but synopsis says the mc became a god/deity? No way… did the machine translates “god” as “madman”??? lmaoo

  3. benjaminov says:

    taste this poison
    good development, nice plot, I like the genre of being a god, in short it’s good

  4. I mean I read up to chapter 36. But I got to say its kind of disappointing. Its too similar to other novel where mc just becomes the best while going around the world. Maybe there is something good in it further in but I do not know. Pretty disappointing. Mc is god because he created that world.
    So like mc has to earn faith while going around saving people. So far it is known that everyone forgot about him except his daughter which is the world tree from elves. No romance so far.
    i might give this 7/10 but will keep on reading for a bit for a hope that this is different.

  5. Lion says:

    This is good novel i like it

  6. Miryuu says:

    i don’t need a poison tester for a novel like this,i hope mc does some crazy stuff.

    I will join hahaha

  7. This novel sounds right up my alley!

    I’m going in!

  8. I will gladly taste this poison. Got physics test tmr and have to study but f that. Gonna read this. wish me luck and pray God for me for the test and for this poison.

  9. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Poison tester?

  10. MAWE says:

    I became the god in the academy..

  11. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Ohohohoho faster than the chapters

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