The Doctor Cured the Villainess and Ran Away
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The Doctor Cured the Villainess and Ran Away

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주치의는 악녀를 고치고 도망쳤다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Doctor Cured the Villainess and Ran Away

I became the personal physician of the villainess who destroyed the world. When I ran away to survive, the reaction was strange.

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  1. Fjjfjdjdj says:

    Made it to chapter 30. This is an unbearably slow novel with very boring archs. Everything is written from that trashy perspective some novels get where the MC is a god among men preaching truth to an endless sea of terminally retarded villains…

    Only, the points he argues are pretty dumb. Like, he complained to the palace guards: “I am too important to follow security protocols while doing personal business in the castle that has nothing to do with my job! I am being discriminated against because of politics by having to write my name on a sign in sheet! This is inreasonable! Waah, I am too good for this”

    Also, the author wrote as though a royal physician should obviously be tested on their ability to heal a group of adventurers clearing a goblin cave. The few characters saying: “well, maybe we should test candidates in a way closer to the actual job they would do?” Were treated as imbeciles. Mc spewed some drivel about how “a royal physician needs to heal in amy circumstances!”, but the job is to heal a sickly princess who has no millitary position… and the author forced it so he could add a pointless arch.

    That arch was incredibly pointless… the mc already had a personal recruitment offer from the princess to begin with, and the princess can’t even be healed by priest spells which is all literally every other candidate was using. We are reminded of this when that fact is used to overturn the test results (because the stupid healers who believed in divine magic obviously couldn’t understand MC’s superior modern medicine skills). If that was going to be the conclhsion why did we have this 20 chapter arch of a test!?

  2. Zzz says:

    This is readable not best but still ok 6.5/10

  3. Luis says:

    La clasificación debería de ser al menos 9.0, me leí toda la novela sin aburrirme y eso es un gran mérito

  4. Jahe Manis says:

    Ah there are many similar novel like this and mostly shojou type novel. MC is female try to change future by heal the crown prince/duke/noble family successor. The he obsessed with MC, when MC runaway because of plot, ML protagonist do anything to known MC location, bla-bla-bla, he found her, they overcome misunderstanding and married then have kids, happy forever

    1. Su 183 says:

      I know what you mean and tbh i really dislike novels like this
      The story is not interesting and the progress is boring
      Not always but sometimes the relationship between FL and ML is extremely toxic 🤢
      But you must give this one a chance 🙏
      It’s really good

  5. Su 183 says:

    Short review: good at least read up to ch 22 before judging 🧐

    Long review: 👇👇👇 absolute chaos

  6. rob z rob z says:

    There were some pretty questionable comments below, so I guess I have to write a full review so folks get an actual sense of the story.

    MC is transported into some game / novel fantasy world – heroes, monsters, demon king, etc – where he takes possession over some fallen noble who is a healer. In some senses he is super powerful as a healer, and in other senses, not. Notably, he wanted to become a doctor in the real world, but was in an accident and it screwed up his nerves and he couldn’t afford to get it fixed.

    MC becomes part of / associated with the hero party to fight the demon king. However, he is also trapped in a loop of regressions, where the world continually ends and he dies (as I understand it, each regression lasts 30 days). The reason? The 3rd princess who becomes empress. She basically brings about the world’s end in all kinds of ways, over and over again. And MC dies in each one, no matter what he does. By the 101st ending, he basically doesn’t give much of a sh!t – he thinks he could have killed the demon king in that round, but the princess summoned a dragon army to wipe out the empire. (Yes, empress is pretty batsh!t crazy).

    As an aside, it seems like the empress wiped out his family and is the reason he is a fallen noble. Its seems he was her fiancee in the past, and apparently did something to piss her off in their first meeting (it had to do with yellow roses, but the details are irrelevant for this review).

    So in this regression, he ends up walking from the battlefield (after watching the hero die pathetically) to the castle and meets the empress, where she is gleeful about the world’s end. MC gets some wine from her, and thinks “it’s better to die drunk.” He then starts a regression, but it’s different this time. He gets a message saying that he has cleared all 101 bad endings, and now he can regress much further back. So he goes back 10 years in time, thinking he can fix everything. He gets some new skills (related to medicinal, not magical, healing, which were basically unknown at the time – think creating stuff like aspirin, penicillin, etc). He is told by the system this is his final life. The system also shows him that all 101 of the bad endings have a certain percentage chance of happening (many of which are very high), but he also sees for the first time there are some good endings that can happen (which have less than 1% chance of happening).

    So in this new life, he re-does his first meeting with the 3rd princess. And he immediately sees that events that significantly affect the princess’s mindset can increase or decrease the likelihood of particular endings. At one point, he was prepared to kill her (had a dagger in hand), but saw that certain bad endings went up to almost 100%, so he changed his mind – he instead used it to trim the yellow roses the princess was holding of thorns, which reduces several bad endings.

    As another aside, the princess has a curse and is continuously suffering (given to her by her mom, the empress, who is a total b!tch and abuses the princess). But the curse was designed to give her significant magically power, at a cost. As a result, though healing magic doesn’t work on her, medicine does. This leads the MC to becoming her personal physician. However, as part of the deal he makes her agree to a magical contract that if he does something really good, she will comply with this request he gave her in a letter that she is not allowed to see – which says she must let him go safely.

    The majority of the story from that point deals with the princess fighting with her mom, brothers and sisters for the throne, and MC trying to eliminate the bad ends.

    To the extent this novel falls into tropes, it is the “villainess is redeemable because the only reason she became a villainess is because she was abused / mistreated.” And of course this means the MC tries to fix things. MC is not a simp, but maybe a little dense.

    In short, it’s an OK story (as of the available chapters) – 6.5/10. Definitely better than some of the awful stuff that has been updated recently. Pacing is generally good, there is a bit of time spent on world building, and there is at least some character development.

    1. I got your point but we know that the mc will end up with her after she killed him 100 time and even destroyed his family for f!ucking flower I mean even I she was abused by her family that didn’t justify what she did like yeah she innocent it’s her family problem. That’s make no sense at all and yes now all the mc in Korean novels just simps who can’t talk normally in front of any girl like the Japanese manga from all the novels here we didn’t find any mc who is confident in himself

      1. The crime hasn’t been done yet (time regressed) nor does she have any intention to do so right now, so technically she IS innocent.

        Example : you read a novel in which a character is transformed into a monster by a villain and killing people. You are transported to that point in the novel with a 1 hit kill gun . Will you consider the character is evil and shoot both of the villain and the character, or shoot only the villain?

        If anyone is guilty ,it’s usually the possessed person, take over someone else’s life and act as if they own it.

        Yeah nobody like someone who kill him for 100 of times (even if it hasn’t happened yet) and there hasn’t been any sign of love for the MC, only fear of bad end. If he does end up with her , it’s depend on the author execution. Personally, I prefer yandere and resistance, so I hope he doesn’t fall in love with her easily.

        MC isn’t a simp. He talks to girls normally too?. What are you on about? Of course, he has to be careful with his words since she’s the one who could end the world.

        I don’t read much but there are some novel where mc is confident :
        Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint: MC literally trash talking the girl who is much stronger than him.
        regression is too much: doesn’t seem to have much interaction with girl to begin with.
        The woman found the will I wrote: super confident ,after all most of the girl is his dog.
        become a dark merchant in the academy: villain mc, go beyond simply talking to girls and manipulates them until they depend on him and admire him.
        Miss Holmes, the Professor Is Not a Villain: MC kills the girl’s parents.

        1. I didn’t read this one and in the comment that I replied on said that he already regressed 100 time that’s mean he already died in her han 100 time and I get the point that he had to be careful with her because he didn’t want to die but that doesn’t mean to be in love with the girl who killed you and destroyed your family because a f!ucking flowers and yo just mentioned 3 novels out of like a hundred and the regression to much he already a simp for the girl with the sword and cried to her how he didn’t want her to forget there conversation but that not point we discussed here I mean if what the comment say it’s true that he already died in her hands that many times it’s already a trash novel for me to end up with her and why he has to be careful what to talk to her because she will kill him like his family for som trash reasons that’s for me like he is a slave not a doctor to treat her in the first place anyway that’s my opinion you can dislike it after all it’s a matter of what a person like to read

          1. Yeah, I agree that he shouldn’t like someone who killed him 100 times easily.
            The part about the flower is regarding his attempt to kill her during their first meeting, which is why the bad end almost reach 100% (MC have a system that can predict % of a bad end happened).

            And what I mean is to be cautious, like a doctor treating a patient with mental illness. One wrong word won’t cause harm, but it could increase the risk of a negative outcome occurring in 10 years. (noted that this is the only 10 years regressed the other 100 is only 1 month ,maybe the original mc did something to her idk ).

            Regression is too much. I thought it was about someone who is the only one that he can share their painful regression with , no love, because there isn’t much interaction between them afterwards. Maybe I interpreted it wrongly?

            Actually, your wording made me think that you cannot find any novels (not at all) where the main character is confident. That why I named some, my bad.

    2. Thank you for the work o7

  7. Read 12 chapters. The entire raison d’être of MC is to simp over the princess. He doesn’t feel like a person who has experienced multiple regression. I am totally lost regarding his personality. How come he feels like a normal transmigrator rather than a regressor. And his simping is getting way too annoying.

    I will read few more chapters, and if his simping continues, then I will drop it.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I don’t know where to begin with this comment, but it is completely wrong on multiple levels.

      First, you clearly don’t know what a simp is. From Urban Dictionary: (1) “Someone who does way too much for a person they like”; (2) “A man who puts the hoes before the bros”; or (3) ” it means a guy that is overly desperate for women, especially if she is a bad person, or has expressed her disinterest in him whom which he continues to obsess over. They’re usually just virgins that will accept coochie from anyone regardless of who they are.”

      The MC is not a simp at all. He is scared of the third princess because she literally ended the world (and killed him) 101 times in his regressions. He doesn’t like her, and doesn’t want the coochie. And in his final regression, the reason he stays near the 3rd princess is to try to eliminate the 101 possible bad endings that can happen, so he doesn’t die in his final life.

      And you don’t get his personality? Not sure how you don’t get it, but it seems pretty straightforward to me, In his second to last regression (after 100 deaths), he was resigned – basically “Oh well, the world’s getting wiped out again. Dragons this time, eh? Gimme some wine – it’s better to die when drunk”. Seems pretty damn consistent – he was burned out. Then in his final regression, he gets to go back 10 years in the past (as opposed to 30 days) and has the chance to eliminate all the bad ends and actually survive. And since he knows its his last life and there are no more regressions, he is dedicated to eliminating the bad ends, and he needs to be near the 3rd princess to do that. So he is focused and driven. Again, pretty damn consistent with the story. And from the beginning, he already set in motion his plans on how to escape from the third princess.

      So don’t scare aware readers with crappy, inaccurate reviews. It’s not a bad story. You seem to just be pissed off because MC is not super OP with all the SKILLZ.

  8. Luis says:

    Al menos la villana realmente es una villana y tirana, pero hace que sea difícil el caerte bien

  9. Why hasn’t this guy ran away yet. I skipped like 30 chapters and he’s still- Omg I love waiting 200 chapters for it to actually get to the title name

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Because if he doesn’t eliminate the bad endings, which he can only do by being near the princess, he dies. Pretty simple.

  10. Hell knight says:

    This is off topic ….

    What do you think of getting ‘ I possed the gardener of the villainess in game ‘ ?

  11. Reii i Reii i says:

    Another overused trope, you can go in, if you are not tired of that…

    1. Su 183 says:

      At this point everything is overused

      Humans are overused

  12. Hehe says:

    Ah i’m waiting Harem…

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Heck no – there’s been way too much harem.

  13. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Holy!! Am I the chosen one

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        Your ashen one and your nuts are ashen one

        1. Reii i Reii i says:

          Ashen one, plz don’t nut on this ash

  14. Insufferable says:

    Pretty barren in here. Cover looks good tho.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I agree

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