Madman in a Fantasy World
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Madman in a Fantasy World

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Madman in a Fantasy World

weet potato? A good-natured, cancerous protagonist?
what is that?

ps:Sweet potato in Korean and 답답해 is used to describe someone who is frustrating or slow to catch on with the conversation.

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  1. Completed novel.

    Very good novel, as the title says, it is crazy, since there are few chapters, it was quite entertaining to read it, I finished it in 5 days, reading relaxed in free time. At the end of the novel I already felt sorry for the protagonist xD. Not even at his wedding does he leave him alone, for the last chapters of him it made me laugh.

  2. Hiro says:


  3. [Last Read: Chapter 84]

  4. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I just finished it. I treated it more as a gag novel rather than a fantasy action one, and I had fun.

    I can understand why some people may be put-off with this novel since your enjoyment of the novel will depend how well you can tolerate evil characters as well as goofy, wacky, and silly developments/situations.

    The story is pretty cut and dry possessor fantasy knovels, but what really stand-out in this novel is Luke’ personality. He is so unpredictably insane that you genuinely don’t know whats he is gonna do, and often times I am left laughing-out loud.

    The ending is slightly unsatisfying considering the insane journey we had, but I agree that it was best to end it there since anymore will just be milking it.

    Overall its a fun 7/10 novel for me.

  5. Hans says:

    This mc so crazy 😅

  6. Moonlit Walker says:

    I don’t even want to curse at the author who tried thier very best

  7. Moonlit Walker says:

    This guy is just really madman 😅

  8. Fate says:

    Didn’t see the s*x scene coming

  9. Rennn_ says:

    Hello, my dear lovely readers! How do you do? I hope all things go well for you. So, i have read this novel until near the ending chapters. I want to give you my impression about this novel itself. I am deeply apologize, dear, because what i am going to say next is not technically a review but more like my thoughts upon this novel. So, there are mainly three types of web novel as far as i could analyze based on its intention as a web novels themselves. The first one is the serious dramatic one (In this one, there will be mainly detailed, descriptive, mix and combination of both slow and fast pacing writing, intriguing plotline with a dramatic fight, conflict, and complications, well-flashed out world building and setting, and well written characters with each individuals have their own development, intrinsic and extrinsic strength and weakness, and lively personality). The second one is the half-serious one (Not that serious, but still has a depth, this kind of web novel mainly and more likely has better idea and theme rather than in the execution itself). And the third one is the farce absurdism kind of web novel (you know, the type of “how can this absurd and awkward over the top things could happen in the story!” and type of turn off your brain kind of novel). This novel clearly and purposely has a farce, Kafkaesque vibe, and absurdism type of comedy which is the main reasons why this novel might be appealing to some people. It is the main charm of this novel. And i believe that every context, situation, and position of each type of something clearly matter the most. So please, my desr future reviewers, if you wanna give a in-depth review about this novel, i would be so glad if you review this novel as the way it’s intended to be.

  10. Wishmeluck says:

    Let me possess in the novel… Mr Author

  11. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    It’s more of a comedy series, it’s fun and not that deep. Mc legit just bothered Author’s of his favorite novels to see if he could get possessed, even wrote an algorithm to constantly post and harass them until one Author had enough and he hit the jackpot. Everybody sees MC as a mad man. MC is legit crazy stupid with no common sense. Yet he surprisingly has out-of-the box type thoughts. No problems with killing and knows the story but tries to avoid it by completely removing himself from it (It’s an Academy story with him possessing an extra ranked in last place, so he drops out).

    Reminds me of the crazy leveling MC types where they use their stupid brawn strength and novel/game trope ideas. He has 0 magic power and 0 intelligence stats. Only a storage system, a leveling system, crazy body strength, and impulses to look cool (Pelvic dances, twerking, getting a big buster sword created, etc…)

  12. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    I’ve only read a couple chapters so far and I’m liking this novel. In my opinion, the MC is… idiotically smart? I mean he is an idiot but somehow I can’t even say he is wrong. For example he dropped out of school in the first few chapters and one of his reason is that if the main character is there the academy would be a danger zone and while people who don’t know the story have an excuse to still be there. Why would someone who knows it is a danger zone stay there? Which is a very fair conclusion.

  13. Q D Q D says:

    @My Name is Extra5
    Yeah Korean authors don’t know how to write a normal synopsis

  14. Damn he’s on that SIGMA GRINDSET

    But yeah the title is not lying
    It’s just a madman in a fantasy world

  15. Sancius says:

    Calling up suicide squad..

  16. Joe Mama says:

    It never is lol

  17. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    The main character basically likes the idea of possesing a webnovel character, and based of the webnovels he’s read the guaranteed 100% way to get isekai’d is hating on the author so he thats exactly what he does>
    He ends up transmigrating as an extra character who ranks last in his school, and has no mana.
    And then proceeds to be a terrorize the world he has arrived with his unique common sense

  18. Novel lover says:

    Reading the synopsis can be frustrating at times

  19. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    Started delving into the depths,
    MC’s got the same attitude as the MC from “I became a Baldo User”

  20. My Name is Extra5 says:

    damn, The synopsis isn’t very helpful.

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