Survive on a Deserted Island With the Villainous Young Lady
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Survive on a Deserted Island With the Villainous Young Lady

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Survive on a Deserted Island With the Villainous Young Lady

Abandoned on a deserted island with the villainous young lady.

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  1. TheSinglesLord says:

    8.5/10 very wholesome and lukewarming to the feeling. Although it was long, the payoff is also worth it. To be honest it really is such a good journey despite all the tragedy they faced.

    Not a unique one but surely well done novel

  2. Novel reviewer says:

    smut chapters- 118, 144, 204, 223, 224, 271, 303, 327,

    1. 2chu says:

      Doing God’s work I see

  3. LuxX says:

    Yesssss, updated!

  4. Kont0llond0n says:

    This novel is rubbish, don’t try it

  5. LuxX says:

    Can someone go to Discord and request an update to the novel? I don’t know how to do that…

  6. me-ne-la-uyt says:

    Very good novel! The FML eventually becomes very cute!

  7. LuxX says:

    How is this novel? It’s amazing. The plot isn’t stellar but it’s definitely interesting and refreshing. It’s really mildly addictive. The way the two main characters survive is really fascinating. At 170+, the adventure arc begins, so many interesting things appear. This novel is really good, please update!

  8. Dilution . Dilution . says:

    First 100 chap or so was boring, but it got better as it goes on. Now i want more of it. This novel doesnt have a amazing plot nor writing for the people that want it. but DAMN!.. its addicting.

  9. Rone Allza says:

    It’s slice of life, ofc, but it reached a point where they leave the island, don’t worry. And yea, it’s good, I read it till chapter 200 and I’m craving for moar

  10. King PJ King PJ says:

    I thought it will be poison given the premise and the tags but contrary to that it is a very good story with a deep message from the author through its writting: money and luxury could corrupt the mind and you dont value what is truly important until you lost everything.

  11. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    I totally agree with the stranger, the story is really good, but it’s practically a slice of life, a bit tiring to read in one breath, but it’s ok if you read it slowly.

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    Well its actually good (SPOILER)

    Firstly MC is not reincarnated person, but from 6 years old his father takes him to train, hunting and teach him about survival and animal so kinda strong and know about survival, then MC goes to Butler Academy because his father doesn’t want him to live like him or something, in the Butler Academy he is top student get chosen by Duke, or Villainess’s family. Where he get bullied everyday by her (Villainess) but not once or two that MC want to punch her.

    Second the story is kinda After-Story that explain what happened to villainess aftet she got banished to floating island along with her butler (MC). And the After-Story what happend to Prince and Heroine

    And the personalily about Villainess is She act spoiled considering her father spoiled her for as long as she remember but very talented and fast learner i mean after MC teach her she know how to it after watch for first time, she love learning after she got the feeling Achievement or something like that, she keeps doint it because sense of accomplishment and want to get praised by MC.
    MC personality at first doesn’t simp about Villainess but still taking care her when she got hurt, i mean there’s only two person on the island. MC tryng to improve their Base and only thinking about survival, after life and death situations MC became aware about how cute and fragile she is. So MC tryng to teach hoe to make trap, how to get clean water, hunt, using bow, etc. MC became kinda shy when he actually realize his feeling

    Romance? Its around 50+ chapter where Villainess start imagine things about MC body, at first she didn’t know and MC just thinking surviving, then after life and death situations they became aware each other, Villainess rely on MC, MC also start to noticed her and thats became full bloom romance that focus on survival.

    18+, i think you will get that around 120+ chapter or so

    And about the island, its floating island that actually floating in the sea, and move around, the island has two place, in the novel its Low Ground and High Ground (For me i thinks its Outer Island and Inner Island) in the low ground (Outer Island) there is animal you (reader) can recognize, but for MC and Villainess they don’t recognize it (Alligators they think its a dragon). And on High Ground (Inner Island) there are very powerful tribe there called Black Wind and also there are somekind fantasy animal who live there too.

    Regret here i thinks its the Prince and Original Heroine. The prince became cold blooded tyrant and Heroine tryng to run away.

    The Kingdom? There’s Coup d Deat, from Villainess’s family the duke march the Revolution Army using Guns, Cannon, and Bombs. The Villainess Fathter using a reason like “My daughter got expelled to Devil Island so im taking revenge on the Kingdom” or something like that. So now when MC and Villainess trying to survive the Kingdom is still at War

    After 150+ they start adventure well its kinda boring actually for me.

  13. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    The prologue… is interesting.

    Chapter 1.
    This one is also interesting, the protagonist apparently is the villain’s butler, a villain who took it upon himself to mistreat the romantic interest of her fiancée… typical shoujo novel.

    For this, she is finally punished by exiling her to a deserted island with her butler.

    Another point in favor, the protagonist is not a reincarnator / transmigrator, he is simply a native of that world.

    Another point in favor, the protagonist is not licking the villain’s feet for being beautiful, he simply ignores her while she concentrates on surviving.

    Episode 2.
    This chapter is simply a continuation of the previous one, the denial of the villain, the fear of losing everything, how he begins to follow the protagonist, etc.

    Meanwhile, the protagonist continues to do his thing, although he offers the girl water, he doesn’t help her with anything else. Interestingly before he thought about hitting her or even killing her to ease the burden on her, he ultimately decides to leave without doing so.

    In the end the girl decides to endure the pain to perform some actions, meanwhile the boy returns with some things on his hands.

    Chapter 3.
    Interesting again, here it is taken into account how stupid it is for a prince to break his engagement for a commoner, the royal family suffers and the duke attempts a coup.

    As for the protagonists. There is a continuation with his past actions.

    So far the protagonist continues to ignore the villain.

    So far my review, I can do more but I feel that the story is already interesting enough.

    If there is a drop in quality I will post it in another comment.

  14. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    There is no proper synopsis yet, great, I’ll take care of it!

    It motivates me to see that it is pure love… although r-18 I don’t know, but maybe it is.

  15. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    I thank you for your sacrifice

  16. Nay says:

    I’ll be your poison tester

  17. Q D Q D says:

    Pure love but R-18, damn it’s impossible

  18. Blue Shadow says:

    Okay this is new, In the Deserted Island trying to survive with Villainess

    Ogaa Bogaa

  19. Doubt says:

    I believe you

  20. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    A villainess not in an academy or aristocratic setting but island survival setting? This is new, seems like it would be interesting.

  21. I swear I’m not here because Booba, can you believe it?

  22. Zorro says:

    Keep those regrets piling up. Pure loves a bonus

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