I Broke Off My Engagement and Got a Job at the Academy
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I Broke Off My Engagement and Got a Job at the Academy

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파혼당하고 아카데미에 취업했다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Broke Off My Engagement and Got a Job at the Academy

After my family fell into ruin and I was disengaged by my fiancé, I got a job at the academy to make a living.

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  1. Enter says:

    it’s abandoned by autor now

  2. IME says:

    thanks for the update.

  3. Luo Huo Luo Huo says:

    reading the reunion and regret chap, i finally understood why it was praised, its not that its good but most of the readers are just bunch of simps even worse then the mc lmao.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      If you don’t like the story, fine, feel free to say so and explain your criticisms. But calling people “a bunch of simps” because they do like it? Piss off troll. Its clear you haven’t read all the chapters or even understand the story.

        1. You really made me laugh if the mc character in nothing but a simp if you don’t hate the people that destroy your family then what you are he still love his ex-fiancé and he even feels guilty for he and make excuses for her like she’s just a puppet and we know that he will end with her without any revenge on her family and he also teach the daughter of the family that also the cause of his family destruction and even his hard work in magic not to be strong for himself for revenge or to build his family no no no it’s just for another girl then please enlighte me and explain what is the mc and yes anyone who love such a mc it have be a simp otherwise you have hate every action he made in the entire story

          1. rob z rob z says:

            Your post is replete with inaccuracies and false assumptions, so let me correct them for you.

            First, you assert he is still in love with his ex-fiancee, Ariel. B#llsh!t. If you had bothered to read the latest update, you would see that, even though she saved his life, he flat out rejected even associating with her, and left her as quickly as possible to get back together with Cerise and Cordelia. In fact, the rejection is stronger than when he first blew her off in Chapter 36 when he told her he never wanted to see her again, which multiple commenters noted was MC being a solid dude.

            Second, you assert he is not interested in getting revenge against those who harmed his family or that he doesn’t hate those who harmed his family. Again, b#llsh!t. In fact, he is clearly setting up revenge against the emperor and Duke Irucali by controlling the sale of the Devourer artifacts he created that will fundamentally alter how war is conducted – he refused to sell to the emperor or any families associated with the emperor, even telling the emperor to p!ss off to his face, and instead sold artifacts to the enemies of the empire.

            So now that you are 0/2, let’s turn to your third point – his teaching Giselle. He taught her how to get to the next level, which it was repeatedly made clear she would achieve anyway, simply in his role as a teacher – no more, no less. So he taught a 15 year old girl who had nothing to do with his family’s downfall something she was going to figure out on her own anyway. Big f#cking deal. And as soon as he was done, he blew her off. If anything, by building up credit with her, he created the possibility of being able to use her against her family, but I bet that never occurred to you, did it?

            Moreover, its clear you don’t even know what a simp is. Per urban dictionary, a simp is: (1) Someone who does way too much for a person they like; (2) A man who puts the h@es before the bros; (3) a guy that is overly desperate for women, especially if she is a bad person, or has expressed her disinterest in him whom which he continues to obsess over; (4) when a male is overly submissive to a female and gains nothing from it; this applies to males in relationships when they are so submissive that they say literally anything to be in favor with the female; (5) someone who will do nice things for his crush in order to win her affection, etc.

            So just how is he a simp? It sure as hell isn’t over Ariel or Giselle. He doesn’t like them, isn’t in a relationship with them, isn’t trying to win favor with them, etc. You are probably thinking the MC is a beta, i.e., “A beta is a male who, instead of being alpha and manning up, completely b!tches out So get your terminology straight at the least. But as noted above, even that is incorrect.

            Regardless, I criticize MC’s on this site for being betas, simps or cucks all the time (and yes, those three terms have clear and distinct meanings). But this ain’t one of those novels. So feel free to laugh in your ignorance, but stop trying to p!ss on decent novels with uninformed comments.

  4. Kyryuu says:

    Sólo diré que si perdona a ariel cometo un crimen de odio con el autor y si no se casa con celin poseo al extra en la novela para matar al MC

    1. Dkragoon says:

      Pues ve preparándote para poseer porque lo más probable es que la perdone. El tipo es un simp, incluso tuvo pesadillas con ella llorando, PESADILLAS y deberían ser sueños dulces.

      1. says:

        It is working against all energies in its range. It was stated that it will be removing aura from the arrow, but it will not disturb the arrow itself. So, arrow properly aimed will struck the target as a normal arrow. And archers can ambush mages from a distance.

        1. says:

          Mages are using spells, swordsmen need to fight at close range, priests are using spells as well. Archers are the only exceptions as long they are far away.

          1. Gahar says:

            Strange. My post ended in difrent place.

  5. Rader says:

    7/10. Average novel it’s not like IGN 7 but painful 7 where Novel could have been better but Author failed to use the plots and characters.

    Following are worst things about it:

    1. Flashback in beginning. It was not required, Author trying to show lovely moments between Regret fiance and the MC but it only shows how bad the relationship was. When Fiance girl was in bad situation, where her whole family could be destroyed, MC helped her emotionally and physically by getting Church to back her in his name. In contrast when MC got in bad situation, so bad that even his Father did a suicide, instead of telling MC a simple line that it will be better, she came to remove the Engagement.

    I don’t care about Regret of that Btch now, I want the Puppet Girl and her master to suffer. She is so brain dead that she is in alliance with very person who destroyed MC family. MC being a simp claim that she does not know, but she is a freaking Duchess, why the heck she does not know something that everyone in power knows including other Ducal family, heck even Church knew about this but she does not and MC subconsciously creates excuses for her.

    2. Now come to second point. MC is a Simp Lord. He has no bad feelings or suspicious to a woman who wanted to seperate MC and Fiance and whose father gave the Royal Family Treasure to MC father which led to Royal Family calling them for Rebellion and eventual destruction of his family. He has no bad feelings for a girl, who he spent loving for 8 years, betraying him when he actually helped her when she was in exact same situation.

    It’s so bad that he has Nightmare of Puppet Girl crying in Regret. Not only that there was a monster which creates illusion of loved one voice, he imagined her voice instead of voice of his dead father. Not only that MC family would have been okay if MC allowed his father to act like a Duke and absorb the Puppet Girl family as her father died. Royal family wanted to reduce the power of Dukes and their first aim was at her family but MC did his best to save her only to become the next target.

    His Simping is over the chart. And this is a problem in Revenge and Regret novel. He is such a simp that he even gave the Private lectures to the Daughter of very man who destroyed his family infront of him. It’s like helping the child born out of NTR of a wife where husband is claiming that child did nothing wrong. Nah, child is abomination, I don’t care about the child and daughter, if you are seeking Revenge think about hurting her bad. Or atleast ignore her, please don’t teach her your most important secrets in name of teaching. Yes she will be regretting actions of her father in future, but this MC is such a simp that he will forgive his life long enemy due to his disciple or something.

    3. World building is lackluster. We don’t know which type of territory MC had. Flashback only included lovey dovey moments but told us nothing about family and mansion he lost. Why should I care about his lost family, lost house, and loss wealth when I don’t even know what they are. We don’t know power structure properly, we don’t know about other countries in the world. We don’t know about most of the basic things in the novel. Author just want us to concentrate on the Handsome Simp MC and heroines who want to use him as a toy.

    One woman wants to eat him, make him dependent on her, and may have even helped downfall of MC.

    Other woman stayed 8 years with him and didn’t have even 10% of love MC had for her and betrayed him moment opportunity came in name of Elders forcing her to do so.

    Third woman is his teacher who has quite a lot ulterior intentions for him since he was in academy as a student. And there will be many like this.

    It’s not that novel does not have good points. MC is OP. Magic is explained properly. There are Hero and Demon king story, MC can even become a damn Hero. There are possibility of juicy regret moments. But all of them have been destroyed by Simp Lord MC.

    MC became OP because he wanted to do Magic for Girls, even now he is working hard because he want to do so for his teacher. He is not a true mage seeking some truth or searching for higher level or something, his every action is due to some Woman pushing him directly or indirectly to do so. MC fiance is a Puppet of Elders, then MC is a puppet of all the girls around him. They say laugh, he laugh, they say cry, he cries.

    Also there is no possibility of Regret moments because this Simp MC will dislike the Girls crying in Regret more than they even regret. Heck he will regret his actions more they feel regret. He is this pathetic. Maybe I am wrong in feeling giddy to read about braid dead heroines crying over regret when MC improved himself and ignored their regret like a Sigma man and moved on to do his thing.

    Anyways, beware of people giving it 8 or more ratings and calling it good. They like Simp MCs and if you like one this will be good novel for you, but if you don’t like Simps this will be a position for you.

    1. Rader says:

      *There will be poison for you.

      1. D1Grandmaster says:

        Thanks for this review

      2. Luo Huo Luo Huo says:

        thanks for ur sacrifice

    2. Priest of Incest says:

      You are God.

  6. dkragoon says:

    6 out 10
    This is not so bad, but has three things that make it for me unbearable.
    1) A flasback that looks like more a mini story. literally the chap 1 is a copy of the chapter 14. boring start.
    2) The MC is too simp or too selfless. Even though he lost everything: his father died, his servant renounce, literally completely destroyed, He doesnt hate the exfiance and is likely he will forgive her. Not asking for a psycho but at least has to has a little self esteem.
    He EVEN asked for a favor to the saint to support her, thinking she will reciprocate his goodwill meanwhile The girl put on top priority her family and her house allied with the other noble house to bring down MC house, consequenly break off the engagement. She has more brain and self steem than him.
    3) The world around the main cast looks dead or something. Apart from the interactions of the MC and the heroines and some struggle for power among the noble houses, I dont know anything else about this world.

  7. Gahar says:

    I was reading this novel because people were giving it good reviews but personally, I’m finding it annoying and unrealistic. MC was deprived of everything by (among others) a woman he helped, and he don’t resent her later.

    His father died because of a man whose daughter MC not only rescued later but even made stronger. Really? The guy is ranting about taking revenge on his enemy and later is rising his daughter. Creating a potential danger to his life? Where is logic in this?

    1. Mohammad says:

      exactly what im thinking they destroyed his family yet he still love her and I am almost sure that he will no take revenge on her family because he just a simp

      1. Gahar says:

        It won’t be surprising to me if MC will be captured/defeated by the ex-fiancée in the end. Because his super anti everyone spell is weak against archers. And she is a …. genius archer! How unexpected.

        1. Will it’s like 90% or more of the regret Korean novel the MC character always forgive which I hate very much in my language there a sentence (there is regret medicine in this world) yet his whole family died because of her yet he even doesn’t have any hate for her

          1. (There in no regret medicine in this world)*****

          2. Cero says:

            Authors always strive to make female characters so irritating, that you know if they were men they would have been killed a while ago 😐.

        2. rob z rob z says:

          What are you talking about? It is repeatedly stated his Devourer spell DOES work against archers.

          1. Gahar says:

            It is working against all energies in its range. It was stated that it will be removing aura from the arrow, but it will not disturb the arrow itself. So, arrow properly aimed will struck the target as a normal arrow. And archers can ambush mages from a distance.

            Mages are using spells, swordsmen need to fight at close range, priests are using spells as well. Archers are the only exceptions as long they are far away.

  8. IME says:

    this is good.


  9. Zorrow says:

    The novel has its own moments where it shines at the same time there are also times where it is frustrating to read! The author failed at portraying the main regret scene properly but still we are able to feel the emotional frustrations of the MC and those around him as they are forced to take decisions under the weight of their own circumstances. And it was well worth it! Going to wait for more chapters.

  10. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    That a first seeing a title like that

  11. The goddamn flashback took 14 chapter. Even naruto aint have this amount of flash back in one go. 1-3 chapters should be enough, but it took so long i forgot he suppose becoming Profesor after the flashback end. With this amount of flashback i was expecting no more after flashback after this. 1 paragraph is okay but 1 or more chapter, i gonna cut author d*ck of and shove it into his mount. Anyways i am going in

  12. I just don’t get it her family help destroy his family and yet he still love her and we know that he will end with her but for that’s disgusting and I am almost sure that he will not get revenge from her family which made me can’t read it

  13. You can read without worrying about any sort of damage. It quite good. Good world building, dynamic characters, and some cat fights. Not something unique and outstanding, it is good in its own way…

    Regret has a backstory and won’t feel forced or anything.

    Easily 8/10….

  14. dkragoon says:

    thanks nobel.
    Finally a novel without regressor or possessor, BY FAR. I hope it keeps going like this, until a wild plot twist appears.

    Just one issue, Whay are you starting with a break up and the next a long flashback ?

    Wait for the fiance regret arc to show this to the readers, this will only result in dropping this.

    Dont bait your readers with the 1 chapter to give a boring crap the next one.

    1. Rader says:

      Thank God or whole damn Universe that I was not alone in noticing that issue. This author would have gotten a lot of hate due to this idiotic move.

      MC bot being a Regressor or Possessor is a plus now, which is quite ironic, and I applaud Author for doing so. But yeah he started it bad.

      1. Dkragoon says:

        He started with the left foot, but skipping the chapters are enough.
        Just hope he doesn’t stumble again introducing another commonly used trope.

      2. rob z rob z says:

        The author presented the story that way because they wanted to color the reader’s perception of the “happy events” while they are reading them. I.e. It’s not a screw up, but an intentional I(and not uncommon) exposition technique.

  15. Rader says:

    5 chapters in. Will continue but damn I wanted to see a Chad MC working as new professor of Magic and punishing some pussies but we get a damn flashback showing some snapshots of love between some White haired B*tch whose name I forgot and MC.

    I don’t care, most readers will not care. Author fcking started with a breakup, then why the heck he is showing flashback at Chapter 1. Man show it after some time, what’s the use of knowing it all. Just start the story and move to Academy thing, when her arc comes and she regrets, show the flashback, not like this. It feels bad and dumb. It feels like start of a regret novel but then showing slice of life love story between Heroine who gave up on 8 years engagement as if we would care about her as we know she would regret it later anyways.

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      start at 15 if you don’t want backstory

      1. Rader says:

        Thanks for the heads-up.

      2. Forgotten one says:

        I will do that

  16. rob z rob z says:

    30+ chapters in and haven’t seen any real comments yet so throwing this teaser review out. Love this novel – right up my alley. Easily 8/10 for me (if not higher) – best new novel I have read since IIS. A true regret / romance story. This is seinen as opposed to shounen – no OP characters, no dense MC, no “hide my powers” because “reasons,” hell, its not even a transported to or reincarnated in a game / novel world. MC is just a solid dude doing the best he can with the hand he is dealt.

    MC is the son of a duke (one of the 5 in the kingdom), he is engaged at the age of 12 to the daughter of another duke (I’ll call her the “Ex” for ex-fiancee). First part of the story is cute romance from the characters between 12 and 18 – almost seems like a pure love story. You see MC and Ex share experiences, grow close, attend the academy together (he is a mage and graduates No. 1 in the class), and seemingly fall in love. (As a side note, MC has another girl who he seemed likely to marry and who continues to care for him dearly (I’ll call her CF for childhood friend), but MC acts fully properly and they distance themselves from each other).

    Something happens to Ex that puts her entirely family at risk. MC’s father, the Duke, wants to see the family destroyed (just to further consolidate his own power – no hard feelings) and break off the engagement. MC objects, and does something secretly to same Ex and her family, never telling Ex.

    However, the tables turn, and MC’s father is betrayed and his family destroyed. However, when MC is down, FMC doesn’t help and breaks off the engagement. CF takes in MC and wants to take care of him – still clearly in love after all these years. MC wants to find his own way, so gets a job – a professorship at the academy. CF doesn’t want him to leave (academy is on an island in the middle of the sea), but he has to do it for himself. He goes, and is welcomed and assisted by his former master (a young female genius mage).

    Ex ultimately is told off by someone who conveys that when the Ex was down, MC helped her out. (To add insult to injury, Ex and her family joins forces with the family that brought down MC’s family). Ex is troubled, wants to talk to MC, but he is off at the academy. And the story goes from there.

    The Mtl is really good, the characters well drawn, the plot slowly developing but with some seeming complexity, nothing seems contrived. I will no doubt finish the available chapters quickly.

    1. crow raven crow raven says:

      first 15 chapters are the backstory. MC is not possor or trangmirgater for a chnage. He gets enaged witha girl, then first 15 are about his interaction and then around chapter 12, his nble family fall apart, his father does suicide, servants leave and no more engament. Then so he gets job at academy I will be report back about acaademy later.
      For the backgound about 7/10, average, nice writing but pretty drawn out.
      Don’t worry I’ll be back in about 15 more chapters, unless it is kills me first.

      1. crow raven crow raven says:

        you can skip first 14 chapter, start at 15 and you will still have the main idea

      2. dkragoon says:

        All i need to know, no possessor nor regressor. I am in.

      3. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

        thanks for the information, I appreciate it

  17. seichan says:


  18. Rissira says:

    poison tester?

  19. Cero says:

    The authors did like the trope of ex-fiancées 😒.

  20. Tabibito says:

    As always

  21. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    gonna comeback when we get the reviews

  22. Hated Author KR says:

    I hate Harem, where pure love?

  23. Cero says:

    Regret label 😫

  24. Doubt says:

    No chapter at

  25. Zen says:

    Yes first 🙂

    1. Zen says:

      Oh..on i messed up 😭

  26. Pure Candy says:


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