I Became a Producer Who Rewrites Idols
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I Became a Producer Who Rewrites Idols

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하자 아이돌 고쳐쓰는 프로듀서가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Producer Who Rewrites Idols

Produce idols who were abandoned because of flaws the way I want!

The idol training game I enjoyed suddenly ended its service.
I got so angry that I went out of the house and found myself in the world of an idol game.
And I became the main character and producer of the idol game.

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  1. NOTE : if you didn’t like harem you probably won’t like this novel.

    Idol Management + slice of life
    But its more focused on slice of life part where he interact with his harem/idols. The management part are mostly skipped.
    So don’t expect idols training montage or idols concert in this novel. Its all about MC collecting Idols(harem) and their daily flirting.

  2. Yuna says:

    A lot has already been said about this novel, and a lot is hard to disagree with. But for me personally, it was a fun read.

    Unpopular opinion here, but I’m a harem enjoyer. I love this genre, so I’m able to stomach lower quality works for the sake of it. But this isn’t exactly that.

    In the first batch of chapters, the story and writing were all over the place. It was hard to understand what was really happening, but eventually it got way better. Perhaps, the author experienced some growth and improvement.

    In the later chapters, the direction of the novel became clear and the writing gained clarity. The pros I think to this novel is the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. While it touches upon idol management and entertainment, at its core it’s a harem novel, and the author does well to keep its selling point in mind. All the girls are pleasant and likeable, and the story line never becomes too heavy. It’s a novel where you just have fun reading. The MC himself is decent, and actually does engage in his relationships with the females. What’s more to really ask for. It’s not at all that bad if you’re into harem like me, if anything, it’s actually pretty good in comparison to other works of its kind.

    I’m very grateful and happy that this work was translated and I discovered it.

    I only ask that this novel be continuously updated, but I can understand if it’s dropped since it’s kind of niche. I love idols, management, and harem, put all those things together and I’m the happiest reader alive.

    P.S. The novel seems to be headed in a proper harem ending with many many girls, so I’m ecstatic at the idea where all girls we like wins.

  3. Read up to ch 70:
    Typical idol management isekai. MC travels to idol game world and uses his game knowledge to produce idols while they fall in love with him (all 10 of them so far). I am quite a big fan of this genre but I must admit, this is one of the worst ones of its kind. Before I start complaining though, let’s talk about the positives.

    As said by other reviews, how the isekai itself is handled is somewhat interesting. The MC literally replaces the original producer. People who knew the original start feeling confused on his birthday and stuff. It’s an interesting concept brushed off because the novel is too focused on the harem. Now I will say this, the buildup of the harem is very well done. Almost every woman in his harem has their own story on why they are in love with him. This in itself is worthy of praise and credit. How the novel later handles this love however, leaves much to be desired.

    Let’s talk harem. The MC himself says this in the beginning on why he won’t have relationships with his idols: “bad for their career”, “unsustainable due to continually new idols”, and “age gap”. First one makes sense, idol and producer in a relationship is just a bad image for business. 2nd one also makes sense, the MC will continually handle young pretty women, it’s his job. 3rd one is self explanatory. So how does the MC handle all these issues in the later chapters when he starts facing their love? He ignores them.

    Bad for career? Just marry them when they retire from being an idol. Ever growing harem? All the girls are willing to share. Age gap? MC looks young anyways

    This is just ridiculous. I understand making a harem ending is difficult but this is by far one of the worst ways to make it happen. Look at the first one, just simply wait for them to retire? Really? The second one is literally improbable, you can’t expect more than 10 women to completely agree to share. If you do want to make this happen there needs to be push back and justification. All 10 women just immediately willing to share is just ridiculous. Lastly, the age gap, if you don’t see a problem with this, I kinda get it. These web novels are borderline pedophilic at this point and there’s almost no use complaining about it every time. But I still will!

    Also, can I mention how fatphobic this novel is? The first fat character is continously called a pig and her room a pigsty. I understand not finding a fat person attractive but feeling continuous disgust toward them is just fatphobic.

    Overall, despite this being one of the worst idol production isekai I’ve read. I still think that if you enjoy the genre the first 50 chapters are very much worth the read. The buildup of the harem is the novel’s strongest point. Chapters after that are if you enjoy senseless harems. If you enjoy those, than you’ve got 150 chapters to enjoy. Personally, I’m done with this novel but I at least enjoyed my time with it.

    1. 1 solo, 1 sweet, 3 cursed, 2 berry = 10?????

  4. kk77 says:

    fuuuh… that was a tough one…
    I would originally have done a full review here, preceded by a short breakdown, yet, in spite of it containing a most reprehensible act of slander against my good name, Ser @Wry Vent’s piece covers very well the latter, and is enough in its length that it leaves me disinclined to attempt the former. It of course has nothing to do with the fact that no insignificant number of chapters have already been left littered by my live expressions of grievances and emotions in a manner most obnoxious (let not which justify this most upsetting aspersion to their categorisation by them)!

    I do believe I’ve made my point on the syntax/formatting choice quite clear by now. However, I will reiterate on my umbrage with the incohesive themes. cause man lemme tell u this &*$% was incongruent as F#%$. its not so much that there’s thematic clashes, no the general theme is very consistent. its more so that there were multiple themes running in parallel, covering different ones across every few chapters, occasionally within the same chapter, which left me unable to pin down an identity to this novel – and making an already hard-to-read experience even more discomforting. That said it did seem to settle down into a more typical idol-grower-systemXharem by the 50s. well, that or enough of my brain fried by that stage that I could no longer discern the differing narrative foci nor consciously recognise my suffering off of the textual structures. either way I was sufficiently numb to be able to read the remaining 100 with notably less agitation so whatever.

    because this way, compressing the chaotic early chapters to combine with the uniform later chapters does leave me with an overall positive impression of the whole thing. of course this is all after accounting for the hardcore psychological horror background set for the MC’s transmig that I fortunately no longer need to add onto.

    then again i do have a bit of soft spot for the showbiz groomer types. also i happwned to be pretty pleased that they skipped the MASSIVE drama point of idol dating that those almost NEVER get over and on with, and just jumped straight into the full idol harem. i was worrying quite a bit when one of the running 20 schrodinger’s themes threatened to permanently collapse into a self-imposed dense harem protag routine but thankfully it was yet another red herring. honestly, just a proper harem is probably all it takes to get my approval. i’ve mentioned elsewhere before but… i’m very easy…

    tl;dr ummm so like a cliched but kinda fun idol grower novel with harem but with annoying writing format and subjectively messy early narrative. if u can tolerate, or arent botherd by those, u mite enjoy it a lot if u like this stuff because i know i did more or less

    [+] r-18
    [+] true harem

  5. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a good rather standard idol producing story. MC’s idol mobile game EoS and suddenly the world around him changes to one where he has been working as a producer for 5 years for the entertainment corp same as in his game that suddenly popped up into existence. His cheat is seeing the status screens of the idols that existed in the game which also includes their current thoughts, so mind reading. He also remembers the idol songs and lyrics from the game and various other information so he can just follow what he did in the game. The game had some dating sim elements so the idols he manages fall in love with the MC, but it’s the real world now, so he tries to maintain a sense of professionalism, but can the MC resist their seductions? Not sure but I’m interested enough to continue reading to find out.

    It’s good to read, but what I found rather compelling was the weird eldritch horror subplot. Imagine one day, your coworker goes out for lunch, and when they come back they start acting off. You chalk it up to some temporary strangeness, maybe they’re under the weather or something, but as time passes discrepancies start to pop up. Their habits are different, they are bad at things they used to be good at, and suddenly good at things they used to be bad at. They treat you like a new coworker, when you’d had a good work friendship for 5 years… It’s obviously them, but they don’t remember things they should, and even when you ask them about their birthday, they give the wrong date? A strange feeling builds up, but you try to convince yourself that something like identical twins, or aliens replacing them is impossible as you give a shaky laugh. Then you get a glance at their driver’s license. It should be the same as you’d seen it before, same address, same meh picture, same expiry date, same birth date… But wait, the birth date is the wrong birth date… This is, didn’t your coworker give this exact birthday by mistake last time? Could all the birthdays you’d celebrated with your coworker been a lie? But why? But no, that wasn’t right, you’d seen their driver’s license before and it had the correct birth date. It didn’t look like your coworker had gotten a new driver’s license, even if they did, how could the birth date be changed? What was going on??? *cue eerie music*

    That the characters around the MC who’d known him for 5 years actually react to his changes made the story a bit more interesting for me. And interesting, this kind of thing is mostly glossed over, but it seems it wasn’t that the world changed around MC as he thought, but that the MC physically exchanged places with himself in an alternate universe, while carrying stuff from his original universe, which is why he still had the id card with his original birth date, but his new universe followed the birth date of the player producer character from the game. Also, everyone thinks of MC as handsome even though he still has his original looks. MC always thought of himself as having average looks, but there’s some kind of mind altering buff that makes people look at his average looks as handsome, or was the MC wrong and he’d always just been unaware he was good looking? And because the game character had a trait that he makes tasteless coffee/tea, no matter how MC tries to make coffee/tea with whatever ratio, whoever tries it will find it bland. These weird reality warping interactions that sometimes come up makes the story a little bit more weird for me, though I think it’s supposed to be comedic. There’s also another reader writing poetry in the comments lol. I’m having a good time reading.

  6. k says:

    Any poison tester?

  7. milky violet says:

    If the idols aren’t threatening him with their fans or something then I won’t read it.

    I want to see something like

    Oh god the horrors, noooo

    1. milky violet says:

      Perhaps what I am thinking about is a fate worse than being possessed into your own novel and dying as an extra

      1. Cero says:

        Something like the extermination of the white-haired girls?.

        1. kk77 says:

          How could you even think to suggest something like that?!

  8. Zorrow says:

    What’s with regret being in the sub tags? btw what’s the difference in certain tags being the main tags and others being the sub tags?

  9. Lku says:

    Lmao I like how majority of the novels from novelpia got the obsessed tag🤣

  10. Hated Author KR says:


  11. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    I can’t help it I’m a sucker for idol games

  12. RinneganHagura says:


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