The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason
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The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason

Read full chapter The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason, Light Novel The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason english, LN The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason, The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason Online, read The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason at Noble Machine translations.
어째선지 용사파티원들이 잘해준다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero’s Party Members Treat Me Well for Some Reason

My body is covered with all sorts of unpleasant curses.

“But why… why are they being so kind to me…?”

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  1. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    the amount of patience while waiting the author……..

  2. IME says:

    i wonder why noble only updated 10 chapters

    It turns out the author worked on this novel slowly, its like 1 chapter in 10 days kewk

  3. Can someone tell me what is the last chapter before update i forgot what chapter it is

  4. CringeDestroyer says:

    ey thanks for granting my request in discord Noble! only 2 members left

  5. Yorghuul says:

    Damn that’s a good novel if you enjoy stories about exhaustion and regret, with a hero that isn’t a munchkin and suffering to progress forward.

    Getting into the flow and the start are a bit iffy but once the setting is properly set then it’s a smooth read until chapter 65, I’ll give it a 8.5/10 for now, of course this isn’t for everyone, if you’re the kind of guy who dislike tragedies or yell simp left and right then pass your way.

  6. That’s how hateful! I just wrote a review about all my thoughts, predictions and fears regarding this story and it wasn’t the comment!! I spent about 10 minutes writing.Summary of what I had said: I hate it when the MC is treated unfairly, but I love seeing the idiots who slighted him become broken and sorry.But I won’t continue reading because the love/hate ratio is extremely unbalanced. I will not continue suffering here. P.S. I’ve already read chapter 40 and there’s only one person on the MC’s side.

    1. yake yake yake yake says:

      I was angry at the hero’s unfair treatment

  7. amogustimestwo says:

    I won’t read this one. Instead I will use my day for productive things like homework and persona 5 and studying and increasing social links in persona and gettings As on exams and getting a persona gf.

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      Thats cap asf because I already know you’re not going to be doing any homework or studying and all you’re going to end up doing is jerk off to your shltty persona 5 for the rest of your life

      1. amogustimestwo says:


  8. milky violet says:

    I really have to start commenting more, just so that I know I read this novel or at least interacted with it

    1. rob z rob z says:

      That’s about half the reason I write reviews as well – just so I don’t forget what I have read (and remember which novels to not start reading again).

    2. Well i do that in the novel chapters. Sometimes reading back my comments from the series that i forget makes me remember things rather than only skimming.

  9. Poor says:

    With all the pain in my heart, the author has not moved forward with the story. This is because he is in a study concentration camp.

  10. NovelGrinding50 says:

    The novel is pretty good. I’m quite interested in the adventure and growth of the MC.
    It’s not a novel that you would pick up to read if you looking for romance or relationship since they already default on finding MC unpleasant due to his fixed fate.

  11. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    It’s not too bad, if there were more chapters I would mindlessly keep reading. Also the regret isn’t anything too crazy. Hero is cursed to he’ll though and there’s no hope for recovery.

  12. Went in expecting pure unfiltered trash, but it´s pretty decent, one of the better regret stories I´ve read. Usually this type of novel tends to skip the journey and go straight into the pure regret fest, as really psychopathic, unlikeable characters bully the MC and 5 chapters later are crying and trying to get forgiveness .

    In this one, we get the full journey as we see our MC struggle as best as he can. Rather than a simp or wimp he feels like a victim of the situation, felt bad for the poor guy.

    I think the drama is really forced, the characters suffer greatly because of it, as the novel makes the characters feel interchangeable, (almost all people react the same to the MC). It was fun to see how the MC overcomes problems and becomes stronger. I´m interested in how the story will evolve. 7.25/10

  13. For who ever say this is poison please elaborate, cause so far the story get steadily become more good.
    The first few chapter is buildup for the story and its nicely done.
    Fml have no personality just because they dont get develop yet. Except for saint (As far i read).

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Just as a couple examples, it’s a contrived and stupid trope to begin with – the “pathetically weak to strong”. I.e, it’s not simply weak to strong, where you see real growth of the MC, but there is an overwhelmingly unfair disadvantage imposed on the MC at the start, and then the whole story is about that unfair disadvantage – in this case the multiple curses that come about because he trades in his fate. So the whole damn story is about those curses that make everyone hate and distrust him, or how he tries to work around the curses, but in so doing it completely undercuts any real characterization of the FMCs. They are all either just mean and abusive to the MC, or after the deus ex machina of the save game, regretful. You literally don’t even need to know the different FMCs names. And there is nothing of interest in terms of the MCs character development for the same reason.

      It is also, in my view, deviant and gross. The author was looking for an excuse to write something ugly and still get away with it using the save game mechanism. Maybe you get your jollies off of it – I don’t.

      I have many more that I will put in a review, but those are just a couple. 2/10 is being generous.

      1. I still cant understand how that make this story a poison, still better novel than most on this site. This novel clearly in the decent side.
        But i’ll respect your thoughts and respond

        1. Rader says:

          Thing is that if you are looking for romance and what not, the guy here said true. Heroines don’t like MC just because Author wanted it to be so. It’s bad writing and so but since I didn’t care about Romance here I was able to see good points of this novel, and you too also saw them because you didn’t think much about heroines like me.

          1. Ah i see, i don’t really care about the heroine since they are rarely have their own moment and romance isnt my main goal when reading story about isekai adventure.
            Thanks for the explanation

  14. IME says:

    poison this, poison that, tf man did you all really reading it?

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Yes, I read it. I wouldn’t call it poison because it doesn’t fit into any of those categories that should be considered poison (r#pe, NTR, overly dense MC, beta cuck MC, TS, “hide my powers” because “reasons”, etc) but it sucked and was actively unpleasant to read.

      1. IME says:

        nah, ive never find your positive comments in this site

        1. rob z rob z says:

          I have a bunch – mostly in pure love or obsessive love / yandere / romance. Incompatible interspecies Wives (at least until chapter 180), Childhood Friend of the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate Family, and Villainesses in a Romance Fantasy Become Obsessed are 3 off of the top of my head for which I offered positive comments. If you need more that give you a sense of my likes / dislikes, let me know and I can dig through my old review – in terms of other Korean Novels, I am also a huge fan of Top Management, Kidnapped Dragons, Ending Maker, a Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, and The Regressor and the Blind Saint.

  15. Rader says:

    People who says that this is poison has never seen a real poison in their entire life. Lucky or pitiful? Can’t say for sure.

    Anyways here is a setting and summary of this novel:

    In Korea a game was launched with Dark Souls difficulty and was Erogame too around the Heroines. Anyways there was a crazy person who finished the game 999 times but was not able to achieve an ending with all heroines alive and dead Demon King. He was given a special perk and chance to do it this time, he was then possessed into a weak hero.

    All this possession was done by a God who is more like an Outer God, much much weaker than the Biblical God and other Gods in different religion but like Lovecraftian Gods that God is able to influence humans and eat away their sanity. That God had an agreement with Demon King who was hell bent on destroying the world, as per the agreement God sent their pawn, the Hero to invade his realm and see if they can kill Demon King. Demon King himself feels like someone who wanted to challenge the God or something so peace was never an option.

    God appointed many heroes but some heroes did very bad and led to a great destruction of humanity which led to God using a lot of power to search for next hero in other dimension, and they made a Game for screening. MC passed and became a Hero but he was weak, but he had skill of exchange, skill of God where they used power reserves to do strange things. MC and God had connected bank accounts and MC got power in exchange of his fate as a Hero because he brunt most cost as God balance was already reduced by a lot.

    Now MC who has a fate of Villain has to beat the game again as a Hero with all the curses suitable for some final boss. Anyways it’s not poison, MC took up the deal after considering and he is more committed in saving the world than even Natives because it is his last obsession, in Korea he was nothing and was only drifting and passed time saving this game world, now he is even more committed in doing it. I am saying all this because he is the one who always take more extreme decisions to get more power.

    There are other mysteries too, like Game Bugs which appeared in Reality. In Game when his character got the power of Bug which was more like a cheat his character was destroyed so he is hiding this fact. This bug can be remains of Demon King when he was probably demon god or something related to God of the world before the current one or so. Anyways there is clear tension here, MC is not a puppet of God, Demon King and MC are enemies as per a contract but it’s more like a game where Demon King is tasked to grow a Hero capable enough to beat him, there are a lot of mysteries and hidden dynamics across them making it more interesting.

    1. Enter says:

      I was walking down the street and saw a man stuffing pieces of feces into his mouth.
      He ate the feces and praised its taste, inviting me to try it too, but I refused.

      1. bruh you got me there 😂💀

      2. CringeDestroyer says:

        nice analogy, but that can be used for literally any opinion you find disagreeable. to each their own i suppose

      3. CringeDestroyer says:

        nice analogy, but that can be used for literally any opinion you find disagreeable. To each their own i suppose.

    2. Zorrow says:

      Appreciate the grunt work soldier! Some people have forgotten what it means to be a true poison tester! For me atleast, it means sacrificing oneself for providing a summary of the story which the readers can judge if they can handle the poison or not! Some are more poison resistant than others. While some enjoy certain exotic poison I suppose! Anyway thanks for returning back alive and reporting the aar! *drum rolls as BGM and a salute*

      1. Rader says:

        Yeah, it’s better to give summary to the novels with polarizing opinions like this one. Of course it’s not as bad as some I was not able to read beyond 10 chapters. It’s cliche and maybe only redeeming factor is MC who is kinda bad ass.

        Well I have done my work here. Decide for yourself after reading.

    3. Sephir says:

      Well that’s poison to me that trope was used quite a lot of times, and this one will probably do it but worse(so yeah poison) atleast to me, didn’t even read it so I could maybe be wrong.

  16. CringeDestroyer says:

    Wow thought it was your typical regretion but this is surprsingly good, these dudes saying poison have obviously never read past chap 10

    plot 8/10
    mainly because the early chapters need a lot of work

    dont trust poison testers who havent read fr enough

  17. mr joster mr joster says:

    i hate when after you read it, you have to wait few week for the next updates or they just forget about this and never updates. this novel is good to me so just give it a try before judge it

  18. rob z rob z says:

    Unless you are a sadist and get off on unnecessary suffering, this novel is trash.

  19. Something says:

    It’s decent 7/10. The main focus is progression–leveling, acquiring new skills, defeating bosses. The romance, regret, misunderstandings, etc. play a pretty small role in the story so far.

  20. Something says:

    It’s decent. Mostly action-focused, leveling and gaining new skills, defeating bosses. The romance, regret, misunderstandings, etc. play a pretty small part in the story so far.

  21. D1Grandmaster says:

    This is poison

  22. Originally, the goal of any literature, even fiction, was to “teach the reader something.” This means that after reading a book, the reader should know and understand something that they did not know or understand before. So, I have a question… What are we supposed to learn from the repetitive stories with minimal changes about how the main character was kind, but it went unnoticed, then the girls regretted it and now they appreciate his kindness? Okay, let’s say the first story was supposed to teach us that all good deeds will come back to you and that you should appreciate kindness from others. What was I supposed to learn from the second, third, or tenth story? It’s not that I’m annoyed that authors are trying to create an interesting book that would be enjoyable to read, no, not at all. However, when everything in the book annoys you, for example, how the girls treat the main character like garbage in the beginning, then there should be something special in the book that you can learn from and why you should read this trash despite being annoyed. So, I’ll ask again. What am I supposed to learn from this book? If this book cannot teach me anything and is only created for “pleasant pastime,” while this pastime is not at all pleasant because of how the main character is treated at the beginning, then either I don’t understand literature or the author is a masochist who enjoys being treated this way.

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      I think I’m a masochist, I just read to pass the time, I read most of the stuff posted here and that leads me to mix up characters and situations when I read updates of old novels. But whatever… what I’m looking for is easy and instant entertainment. That’s why I read MTL where they publish blocks of 50 chapters a day. Somewhere along the line I lost my patience to wait for chapters, somewhere along the line I lost my standards and now I just read and read and read

      1. Cain says:

        The downward spiral to the abyss.

      2. Zorrow says:

        So relatable. It’s like the deeper into the abyss we go, all reason is lost.

      3. Just Another Fool says:

        You’re right… I’ve been trying to quit but I always come back. Its an emotional support but at the same time its poison to my mind and my future…

        I’ll make a last ditch effort to leave this place. Maybe read some normal books instead. And I recommend ya’ll to do the same. Hope we can all leave the abyss.

        1. OutcasT says:

          You can Try to Leave Abyss but… Abyss will never leave your…. It will not let you….

          Hope You Survive

          (Btw I left for about 2 months thn came back again )

      4. Just Another Fool says:


        1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

          Hope you succeed, good luck

  23. Seastan says:

    This looks like Poison

  24. Cero says:

    This thing is good??

      1. Cero says:

        Indeed, It was rubbish. Unfortunatetely i already read it :(.

  25. Rissira says:

    poison testers?

  26. Jjoell12 says:

    actualicen las novelas que ya subieron al sitio, últimamente suben solo nuevas novelas y no actualizan las que ya estan en el sitio,ademas q las que suben son todo lo mismo…

  27. Hated Author KR says:

    I hate RGR, But this novel is not bad…

  28. Currently at chap 15. Since the game where mc got transmigrated is erotic game with many disgusting scenes(explained in the first chap), there are many disturbing r18 tortures. Beware.

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      Tell me it’s worth reading or not

      1. Can’t say without reading all the existing chapters.

    2. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      i’m on 17, spoiler: luckily the time stopped before the r*pe, if that happened i would stop reading. Luckily the author is not dumb

  29. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Without reading novel, the reason i think there kind to him: rigression, some memories sh@t, he is unconditional kind to them, because of plot without any sense, or…..

    1. Currently at chap 15. Yup it’s regretion. Spoiler:- the punishment one of them got is… Good ig

      1. Spoiler:- the punishment one of them get for not trusting hero*.

    2. Cero says:

      It’s always the same 😐

  30. Ahh yes. Another regretion poison.

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