I Became a Time-Limited Swordsmanship Genius at the Academy
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I Became a Time-Limited Swordsmanship Genius at the Academy

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아카데미 시한부 검술 천재가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Time-Limited Swordsmanship Genius at the Academy

He became a swordsmanship genius that no one could surpass.

The price was to live only 20 years.

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  1. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    The comment section above is down bad…

    But I agree kekeke

  2. kk77 says:

    wow are you guys really doing this? y’all know this isn’t allowed right?
    tch, bringing in supercharged political agenda in response to trollposts. i dont wanna escalate but damn im tempted to go off.
    …as always, I’d like to blame milky for everything.

    @tian yeah it’s readable enough, but there’s at least like 1 or 2 reviews back in there, you shouldn’t forget that you can skim

  3. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    a lot of text, if anyone sees this comment, please tell me if it is readable or at least entertaining

  4. rob z rob z says:

    @Jahe Manis – wow, what leftist woke brainwashing sparked your thinking? And did you even bother to read the novel on which the comment was based (I highly doubt it). I don’t want this to devolve into a discussion of third wave feminism, post-modernism, Marxism, etc, so I’ll keep it short.

    First, your definition of “beta cuck” is inherently flawed (at best a form of the etymological fallacy), and the remainder of your argument fails due its reliance on this false premise. “Beta cuck” is not simply referred to refer to use to men who are “sensitive” or “emotional” or “complacent” – it is a derogatory term used to refer to characters or individuals that are infected by and reflect the intentional demasculization of males (especially younger males) promoted by current leftist ideology. And yes, the term cuck does imply cuckoldry, but in the case of this novel (which again, I doubt you read), it is entirely apropos.

    Second, “beta does not equal weakness” is a weak refutation of a DEFINITIONAL TAUTOLOGY – beta is the very definition of weakness. And what is this argument premised on? The leftist narrative that “these traditional gender roles are outdated and limiting” – patently false as any person with any degree of competence in psychology (that is not politically biased) will tell you. By genetic temperment, men are on the whole more aggressive, and women on the whole are more nurturing – its a scientific fact. Its how the bloody species survived and propagated.

    And then you claim that certain characteristics such as “empathy” and “emotional intelligence” are found in beta cucks, then beta cucks must be a good thing. Do I even need to lay out the logical fallacies for you here? From a formal logical fallacy of the non-sequitor to the informal logical fallacy of composition, etc.

    Your Section 3 confirms you didn’t read the damn novel and are just spewing out some AI crap. The man was literally REVERSE R#PED AND MIND SCREWED by the woman-vampire. Does that bespeak “consent” and “equal say” to you?

    Finally, your preachy and unsubstantiated conclusion is once again just an appeal to conventional leftist ideology.

    In short, take you woke ChatGPT BS answer, p@ss off, and stop bothering the people here who actually read the novels on which they are commenting.

  5. @Jahe manis
    You never squandered my thoughts, anyway. Do you work in feminist organizations?
    Because your words sound like the ideas of feminists and their submissive male followers (beta cuck)

  6. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    @milky violet how about change the title to this “The Hunting Bliss Of The Academy Bathroom Ghost.”

  7. That’s AI answer for you 🤣

  8. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    @rob z In today’s society, there are various labels and stereotypes that people attach to individuals who don’t conform to traditional gender roles. One such label is “beta cuck,” which has garnered significant attention and sparked heated debates. It is important to understand that being a beta cuck is not a sin, contrary to popular belief. In this document, we will explore the misconceptions surrounding this term and shed light on the realities behind it.

    Section 1: Defining Beta Cuck

    Before delving deeper into the misconceptions, it is crucial to establish a clear understanding of what being a beta cuck entails. The term “beta” refers to someone who is perceived as passive, sensitive, or less dominant in comparison to an “alpha” personality. On the other hand, “cuck” is short for cuckold, which historically refers to a man whose partner is unfaithful. The combination of these terms implies a man who is submissive and complacent in a relationship.

    Section 2: Debunking the Stereotypes

    2.1 Beta Does Not Equal Weakness

    One of the biggest misconceptions associated with being a beta cuck is the assumption that it equates to weakness. However, being a beta does not make an individual any less valuable or capable. Personality traits such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and compassion are often associated with beta individuals. These qualities contribute positively to personal relationships and society as a whole.

    2.2 Challenging Gender Roles

    Society has long perpetuated the idea that men should be dominant and assertive, while women should be submissive and nurturing. However, these traditional gender roles are outdated and limiting. Being a beta cuck challenges these stereotypes and promotes a more inclusive and egalitarian approach to relationships. It allows individuals to redefine masculinity in a way that aligns with their values and preferences.

    Section 3: The Importance of Consent and Communication

    Contrary to popular belief, being a beta cuck does not imply a lack of agency or consent. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Regardless of one’s personality type, it is essential for all parties involved to have consent and actively participate in the decision-making process. In a beta cuck dynamic, consent is paramount, and both partners have equal say in the relationship.


    In conclusion, it is crucial to dispel the notion that being a beta cuck is a sin or something to be ashamed of. This term has been misconstrued and stigmatized, often leading to unfair judgment and prejudice. Embracing different personality types and challenging traditional gender roles is a step towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society. Let us move beyond the stereotypes and focus on fostering healthy relationships based on consent, communication, and mutual respect.

  9. rob z rob z says:

    @Suherman Joshua- you are way short selling the criticism of She Returned as a Vampire. It wasn’t just that there was an element of NTR that was the problem, it’s that the MC was a colossal beta cuck for the entire story.

  10. kk77 says:

    eh, i dont see why you’d call this boring, you guys have such arbitrary standards. maybe if you’ve read nothing but academy harems for the last few, and are sick of it. but, well, if you’re sick of academy harems, don’t pick up a new novel tthat’s clearly just another academy harem -_-

    and while i understand what mr. @suherman is trying to get at, i feel that they have a somewhat bad faith interpretation of the events and characters in question. i especially disagree with the mc being dense. i happen to hate – HATE – dense characters with a passion, to the point of physical nausea, but i didn’t find him performing any particularly dense actions as of yet – though he may or may not prove to be dense in the future. i wont pontificate any further on the other points, however, as i don’t consider the other criticisms to be wholly incorrect either. more importantly i dont feel strongly enough about this novel to do a full rant.

    i will, instead, note that i did rather enjoy this novel. as others have mentioned, this is nothing particularly standout, but if you were looking for yet another academy harem novel to read, this is another academy harem novel to read. not to mention there’re only 60 chapters still, it may well improve with further updates – and of course, it may well get worse. nonetheless, i encourage taking a look, even if only in mind of a casual read.

  11. @Saad The majority of the novel you mentioned are written by a author who focus in obsessive heroine genres. “I was given A Politicial Marriage” from justar, unfortunately, all his/her other novels have R-19 tags, I’m not sure they will upload on this website. “He is a Master Who cant handle his slave” is from Yet. Total he/she has written 5 novels. There are 2 uploaded here besides the name above. One was titled “She Returned as a Vampire”, but was criticized a lot in the comments because there was an element of infidelity at the beginning of the story

  12. I’ll give you a brief synopsis of the story. The MC enters as an extra character named El, who is a victim of bullying. To overcome bullying, MC tries to become strong and seeks the help of a spirit hero who founded an academy in a hidden location. This part that I don’t really like is barely easy and convenient:

    MC: Oh, great heroes that built the academy, I am the first to find your location; can you give me your strength?
    Spirit Heroes: Ok
    Me: What the heck? You just gave away your power without first testing your potential successor and what you’ve been doing for hundreds of years in the same place. If you want your successor, why do you require he/she to find your grave in a cave hidden place under water?!! Who will find it

    Then later, MC became stronger and more handsome. The heroine, whom she only met briefly, was immediately attracted to the MC and suddenly entered school again after a long absence just to meet him. There is no character building; everything happens instantaneously. This happens in two chapters. Then comes the cliché: a male student who is jealous of the MC because he is courted by the most beautiful girl in school. Oh yes, the spirit heroes now live in the MC’s body and become the MC’s teachers as well as commentators on the MC’s life.

    Then comes the second heroine:

    Heroine 2nd: I’m a cool and chill character, only interested in swords. I don’t like socialising with other people. A few moments later, she watched MC’s sword performance:
    Heroine 2nd: OMG, how unique and mysterious is sword performance? Want to be friends with me?
    MC: Ok Heroine 2nd: Want to be my boyfriend too?
    MC: What!!

    That’s the basis of the story. The MC and his friend/harem will face many things in academy and overcome them, like other harem academy novel. The MC is also dense. The pace of the story is rather fast. Lacks character development. Lack of uniqueness in assembling a story that makes it look different from other harem stories. In my opinion, the MC is less interesting (a dense character), as is the first heroine. The second heroine is quite interesting in terms of the story structure. The translation of the novel is also good. You can read it if you want; everyone has a different taste in trash, right? Personally, this novel is not to my taste.

  13. kk77 says:

    you people are all lunatics that are beyond saving

  14. Xjaksoxa Xjaksoxa says:

    Then read the returned as a vampire same author as He is a master who can’t handle his slave properly and equally as yandere

  15. Sephir says:

    what the heck happened here anyways quick review,
    ur usual academy trope with slight differences
    the fmcs are females in heat that could lead to a decent obsession ?
    quite boring altough i would say it has something special idk it could be me becoming senile
    overall borderline average (dont read if ur tired of the trope tbh)

  16. I was going to make the world of “I Became the Academy’s Bathroom Ghost” more dark, but I feel like the extinction of thousands of cultures and millions of individuals for literally no reason other than petty rivalry is dark enough.

  17. Of course, military conflicts and the development of their combat power will play a significant role in such a tug-of-war, because if you can make someone submit to you by force, why wouldn’t you do it? Hence the role of the yandere as the main antagonist, despite also being a love interest.

    Of course, no NTR. NTR is evil. The yandere is simply trying her best to dominate the main character by force.

  18. Well, I somewhat agree with the commentators above that we need heavier versions of yanderes. But! I would like to clarify that, in my opinion, it would be most enjoyable to watch the tug-of-war in the relationship between such a yandere and the main character, where the latter realizes that they can’t escape from her and tries to dominate her, while the yandere, as someone who wants to be in control, wants to ensure that the main character won’t betray her and tries to take the lead in the relationship. I would love to watch this confrontation, where the main antagonist and love interest essentially become the same person, and the ending becomes the answer to how this couple will build their relationship. I would watch it with a very big box of popcorn… Or chocolate. I prefer eating chocolate instead of popcorn.

  19. Anyways I read like 7 chapters but it seems boring ngl. So I’m going to expand the idea “I Became the Academy Bathroom Ghost”

    Basically, MC can do like astral projection so he messes around with it because he thinks it’s funny. Then the yanderes are going to be a mix between real and ghost. And finally the story will be some generic demon king story like:

    “Demon King Belphemont vi Satannica, the first arch demon to successfully unite the demon realms. He had not united the various demon tribes in an attempt for world conquest, but rather for the fact that had they continue to be fractured they would be devoured by the civilized world. No doubt ambitious and cunning the new DEMON KING would be, which has led the elves to cry wolf and have everyone gang bang the demon country”

    And then the climax will be the death of the demon king and the total annihilation of all demon races.

  20. Sephir says:

    the thumbnail sold me, i’ll just see where it leads me to

  21. I hope they don’t p*ssy out with some bs like “oh actually if I just find the Dawn of The Setting Sun Flower and mix it with the Tears of the Lunar Azure Dragons Tear, then I can cure my disease that will kill me”

    Nuh uh, I want actual danger.

  22. Man… Is it too much to ask some more unique names even a little.

    I mean i get authors copy each others stories a lot, I also get how they name their stories similar because they want to appear other stories search filters and etc. But at least name it something I won’t have to check the release date to find out if I actually read the story in the past

    When it is named too generic it makes me question my will to read because i get unsure about if my time will be wasted

  23. I’ve just thought of a brilliant new novel that any writer can use..!

    I became the Academy’s Bathroom Ghost

    Description: After finishing the novel I’ve read for 7 years, i reincarnated into that novel as a ghost that haunts bathrooms..?

    Tags: mega yandere, yandere, obsession, harem, no romance, comedy

  24. I wanna feel sick. Like every time the heroine is on screen, I feel dread. I want her to gaslight the MC but the MC counters with his plot armor, I want an actually scary yandere.

    Like MC taking a crap and then he looks at the shower and all he sees is the shadow of a woman behind the curtain. Actually, I feel like anything is scary when you’re involved in a bathroom.

  25. Mr.Tiberium says:

    I’m new here, but not new to reading MTL. Correct me if I’m wrong, but poison testing is seeing if the MTL is bearable, correct?

    If so, I- *dies while writing*

  26. says:

    Ppl dying, we love to see

  27. Saad . Saad . says:

    These obessive love stories arent even Obsessvive love
    I want to see some mentally ill level of obsessive love not this fcking weak ass obsessive love that is just clingy girlfriend level of obssession
    I wanna see some
    “He is a Master Who cant handle his slave”
    “I was given A Polticial Marriage”
    Level of obssesive love
    That mentally ill level of the heroines there is what Obessive love truly is

  28. Buckget22 says:

    Poison testers pls check this novel out for us pls

  29. Jamz says:

    Wow, I’m really early

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