The Demon King’s Seal Has Been Broken
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The Demon King’s Seal Has Been Broken

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마왕의 봉인이 풀려버렸다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Demon King’s Seal Has Been Broken

It’s X.

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  1. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Author is a first time writer so I guess I was too harsh. Hope for the best on their next work.

  2. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Boring novel. No, seriously. I can’t even find a way to rate it. I usually rate novels according to their genre, but this one is just a different breed.
    Incompetent Princess ruined everything by sending a shitty hero party to unseal the Demon King who the True Hero(MC) sealed. The twist is that the Demon King was someone from a bigger main world, and the DK destroyed the bigger main world within 3 days. So the DK went around worlds to worlds finding a good fight, until she stumbles upon this small world where the True Hero (MC resides). MC went to the Demon realm, committed genocide(pretty much making almost endangered), then went to the castle.

    Even so, the MC barely won the fight, and it was just cause of a sudden power-up. He managed to seal the DK for 100 years while she was weakened, but MC can’t kill her. Then the princess decides “hey filthy commoner not win ooga booga probably hes weak. send hero party i think is better”. 1 week later, they broke the seal and the hero party got maimed and tortured to death.

    My suggestion: Don’t read this. Please its a waste of your god damn time. The regret part wasn’t even satisfying. The only catharsis I would get is how the Discount Hero party got toyed with and the 1st Inbred Imperial princess got her karma.

  3. Agir says:

    The tags don’t match the content. There is no pure love here, and in principle there is no romance. Yandere? No, you haven’t heard! Well, you can read this just for fun, but don’t look here for some romance, it is NOT here (English is not my native language)

  4. Shadow says:

    The rushed ending ruined the story for me. But it’s bearable.

  5. Ezra Ezra says:

    time to isekai guys

  6. I have your X.

    You might me Y.

    I D K myself.

    But your mom is with me too.

    Say Hi to her.

    Also bye to her.

  7. Hans says:

    Where a Synopsis

  8. reaper says:

    That synopsis gave me cancer.

  9. Mista says:

    @Phobi21, Sauce!

    You don’t talk about interesting Doujin without sauce.

  10. salty1 says:

    its fucked

  11. Phobi 21 Phobi 21 says:

    Strangely the synopsis I just read (the one with the heroes in the comments) is too similar to a Doujinshi I saw yesterday.

    One where the protagonist defeats the demon king and returns to his home planet, but suddenly, while he is at home playing video games, the demon queen arrives to have strong children with him…

  12. Dont read this shit says:

    Very rushed ending that ruins all the build up, seems like Author had something else he wanted to write. If you are looking for yandere and pure love, dont read. It doesnt exist

  13. Blue Shadow says:

    The shortest synopsis i ever see.

    It’s Z

  14. Zorro says:

    Regret! Well sounds like my kind of poison! And cheers to the poison testers

  15. Thinking back on this, perhaps I could’ve just excluded the spoiler… oh well lol

  16. Huh, alright so it’s pretty interesting. Hero seals the demon king because she’s too strong and then everyone calls him a loser despite him beating a 1v104902940293 (mf literally walked into the demon realm alone)

    It was definitely rushed at the end, talents appear out of nowhere and you’d think they would come to him when he first became a hero, many experiences were just cut off like him getting a new holy sword and the second princess dethroning the first princess, and generally all the characters are underdeveloped. I mean it makes sense, after getting unsealed the DK is going to get stronger, but I feel like you could stretch it out to 100+ chapters. Oh and the demon king has an obsession with the MC because he’s strong enough to beat her.

    Spoilers!!!!!!!!: and the demon king reincarnated as MC daughter, or at least implied… kinda scary though.

    So what should you expect? Ehh maybe a decent novel, it’s quick read so it really depends on you. I’d rate it 6.5/10

    1. Ninja says:

      The incest must be hard 🔥🔥

  17. zedtype says:

    Ok 5 chapter so far. I would just compress it to a short synopsis so everyone can understand what this about.

    So there is this one heroes that apreantly can’t beat demon king because the previous one isn’t mentioned to be that strong. So as compromise he seal it. For context he solo the demon king by himself without companion.

    But as ungrateful as they’re, the noble especially the dumb princess say the heroes is weak and can only seal demon king instead of killing him. Apreantly previous heroes is always come from aristocrat bs so lo and behold, the infamous superiority complex.

    Combined with high nosed Genius of the century some dude told the princess to destroy the seal and kill them theirself.

    What happen when you try to break something that doesn’t hurt you? Well you guess, that’s it.

  18. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Bafflingly, the title explain far more than the synopsis does.

  19. zedtype says:

    Imma check few chapter give me power everyone..

  20. Black blood_24 says:

    Well, we have x, and we need y and z to make it into a mathematical equation

  21. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    What the hell does X even means? How the hell we supposed to know the premise?

  22. Can anyone solve this equation, we have X what else we need? Man I love this website.

  23. Rodest says:

    The sysnopsis kill my interest to read the novel.

  24. Zer0 says:

    I think they are doing it in pure hatred…😈😈

  25. The synopsis is getting shorter and not easy to understand, this is X

  26. Synopsis gone next lvl. And the lvl will consist 1 word only😂

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