I Possessed the Villain in the Lily Novel
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I Possessed the Villain in the Lily Novel

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백합소설 속 빌런에 빙의했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Possessed the Villain in the Lily Novel

‘I want to make love last longer’
was my last wish before I died.

But why did
I become obsessed with something like a lily novel?

Author note: It is not a lily, it is a harem. It’s a male’s harem.

ps: lily means yuri

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  1. Jahe Manis says:

    Just realized that this novel is finished. Unfortunately, noble only uploaded up to 205 chapters, only 15 chapters left.

  2. TerriblyArrogant says:

    If you’re thinking about reading this, don’t bother.

    The title and the description are clickbait misleading.
    Ch 2 you’ll realize that the MC is a monster.
    It’s not a monster that polymorphs(or cool like 🐲 or 🧛‍♂️). Literally a monster with infinite regrowth👾.
    Because of his magic knowledge from a previous life, he plants magic circles throughout his whole body so that his body keeps a human shape(doesn’t regrow more than that).
    That means he has to remain conscious so that mana is always delivered to those circles meaning he can’t sleep otherwise he regrows back to a monster and is eliminated.
    He plans to solve this problem by finding the sage and becoming a human again.

    So, what’s the problem with this?
    The problem was that he wasn’t a villain to begin with.
    He was just a monster that the protagonist(a witch) and her lover(demon/monster hunter) went to obliterate.
    Where the f*ck is that a villain?

    The 2nd problem, what’s the point of it all?
    Was there a reason to make the MC a monster?
    Just keep him as a third-class mage who went inside a lily novel as a third-class villain.
    Why, a damn monster?
    Is it too much to ask to ask for a normal MC?
    Why are they getting harder and harder to find nowadays?

    1. Blue Bro Blue Bro says:

      Maybe it’s the mtl’s fault I don’t know but the body he possessed indeed was an enemy at first, a victim of an experiment that went wrong and gone in a rampage if not for MC possessing his body.
      About him being a villain throughout the novel : MC has the potential to become the final boss but is not an evil guy.
      Btw MC’s personality and his monologues are entertaining and funny.

  3. D F D F says:

    Missing tag : obsession,yandere,mature,r18,smut,posessive,op protagonist,exhaustion,regret

  4. Suherman Joshua says:

    At least this ends with MC banging the heroes, although we won’t know the ending of the story

  5. Quiscon says:

    for those that don’t want to be left hanging, this novel has sadly being discontinue so it dosent got past 208

    1. Blue Bro Blue Bro says:

      It’s finished at 220 chapters in novelpia.

  6. Redom Redom says:

    -> 80 cap review

    It’s sad… it had so much potential and it was such enjoyable read at earlieast chapters… but i don’t know what happened or if the author hadn’t even though of a proper line to follow the story.


    I mean the premise is really interesting the protagonist is transmigrated in experiment subject ( deformed monster) and in middle of boss battle with the novel MC, somehow he manages to survive and using the skills of his previous life he manages to make his body “return” to that of a human.

    MC wants to challenge the trial of the sage, so he could finally be able to sleep since to mantain his human form he isn’t allowed to sleep. MC finds out that he became a devil and not only that but a demon king candidate.

    MC goes on jorney with Novel MC to become a human again while going through the trials of the sage.

    Hmm until here everything is good and really interesting. I like the fact that MC tries to justify that he is not a devil but human and works hard on his jorney to prove his humanity.
    but the problem is the fact that the author forgot the plot and started roaming around, just like a lost child. I mean sure the title is about a lesbian novel but bro, thats not an excuse to throw away what u have built so far… ´

    For those wondering what happened really happened. Well basically the novel basically went from such a cool and interesting novel to a novel where MC goes to each city and collects a new supposedly lesbian girl which initially are hostile.
    After those lesbians find out about his circumstances and that he is actually kind besides being a devil, they feel pity and compassion. Those emotions ended up turning into affection and they find out that he only can atleast sleep for now through a kissing method.
    SURE, somehow u can read this. AHAHAHA thats what u though.
    HURRAY all characters are bland as hell, and to make matters worse, our author doesn’t develop the relationships (emotionally) between the MC and the heroines (maybe except Innis but it’s not even that much) which makes the reader (atleast me) confused of what really they are reading…

    Besides what annoyed me the most about our mc was the fact that he thinks the heroines don’t even like him since they are lesbians they will only care for him because of a sense of duty if not they would find him repulsive…
    Really how the hell he ended up on that conclusion… Even though he already knows that everything that he once read its irrevelevant because the scenarios are completely different from the original novel aswell as some characters.

    In conclusion:
    -> Good Start
    -> Bad and repetitive Development
    -> Innis best girl.


  7. kk77 says:

    specifically tagged as not yuri, still people gripe. it wouldnt matter if it was either, yuri can be shockingly decent

    anyways, mc isnt really beta or pushover, but because of past background, shows streaks of subservience or malleability. it doesnt matter cuz its not the real problem. i dont think the characters are boring, theres definitely something there…. individually speaking. but put together the chemistry is all too lacking. character interactions arent indulgent as they should be in LNs but not really grounded either, sort of worst of both worlds. the biggest problem to me tho is the plot. its all over the place, things jjust keep happening, all the time, with no downtime or constancy. the story continues changing focus, the premise continues transforming with each development. its annoying and exhausting.
    theres more to say but its just venting at that point. its hard to call this bad, because its really not but, i gave this far too many chapters, and i regret the time spent on most of them and therefore cannot in any sincerity recommend to anyone else.

  8. Greed says:

    yuri yikes

  9. King PJ King PJ says:

    The idea and setting is good, but the characters are kinda bland. About MC, many are claiming that he is a pushover, I disagree, just because he is a bit passive that doesn’t make him a beta, at least not close like a japanese MC level. He is not a chad obviously but he is cool enough to make the novel interesting.

  10. I have read around 120 chapters, the MC’s character did not fit well with me… Though he acts shameless and portrays to be ruthless, he is a damn beta and a pushover… Might me just me but I personally did not like his character setting..

  11. Gengar says:

    Idea is cheap. What important is executions.

  12. Phantom says:

    Well I’m aware of SoL novels with farmers, merchants, guild, adventurer, and etc. I mean like a KN Academy novel like how they always say they aren’t gonna get involved and always end up in the main battle of the story or interacting with a main character.

  13. Bruh says:

    I dont mean to be a wet blanket.
    But you guys do realize that there are hundreds of novels in novelupdates alone where the MC either gets kicked out or runs away from the hero party in JP/KN novels or transmigrate, where they just proceed to do their own thing afterwards, right? Like start a farm, create a merchant business, kingdom building, etc etc. And most of them are lame as fuck due to poor execution. So all of them eventually leads back to having something to do with the hero party just to have some resemblance of a plot.

    The idea is there, but to start an intesting plot takes more than just thinking “I want to start a novel about chad MC running away from the hero party” or “MC transmigrator not wanting anything to do with the hero party and just living peacefully”.

    No one wants to see Demigod Desmond the Runaway Party Member farm and sell vegetables for 200 novel chapters. In a manga/manhua its possible, but you’ll get bored to death if its in a novel

  14. Gean says:

    Speaking of janitor, I’m still waiting.

  15. Well, just read a slice of life and think, ”Beyond this city/academy/village, many things are happening, someone is fighting a demon king and someone else is getting revenge, but that doesn’t matter for the cast that lives peacefully in this isolated place. There is no point in saying ”This world is from a novel!” to just proceed with another thing and enjoy the incredibly exciting story about mark the janitor of the orphanage in the southern village.

  16. Phantom says:

    Is there any novel where the MC gets transmigrated but actually doesn’t get involved in the story and just lives a peaceful life.

  17. I really really really want to read about a chad mc who reincarnated as saint/archwizards villain/trash/simp childhood friend and just runs away and explores the world

  18. Like what? “i woke up in a bed and the first thing is the white ceiling?”

  19. Yeah! Nowadays authors have started to develop kink of transferring their MC right in middle of some extreme scenes… Where the *real body* is in middle of battle, where the *real body* has 1 day left to die, where the *real body* is in middle of breaking up with ‘fiancee’, where the *real body* is just about to or has recently gotten ntr’d, etc, etc,etc

    Can’t they for atleast once have a decent transmigration?

  20. @OnlyTruth that’s kinda misleading. He was reincarnated as the boss monster in the middle of the boss battle (barely managed to speak in the last attack). How can u put the other party to blame?

  21. UJ says:

    This translation is particularly difficult to understand, not only are the Pronouns switching back and forth but also some of the names of the characters during conversations.

  22. Tutu says:

    As long as there is no yuri, go go go baby let’s dive, plus the mc transmigrates into a villain

  23. wkwkwk says:

    poison tester, diving now!!!

  24. NEWplus says:

    I want yuri

  25. OnlyTruth says:

    Sorry wrong judgment here mc here is bozo who didn’t want revenge for massive pain inflicted upon by although unintentionally

  26. White says:

    Nah my man bacame a experimental subject nvm

  27. White says:

    Ok I get so my man got reincarnated as a man in a Yuri novel pretty self explanatory

  28. OnlyTruth says:

    What a great synopsis and title
    Nobel is updating good novel today

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