I Pull Out Excalibur
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I Pull Out Excalibur

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엑스칼리버 뽑습니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Pull Out Excalibur

I made a vow in a place where no stars could be seen.
To carve my own star in that night sky.

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  1. LuxX says:

    It’s classic and fun, but also fresh. If you’re tired of damn academy novels and yandere girls, read this excellent work. I rate it as a Ferrari, refined and classic.

  2. aiden pendragon says:

    this good . after a long time not read the classical I feel it new

  3. TheDiir says:

    Is this good?

  4. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a good story, especially about the meaning of being a knight. The setting is in an Arthurian legend analogue.

    A long time after King Arthur fell, the meaning of knighthood is being corrupted. The MC is born in the underground city of Camlann, a prison where convicts and sinners are exiled, never having seen the stars. He is born with a talent for swordsmanship and even learned to use aura without being taught, but as someone born in Camlann, he was destined to never be able to leave the city, and if he were to reveal his talents, he would be killed by those who manage the sinners, as a child of sinners is a sinner themself. However, every few decades, the Sword in the Stone ceremony occurs, and starlight condenses into a copy of Excalibur in various population centers, which is Excalibur seeking a new worthy owner. The MC works as a fixer for one of the slumlords in Camlann, and during a battle over territory, MC ends up drawing Excalibur. The MC commits to become a great knight who surpasses King Arthur, and he is assisted by the Constellation Merlin (female).

    It’s rather refreshing sometimes to have a native as the protag, no possessor or regressor. MC is obviously the chosen one, but it’s still pretty nice to see as he grows and uses protag powers to overcome obstacles. A lot of the power scaling involves stars, Merlin is a 11-star constellation iirc, Excalibur is a 13-star constellation weapon, MC is unable to use the full power of Excalibur as he does not even have 1 star.

  5. Read to ch 25, I don’t like it.
    Doesnt seem to be poison but i just hate it.

  6. victor manuel santander gonzalez says:

    volvere mañana

  7. Busy Poo says:


    1. Egg123 says:

      Ya ya mijo ya

  8. milky violet says:

    White hair protagonist?? I MAKE MY OWN LUCK PROTAG??

    Automatic 10*, if this protagonist was a hero rank he would be EXS or S-EX rank (((((

    Better not be a let down, I love white haired characters too much. Don’t be bad

    1. milky violet says:

      nvm I over judge, I don’t like it but I don’t hate it.

  9. A white haired mc? It seems I will need to check it out. But unfortunately i cannot right now. Have been very busy lately. So I have stopped reading novels for some time. I will start later again ig. But I did rather not read mtl much now. I recovered my insanity with a lot of hardship. It was very hard to live as a sane and mentally broken person. But I am back to being crazyyyy!!!!

    1. Redom Redom says:

      Same I feel you bro, i don’t even have any time at all ahah, well i just have some time before bed to just follow up some manga/novel that im currently following and sometimes im way just to tired that i end up falling asleep.
      the only novel that im keeping updated here is only “how to live as an academy extra villain”.
      i still sometimes come here to check if a good novel or an update from a novel i like comes out so i can mark it.
      Its sad that i have to live 🙁 sigh

      1. Ahaha, same here. I also have time during morning or at night. Most of the time i just check the updates and bookmark them for later during vacation where I will read the gold ones rated by the sacrificed soldiers after they have chapter around 100 or more. For now, I am just active in comments when I get time.

  10. Reiii says:


    1. Big Blackclock says:

      NO, DON’T!! IT’S NOVEMBER!!!

      1. Reiii says:

        Heh, I have already failed my mission, But you must continue yours Big Black cLock💀..

        1. Big Blackclock says:

          I almost lost after seeing Nahida from Genshin Impact.

          1. Wait wait wait. What the fuk!? Bro that’s a kid…don’t tell me you are a pedo….oh god wait why am I saying God when I am one? Silly me.
            Anyways Oh My ME!! YOU WERE A PEDO!?


          2. Reiii says:

            *Sigh, Yet another one has fallen today

  11. Hehe says:

    Damare mongrel !

    1. Hehe says:

      I’m Never forget gilgames 🙂

  12. Big Blackclock says:

    (Off topic) Every time Milky Violet sees a white haired yandere waifu, he pulls out his Excalibur.

  13. I have exactly one very simple question. Is there a sweet, obsessed girl in this book? Any romantic interest?

    1. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

      Straight to the point

      (I’m also asking the same)
      ((Hoping there is))

  14. Cain says:

    Thought I got the chance…

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