My Reflector Is Invincible
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My Reflector Is Invincible

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내 반사기는 무적이다
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Synopsis My Reflector Is Invincible

The game “The Valentino Saga” is about taking down the Demon King.
The player has managed to complete 99.99% of the impossible achievements that everyone else had given up on.
The only one left is…

“Damn, 18 years? I have to watch the opening animation for 18 years?!”

When he opened his eyes, he found himself inside the game world, with the power said to be the strongest in the world.

[You have acquired the Demon King’s Unique Ability (Reflex)]

But in the worst possible way.

“Execute the criminal.”
“Kill that slave!”
“Die, you vermin!”

Not only was he possessed by the weakest character, but they wanted him dead the moment he arrived?

Not a chance.

“Rainbow Reflex! Damn you all!”

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  1. Yoninj says:

    I am confused if mc transmigrated after raising his companions if yes then the story should proceed after defeat of demon king then how mc know that the count will attack the north and the other future as the story is after he defeat the demon king.

  2. test says:

    Usual OP story. Guy was reincarnated to a game he played which was the hardest game ever due to an unbeatable final boss that could reflect everything. He got that final bosses power of reflection but his body was a weak slave body, after 20 chapters he finds a secret elixir that makes his body the strongest to go along with his reflect skill. The next 20 or so chapters are him face slapping everyone, dropped it after that.

  3. 100
    Story’s been fun so far. MC acting like a hero. No tension is felt in combat because of how everything is just solved by reflection.

  4. (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠)⁠ノ says:

    Is mc’s name means protagonist in korean?

  5. Trashtaste says:

    Easily 9/10, but its annoy me when MC keep revering himself as “protagonist” instead of “me” in his monologue. I don’t know if this is just translate error or what, but its just feel off

    1. Rader says:

      No, his username in the game must be MC or protagonist. We don’t know his real name.

  6. Rader says:

    Good one. Easily 8 or 9 out of 10. It’s a clear power journey since the start. Premise is very similar to Emperor’s Domination. MC was the player who controlled the Hero Party, he was teacher and leader to them. Now he has been called into the game world to defeat Demon Lord. He starts as weak but using his knowledge he solves the things easily. Yes he has cheat like Reflect but even without it he would have been scary as he can learn every skill he want, only skill he could not take was from Demon King but Gods gave him that skill early on. They really wanted to defeat the Demon King once and for all.

    But interestingly the very first Demon King had wings of darkness like a fallen angel and power of reflect. And power of almost every thing. So it’s very likely that MC and First Demon King had same class, Conqueror, and reflect skill. Reflect skill was carried down to Demon Kings but not the class as it looks like.

  7. Insufferable says:

    Holy. The premise is cool and even the world building is interesting but omg.

    The character, all of them, are so stupid. The story is filled with plotholes from the second chapter. Everyone is still calling him a slave and expecting him to be ignorant even though they already think he has the strength of an arcage, like, how?! Did you have short term memory loss?!

    It’s very frustrating.

    1. Rader says:

      It’s normal. If a person you bullied for so much time becomes Op in just few minutes your mind will try to justify it as some trick or what not. Yes brain would create excuses to explain the changed reality which they can’t understand.

      And slave thing happens only because of Count who uses Slaves as his toys. Only he calls MC as slave later on, till he died that is. And it’s normal for Heroes and other things to come from commoners or slaves, but when you have absolute power over someone and that someone becomes powerful person sometimes people will try to deny that reality altogether.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        It’s not “normal” – it’s stupid web novel logic.

        1. Rader says:

          Nah I have personally experienced it. There were some people who bullied me due to my speech issue as a kid and when I ignored them or just improved they tried to repeat same bullying for quite some time. It’s similar to addiction. Bullies or basically sadists get dopamine from inflicting mental or physical pain on others. And even if you stop the supply they will just not change at that moment but try different things.

          At least it’s what I experienced myself. Maybe I just experienced some Web novel logic.

  8. The almighty devil says:

    Where are the poison testers

    1. Miguel O Hara says:

      They are busy tasting Insufferable’s highly potent murim poison.

    2. IME says:

      this aint novelpia’s novel, skip for now.

      1. Miguel O Hara says:

        Are we gtting novelpia’s novels anymore ?

  9. Insufferable says:

    Alchemist Recipe and Process for Dragon’s Bane.

    This dragon’s bane potion will ensure the user 30 minutes of immunity to dragon’s breath, dragon’s authority and intimidation.

    Disclaimer: All physical attacks except for Dragon’s breath will not be made ineffective by the potion.

    High elf hair x90 strands

    Scrimmers mushroom x33

    Golden Koala’s discharge after a 30 day diet of only dryad grown eucalyptus.

    Springwater from the cold northern mountain peak spring

    Land drakes blood and saliva.


    In a high grade dwarven-made cauldron, a fire from a 7th circle spell shall be ignited and maintained constantly exactly as the temperature of the hottest day of this year’s summer multiplied by 30

    Place a sealing spell at the bottom of the cauldron and place the drakes blood to be released 130 days later.

    Pour in a solution of the drakes saliva and springwater into the cauldron and stir for the next 15 days constantly.

    During those 15 days, add a mushroom every quarter of the day.

    After all the mushrooms are added, the golden koala discharge will then be prepared by cooking it under the temperature that matches the eternal flames of the sun god.

    After stirring for 30 days, the cooked discharge will then be used as a sacrifice for a forbidden spell called “dragon hate” that will condense the essence of millions of years of koala’s hate from being dragon prey into a single drop of extract.

    The extract will then be used to wash the high elf hair and must be bathed in the remaining springwater for the next 100 days.

    After 100 days, the hair must then be dropped into the cauldron at exactly the time the drakes blood will be released and mixed into the potion.

    Place the finished product in a sealed bottle whose glass is made from the sands of the dead kings desert.


    1. Insufferable says:

      Now, as I am aware that a lot of people here are young’uns, and thus are more used to the “new alchemy”.

      Now a know that new alchemy uses a more rigorous and precise process, but I am simply a believer of what you young’uns call “old alchemy” or as I call it, “true alchemy”.

      True alchemy uses auspicious days and ingredients that affect the very arcana and concept of the user.

      1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

        Very informative, I’d love to add that to a chronicle

      2. Miguel O Hara says:

        Who let bro cook?

        He cooked and ended up with 4 hands and 6 eyes.

        1. RealEason says:


    2. Moonlight Walker says:

      Ummm… Excuse me… is there any side effects like after usage…
      I just saw a man turned into…

      1. Insufferable says:

        The springwater was used as a base precisely for it’s properties that contain the concepts of pure and perfection.

        However, some ingredients could have been improperly added or some other factors contributed that made the potion not 100%.

        The fire spell used must be at the temp of the hottest day of this years summer x30 because it represents the myth that a dragon’s breath is 30x hotter than the sun, thus representing the users willingness to match that power of the dragon. If any mistakes happen then the potion will cause you to experience sever frostbite is the temperature is lower since it represents that you are cowardly and cannot match the heat of a dragon. If the fire was higher, however then your soul will become corrupted and you will turn into a god hated race called ghoul, since the only beings stronger than dragons are gods, bringing the heat up will represent your heretical willingness to slay a god, turning you into a blasphemer and become unfavored.

        1. Insufferable says:

          There are many other side effects but this is just an example of the need for perfection when it comes to demigod level potions.

  10. amogustimestwo says:


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