If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love
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If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love

Read full chapter If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love, Light Novel If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love english, LN If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love, If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love Online, read If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love at Noble Machine translations.
잘 키운 아이돌 셋이면 고백 공격을 한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis If You Raise Three Idols Well, They Will Confess Their Love

A manager who dates an idol is a crazy person.

… There was a time when I thought that way too.

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  1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    I like the comment section, the story idk

  2. Alright now, I was just being a goofy little guy but now I’m a bit worried for our buddy Osiris here…

    1. Anyways you guys probably won’t see this type of insanity for a long time unless a novel really pisses me off or is really good.

  3. k says:

    Wow finally a normal review comment, keep it civilized boys, sheesh

  4. The duchess received tons of updates says:

    I dropped a ton of idol management stories fairly quick.

    This though

    This is good stuff. Has a one piece vibe of solving characters back stories and then recruiting them. Winter is an Otaku shut in, Autumn is a yandere with more dere than yan (for now) and Summer’s back story hasn’t concluded yet.

    Looking forward to more updates

  5. rob z rob z says:

    I am disappointed that this novel may get lost in some of the insanity above (noble, I know you are pretty hands off, but maybe a little cleanup is in order). In short, this novel is basically another author taking a shot at Top Management, which is one of my 5 top Korean web novels ever (and which sadly will remain unfinished due to the author’s breakdown, which I strongly suspect had to do with how the adapted for TV show was a disaster). If this author can do even half as good a job, I would give this 5 stars out of 5.

    I am currently mid-20s in, and its worth a read so far. MC basically starts out as a manager in the entertainment industry who is given the gift of the “system” and rewards. Fortunately or unfortunately, the system is a bit on the unethical / ruthless side in its missions, and the MC tries to be a good guy and do the right thing (naive), so he ignores all the unethical missions. Of course, he gets screwed, but he gets one last mission – hit the back of the head of another manager type guy who screwed him over (you need to read to see if it’s figurative or literal) and get a “do-over” pill. He gets the pill and starts again, avoids the management company he started with, and tries to build from the ground up but being a little more selfish in this go around – all the while seeing that the industry is just as shady as it was the first time around.

    Only one heroine so far, and unfortunately, once any others do show up, that aspect may kill the story for me – i.e., the dreaded harem tag. It’s a way to completely ruin what could be a good novel (and Top Management managed to avoid it). Will update once I read all the available chapters.

  6. Sephir says:

    Bruh the OG three of noblemtl, Louis(gone btw), milky violet idk what he’s doing and to finish Osiris who probably had a breakdown.
    The best way to fight this feeling of boredom is to get obsessed over something even if it’s not healthy so yeah as someone said get better something

    1. ……it’s not that I don’t have anything to read.

      I am reading “memoiris is the returnee” and some more. But only like 3 and I am keeping up with updates. I have nothing more to read at all. It’s hard to go by the day by just reading 1~3 chapters of those stories and sometimes not even 1 when writer is busy.

      Sigh. I gotta go search novelupdate series but that is getting filled with Korean novels now which we have already read here and as for Japanese, I can’t even expect anything with them. All cringe, long titles, everything is told in title lol. Same old otaku nerd loner getting together with school beauty, kicked out adventurer turned out op and become strongest, op virtual reality game, webnovel is filled with extra mc novels lol, or just straight up r18 contents, scribblehub is filled with yaoi or other kind of forbidden smuts or just same old stuff. Royal road is mostly litrpg not my type and time loop, other good stuff I have already read there.

      Same with other sites. Man i want some new troupe ….

  7. Johan says:

    Osiris should stop consuming foreign substances.
    I understood almost nothing of the comments, so I will go read it myself.

    1. I didn’t eat anything strange, trust me.

      1. But your overwhelming presence in comment section says otherwise…

  8. Rone says:

    At some point the comment section is just pure insanity lmao

    1. Yea at this point idk if reply function made it better or worse lol

      1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

        Definitely made it more chaotic,
        easier to continue a conversation = more chaos

  9. Just Wow Just Wow says:

    Most normal NobleMTL conversation.

  10. Heidelberg says:

    Man these ppl in comments.. y’all lost cause im outta here. A bunch of fcking Losers

    1. Says a guy in mtl site lol 🤣

  11. Luiz Felipe says:

    Why are there a bunch of weirdos in the comments?

    1. Hah! You activated my trap card —

      [No You!]

  12. Hell knight says:

    So seems like a haren one. Gotta leave it. I think i need some silence in life.


  13. Guys don’t raise your own idols, I did this and now they have taken control of all world governments and are threatening me with nuclear destruction if I do not fold to their demands!!!

    1. I think a good plot would be if the mc was childhood friends to all of the idols and then suddenly reincarnated as the son of a noble house that is destined to save the world and thus has increased political power. But the dark side is that all children of that family have to go under extreme training or torture because the threat of a demon king resurrection is too great that being unprepared is certain defeat, so the MC must shed his former modern humanity to fit in and survive. Unfortunately this is not enough and he dies because his cousins sisters cousins aunts mothers sons daughters daughters killed him because she saw the MC lick a popsicle that wasn’t doused in her own orifices. The end.

      1. Just kidding dude no way I could end it there, I haven’t even written a good plot or story yet!!

        1. The plot twist is that I’m not going to write a good story but rather just leave such a generic story with a bad end so that someone will get angry and say “WTF is this ending??? Crappy author I could write a better novel while pissing out poop and pooping pee in my sleep” and then I get author godhood and transmigrate him so he can make his own perfect ending. I’ll also make the original MC female too just so he can rizz her up.

          1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

            Your hire to write the most ridicules novel of the year, i cannot let a talent like you root in this small world wait for our truck-kun he will arrive for you

          2. Milky using his big brain be like:

          3. Lmao imagine him doing all this sh*t for the guy after the bad ending and transmigration and that guy got the harem due to Milky but later Milky realise even after all this much done for him by Milky, milky get no b*tches while the transmigrated guy get a harem lol, later Milky get angry and try to bring a bad end to that guy but was designated as a villain by the plot armour of the transmigrated guy, and get k*lled in the end by him.

            Lol milky your idea of bad end and transmigrating another dude to a novel was exactly the kind of thing those evil author shown in other possesion novels would did. And ended up ded.

    2. Lol you too, sigh you failed too. 😂

  14. I am not sure if I want to continue this so can someone tell me what happens to the idols who betrayed Mc in the first timeline? If it was mentioned or anything

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      Same i wanted to know about her but this is just plain stupid i can’t continue this

      1. Yes me too. I checked random chapters that sounded like regret or obsession elements but i got no results

    1. Reii i Reii i says:

      What happened to you to go on a ‘chatting’ spree?

  15. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Mc appears stupid in first chapter i don’t know about the rest but-

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined 🐥🐥

    1. Don’t expect anything from these idol and manager based novels.

      That’s the best advice I can give you about this kind of novels.

      1. Atleast you won’t be disappointed then

  16. Alright guys, i am gonna go and raise my won three idols. Then I will get confessed and get my own harem. Let’s see if this method works. Wish me luck.

    1. Get ready to be off-ed by parasocial creeps when they find out their “wives” have a boyfriend

    2. Fuk this keyboard, i meant My own three idols.

      Anyways if this doesn’t work, i swear the author of this novel is gonna get killed by my sword for lying to me and my fellow poison testers. I will sacrifice myself to test this idol raising method and avenge you guys if this doesn’t work!!!

      For the Harem!!!!
      For the Heroes!!!!!
      For My Great Future!!!!
      For the Greater Good!!!!

      LESSSSSS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I lost….

        I lost in the end.

        I was only this close to greatness.

        I gotta say, this method have potential to work but it didn’t really work. So I picked the fight against the author.

        And I later realised he had powers just like me.

        He was planning to transmigrate me to his novel but he couldn’t. Why? Becuz duh! I was stronger!!!

        Still, I lost. He had too many on his side and reinforcement was later for me.

        I lost the battle….

        Heh! But i won the war.

        You might be wondering what do I mean?

        Exactly what I said, i won the war.

        I lost the battle but I cut down all the allies on the author’s side.

        The only one alive was the author with his powers being stolen away.

        Not only that, I cut off his D and made all the women in his harem into men!!! Hahahahahah!!!!

        And gave the author breasts!!! Hahahahaha 🤣🤣

        The only reason i consider this my defeat is cut i failed to kill him.

        Still I lost the war!!!

        Although I failed to avenge myself.

        I successfully avenged you all!!!!

        Yeah!!!!!! LESSSSSS GOOOOOOO!!!!!

        1. As always, I hate my keyboard

          1. Anyways me go spend some time with my waifu harem.

          2. Still My grind never stops.
            I am still gonna grind even with my harem!!!

            Grind is eternal!!

            P.s: my clones train while i enjoy.

            The ultimate grind.

        2. Loki says:


          1. What does “Gws Means?

          2. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

            I think it’s means “Get well soon”

          3. Sigh…i am just bullsh*ting

            I am bored
            Very bored
            Super bored
            Ultra bored

            Very Super bored
            Very ultra bored
            Super ultra bored
            Very Super ultra bored
            Very Super ultra special bored…


            Just me passing time by bullsh*ting

            Don’t mind me

            I have better things too do but i am too tired of it and bored of them

            Passing time while working on infinite regressor Novel right now cuz I just realised there are few few of them

            Most are academy time loop and that just totally different thing which just look similar to infinite regressor.

            The only 2 Novel which I know come close to it are
            Sss-s*cide hunter, and regression is too much. If you guys know anything else like those 2 .

            Pls recommend me those novels.

          4. Yeah @M-Art Ea, i already understood what he meant. 😶

          5. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

            Have you read reverse Insanity?

          6. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

            Btw if you’re so bored try pretending to be a girl and troll in discord or forums it was so fun when i try🤣🤣

          7. If only you knew what things I do when I am bored, you would be either shocked or disgusted…or laugh like crazy cuz of the absurdity of the things i do.

          8. Banana with salt says:

            @M-Art And Did you really pretend to be a girl? Has anyone fallen for this? 🤣

        3. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

          Sounds like a very eventful 13 minutes

          1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

            Lol lot of people fallen for it, like they talk to me with respect and give me priority first. So if someone here is girl than what’s your reaction

    3. It isn’t fun anymore when other people can create their own elaborate plots of their crazy story 😡😡

      1. Uh…are you angry due to me? Or due to the novel?…i am confused

        1. Banana with salt says:

          @milky_violet made a joke, he is known for creating crazy stories in the comments, like when he made a story imagining what it would be like if he had the power of hypnosis. The story even had a yandere

  17. Jahe Manis says:

    So basically, MC is grooming teenage girl idol 🤔like in hentai plot but no R+19 🫠

  18. Memomo says:

    catfight.. not for me

  19. Thr tags are holding me at gunpoint I’m scared

    1. “It’s giving me “Producer who gets eaten after 100 days” novel vibes. But, there’s no regret tag. Imma dive in.

  20. JaksonZero says:

    Faster than chapters

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