I Raised Snow White!
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I Raised Snow White!

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계모가 키운 백설공주
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Raised Snow White!

One day I opened my eyes, and found myself in a “Snow White” game. And in this game, the Stepmother whose body I took over, happens to die a horrible, wretched death.

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  1. When this will be updated? The raws already at chapter 180 and from the illustration it seems spicy

  2. Yuri lover says:

    Noble this really needs an obsessive love and yandere tag. Sw is your standard yandere

  3. T MT T MT says:

    Yeah now pls noble add yandere tag. SW is just BRUH. Nice.

  4. Reii i Reii i says:

    Begon Trinity of Poison !!!! (Atleast for me it is)

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Ntr, Yaoi and Yuri??

  5. Cero says:

    Wow, three updates in less than an hour😯.

  6. Sephir says:

    Ayo 3 updates?

  7. definitelyNOTnverthles says:

    i am interested in the part of genderswap. the conflict interests me and it’s excitingly immoral.


  8. Manchester Black says:

    But gender swap is not TS. Or does the stepmother bring a gift?

  9. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    this is surprisingly cute and adorable but also has a hint of obsession. Definitely will Recommended

  10. Yuri Enthusiast says:

    Thank you for uploading this. It really fits my taste ☺

  11. Poison Tester says:

    Subjective : Hmmm… Weird.. Really weird, the MC love FL as daughter but the fl love her as lover, it’s like when you raised a daughter then she become your wife?(it is Yuri so idk). I felt guilty for it.

    Objective: not bad-pretty good, the mtl is readable, the story will be good for some people that like Yuri genre.

    Conclusion: the story is good but not for everyone, it is created for Yuri lover so if you don’t have kind of taste or just call it ‘fetish’, you I’ll feel weird for the novel because it not your cup of tea.

  12. Forgotten one says:

    Too poisonous for me…

  13. Forgotten one says:

    What!! Yuri!! Ts!! Gender swap!!
    Nah… I might be dead before reading the 1st chapter ending…

  14. Kirill Popov says:

    What then? Did I become a gray wolf and raise Little Red Riding Hood?

  15. Poison Tester says:

    I am brave warrior, unbreakable mind! There is no poison can kill me! Even this TS Yuri Poison!!!!

    Let’s gooooooo!!!!

  16. I don’t mind TS but I am uncomfortable with GL and BL. Guess I’ll miss this one out. Premise seems interesting though 🤔

  17. If you have the mental strength and read it to the end of story, i salute you oh brave warrior

  18. Not as bad i thoughts it would.
    MC is male who got transfer into stepMom of snow white in the game.
    The game is about parenting simulation, but have rogue like difficult, but its not clear who we play as.
    Snow white parents is completely an a-hole, they only like each other and never show any affection to SW and they die because they want to merge(literally) together.
    The original stepMom never harm SW so mc can smoothly go and fill SW empty parental figure with ease.
    The writing itself is good and MC Original purpose is to raise SW as a mother not a lover, don’t know how they got to that point at the prolog.
    MC even state that he will leave palace after SW grow up.
    But MC not struggling over that missing Y chromosome is strange to me, atleast 1-2 chapter how he adapt in his new body is enough but there isnt any.
    Honestly, if this just novel about raising a child i was fine with it. TS, pure love and yuri is an unnecessary and wierd combination of genre.
    Its cute and heart warming at beginning but it will surely become cursed at the end.
    Even if MC somehow obtain his male body, SW is like 6-7 years old and he is 20.

  19. Bluebro says:

    No… Just no…
    I want a male MC with a heroine stepmother yet I stumble upon this! Oh sh*t!!!

  20. Lucarik ~ Lucarik ~ says:

    I only read the first chapter but got different vibes from previous viewers. MC is locked in a room with their hands tied when 20yr old Snow White(kidnapper) walks into the room asking why mc left her two years ago.

    Gist of first chapter:
    SW: If you run from me again I’ll put a leash on you
    MC: I raised you like my own daughter, why are you doing this to me? *confused
    SW: *touches MC’s lips* It’s because you don’t understand my feelings that I’m doing this

    So again, only read the first chapter but from what I’ve seen MC probably doesn’t have feelings while raising SW besides parental affection while SW gradually turns into a yandere, but I’ll leave the more in depth reviews to others.

  21. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Also this novel feels like an inferior “I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter is Just so Cute!”. In this novel the MC genuinely wants to raise snow white as if she is her mother without any other motives.

  22. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I read til chapter 02, afterwards I went to the novelpia page only to find that one of the covers shows a very young snow white that genuinely looks like a child (5-7 years old) and the protagonist who is clearly an adult.

    The MC was originally a male who was a big fan of this novel’s version of snow white. He was then isekai-ed and TS to the witch Vivian (stepmother) of snow white with a goal of raising Snow white, but as you can see in the cover and the tags they inevitably end-up together.

    If you are not weirded out by that kind of premise where there is a clear grooming vibe by all means continue to read it if you like. I am not such a stuck-up to bar people from enjoying a fictional story.

    But as for me I won’t continue this I just feel so uncomfortable knowing that an adult male(former) is raising a child, that he(she) would later be in a romantic relationship with.

    This is simply just ain’t it for me.

  23. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Isn’t this kinda like grooming? I don’t know about this, I usually dont write anything unless I have already read it, but this seems really off.

  24. Veldra says:

    This an insane ass Poison. I can feel the dread it just by the tags and synopsis

  25. 9.4, If 50 people tag in 2 days I read…

  26. Yuri + TS + stepmother?… 🗿
    9.4? pass

  27. Heidelberg says:

    What in the world😦😧

  28. CrovoloDesu says:

    Stepmom and TS…….Too poisonous for me

  29. volt zone volt zone says:

    The Story is quite good and very interesting. just read it with an open mind.

  30. What???Yuri???StepMom???GenderSwap???Yeah this is too poisonous for me

  31. Feng says:

    Just kidding tho. Love Yuri. And no homo tho.

  32. Feng says:

    Women!? I need men!!!

  33. Yamete-kuda says:

    Yuri- what??

  34. Yamete-kuda says:

    Yur- what?

  35. MeIoC says:


  36. How should I feel when I read a novel in which two women flirt and blush? I want penetration, not friction.

    hate speech[???]

  37. rob z rob z says:

    In a previous post on this site I listed all the kinds of novels I find to be poison. I see I need to add to that list.

  38. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    What the hell is this?????

  39. İsmet says:


  40. Reii i Reii i says:

    Tags I don’t like

  41. Zero says:

    A poisoned apple

  42. Pikussa says:

    Nah this is strong poison.Ts😔

  43. Zero says:

    Made me want to eat 🥴

  44. Fyl says:

    Might try…

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