I’m the Only One Who Can’t See Ghosts
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I’m the Only One Who Can’t See Ghosts

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나만 유령이 안보임
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I’m the Only One Who Can’t See Ghosts

In an era where everyone in the world can see ghosts,
only I am unable to see them.

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  1. Des says:

    Welp, read 20 chaps. Only thing I can add is that there is something inside MC. He can’t stand being afraid of ghosts. Probs the reason why he is immune to all that.

  2. Memomo says:

    welp the premise of this novel is entertaining. while reading this you have to keep in mind the plot is a comedic one since you will find alot of inconsistencies. like the manga name “to be a power in the shadows”.. my only problem with this is the mc’s inconsistent behaviour or intelligence.. sometimes he’s acting like a blind idiot and other moments he can understand with a complicated situation with minimal info. if you can overlook this then novel is above average. I’d give it 8/10

    1. Memomo says:

      one thing I forgot to mention.. the mtl here is very rough since it deals eith supernatural words.. I find myself skipping on a lot of these parts

  3. Munu says:

    Please update, this is worth reading, even though there are some translations that are difficult to understand

  4. Suherman Joshua says:

    One word for this novel is “funny”. MC can’t see ghosts and paranormal phenomena, but his eyes also see other things differently than normal people’s eyes. No psychics and magic work on him. This novel combine the concept of hand signs like ninjas. Generally the opponent does a hand sign before attacking, instead of waiting too long, the MC just gives them punches and kicks. Sometimes MC plays hand signs like them before attack, making his opponent anxious. So this novel is like combine one-punch man, toaru majutsu no Index, modern ninja world, jujutsu kaisen, and odd taxi

  5. Kage bushin no jutsu!!!

    oh nooo? He’s realeasing the 19 gates of hell and the palm of stannya and jared!!

    1. The story is getting pretty interesting but overall, I find it kinda funny. I wish the main reason for his powers is that he’s not a chosen one or anything, but rather he will become a chosen one because he’s just so cool that he became Buddha 2

      “Hehe I will tell a lie about my older brother because anime incest, hehehehehe”

      “Wait no, you’re not supposed to have strong powers!!”

      1. Mhmmm that sound generic, rewrite the script. MC name is so long that the gods and hell hates it, you can’t shorten to a nickname too because it will curse you with 1000 peggings and 93749282748 days of getting tickled in your weak spots, and you can’t mispronounce it either because you will lose your spirit hood and be forced to walk under the 99999 days of tickly feet and itchy areas that don’t go away when you scratch it, and finally you have to say the entire name because then if you don’t you get your eyeballs plucked out by some stupid sparrow called Je Cihuang that poops on your face and blah blah blah blah

        actual revised: god grants the strongest powers to the least cringe namer. Do not call your special powers “heavenly earth descends upon the writing earth, the azure dragon wraps around the jade tiger”

      2. Suherman Joshua says:

        Based on his deceased sister’s knowledge, there are other people who like MC, cannot see ghosts and supernatural phenomena, and neutralize psychic powers, but they are hunted down and killed because psychics are afraid of them. Well, MC lives in a psychic world.

  6. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a decent read, mildly amusing, but has some pacing issues. One day, spiritual energy and ghosts return to the world, and everyone obtains some level of psychic/magic ability and can see ghosts. But the MC alone didn’t seem to change, and he cannot see ghosts or magic. But due to this, MC is immune to ghosts and magic which pretty much makes him OP. When he sees shamans fighting, it looks to him like a bunch of chuuni rejects shouting spell names and making hand signs while playing pretend, and he just walks up to them and punches them.

    It’s mostly slice of life, arcs feel a bit too short for much development. Kinda main plot starts around ch 50.

  7. Big Blackclock says:

    It’s actually somewhat fun to read. Mc can’t see ghost, but also don’t get affected by any of their magic. So it’s just mc getting misunderstood as a super powerful and extremely kind guy.

  8. The premise of the novel is that mc cannot see any supernatural phenomena like auras or attacks consisting of energy. One way of hurting him is either using your own fists, rocks, or guns. As for the story, it is so-so for me. As of the current chapter, he is strong asf. Punching down an ancient prince demon (for him, it is a naked guy) who boast of strong defense, taming a good doggo, spanking a girl who were feared by many higher ups, and taming a chick. As for the family, he has a sister which he tries to save. Overall, if you want to read something to kill time, this is for you.

    Atleast it is not another regret.

  9. From what I’ve understood as of ch 19:

    One day people randomly started being able to see ghosts and spirits and stuff but obviously our MC could not. MC has flashbacks of his sister asking him not to leave her but based on how the story is progressing, it seems he left her and now regrets this. MC then moves into this community where 3 other people live who are very powerful and feared by everyone else. , he becomes like an older brother figure for a young girl who is one of these strongest beings. She has a traumatic past and MC thinks of his sister when he looks at her. These 3 people also respect the MC.

    Other than not being able to see ghosts, no supernatural power seems to work in the MC kinda like Kamijou touma like one comment says and since he can’t see these superpowers from him his perspective everyone looks like they are crazy chunnibyou’s.

    At the start of the story he kills one dude who is a part of criminal gang that likes to torture people and sell videos of this torture to others. And according to his research the only thing this gang is afraid of is the government or official supernatural organisation of the country or something. I’m a bit confused on this part. Of course he is also afraid of the 3 strongest beings MC lives with but he doesn’t know that.

    So, in order to avoid being tortured by this crazy criminal he takes a test to join that official group where everyone misunderstands him to be powerful, a genius with great potential etc. that’s the gist of what I read so far

  10. Imagine Kamijou Touma but he can’t see the supernatural around him

  11. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    there are two options, no poison tester dares to enter or they are sleeping

  12. Shiin says:

    Quality cover…
    buy i need poison tester to review this novel..
    please poison tester do your job…
    i can’t do it, coz I have tasted too much poison,cough cough .. helpppppp…

  13. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    It’s not that he can’t see it’s that he is free from paranormal entities

  14. amogustimestwo says:

    MC looks kinda hot tho

  15. Munu says:

    Poison divers please provide a brief review

  16. Luis says:

    Las portadas son cada vez más fumadas

  17. Shadow says:

    Hmmm a more indepth summary pls?

  18. Trust issues says:

    It’s 9 so we can expect I will be good.. Maybe 🗿

  19. CP says:

    This novel always top 10 in 24 hour novelpia

  20. Pure Candy says:

    I am entering

  21. Ryuu says:

    The opposite title of anime called Mieruko chan. The anime is interesting and scary but will this novel gonne be interesting?

  22. Salty1 says:

    The cover is just sublime also second

  23. Cero says:

    Quality cover 👏

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