My Wife the Empress is Becoming Frightening
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My Wife the Empress is Becoming Frightening

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여황제인 아내가 점점 무서워진다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Wife the Empress is Becoming Frightening

I play the role of the husband of the Empress, as a scarecrow and meat shield. But since I don’t die and keep surviving, my wife starts acting strange. Gradually…she’s becoming frightening.

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  1. Freak says:

    Finally done😋
    It was more fulfilling than I thought. I really liked this, now waiting for future chapters🙃🙃

  2. D1Grandmaster says:

    I honestly had no fun and I don’t even know why I read over 35 chapters of this. It’s honestly completely dogshlt and completely dull for me because the only attractive thing about Mc is that he’s very strong but we can’t really get hyped at his fights with other strong people because we didn’t see his growth when he was still training and all of his opponents are basically randoms. I only tried continuing to read it because of the yandere and obsessive tags but it really shows that those tags are mostly useless once Mc doesn’t even care anymore about who he has sex with and if he doesn’t have the proper personality and manners even though he is in a very high position of power. I honestly wish that noblemtl starts updating or releasing more novels with those 9+ ratings because they’re the actual gold and all these 8.8 ratings and below are complete mid or dogshlt

  3. TheDiir says:

    The MC having a rogue character makes this story a bit dull. I mean, if the MC were a good person, it would be thrilling when heroines pursue his purity, especially if it’s a Yandere + Harem tag. I can’t even imagine how exciting it would be if that happened. So yeah, because the MC is a rogue, the desire to enjoy ‘it’ is no longer satisfied

    1. That’s kinda like the core of this story. If Mc was that pure hearted his relationships and yandere flags wouldn’t go this far

  4. milky violet says:

    Genius at ruling and you haven’t united the 983 tribes of your homeland and declared another Roman empire equivalent? Smh you fail me young one, your genius clearly lacks if you cannot handle the insurmountable wall of uniting ethnic cultures.

    Oh apologies, they said aptitude not heavenly genius. Very well you did pretty well, me personally, I would’ve let the kingdom die in ruins so I forge the will of the people to be hardy so that in 103 years a boy genius will create a new kingdom built off the decayed corpse of a long gone kingdom and make a bloodline so legendary that blah blah blah blah this will never happen because I’m not going out nicknamed “The Terrible”

      1. milky violet says:

        Lil bro thinks he can rule a kingdom when he can’t do the easy task of uniting different ethnic cultures

        1. milky violet says:

          Like smh bro, taxing your citizens is harder

      2. Vallet Vallet says:

        just ignore him… he always writes strange things..

      1. Vallet Vallet says:

        are you new here? if it’s true, then just let him… he wrote all that while putting drugs in his mouth.. (Sorry if my English is bad)

  5. It is good. I will update a review once I have reached the latest update

  6. That girl has Habsburg’s chin

  7. Memomo says:

    any reviews?

  8. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    It’s pretty great, we have a crazy mc with no common sense

    Here’s MC’s back story
    Born from royalty as the first prince he took royal studies and realized he wasn’t quite good at using his head but rather he was a physical genius and when his younger brother was born and was found to have aptitude for ruling he conceded the throne and took up arms to fight invaders cuz their kingdom is in a state of perpetual war with ethnicities on their border which supprisingly helped because no one wanted to invade them only to inherit a perpetual war

    Mc is very family focused he’s like dom of fast and furious but medieval that’s his main point and guiding light because going to war at a young age an being under constant threat of death only returning home to celebrate certain occasions with your family does not do good for physical and mental health

    Mc is basically a PTSD no holds barred only for family guy, he’s so numbed he went to drugs just to fight for war till drugs don’t work no more , he’s so cracked he sleeps with any woman to his liking for one night stands then forgets about them, he can no longer properly remember faces or names and only remembers his family members

    He basically so done with living he don’t care as long as his family is good

    Ps. Sorry for the wall of text hope someone finds this helpful or an interesting read to nudge em on reading this novel

    1. Bluebro says:

      Thanks for the review buddy.

    2. Manchester Black says:

      But this review has nothing to do with the synopsis.

    3. Memomo says:

      seems a little edgy.. how about fmc?

  9. Kureei says:

    I don’t get the premise

  10. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    For what it’s worth props for the author, pretty sure that they use an ai art as a cover then made a crown on her head and maybe a smudge tool or something on her finger, it looks a little weird especially the chin. The synopsis looks decent too, concise but it gives enough info to the readers on what to expect. Looks interesting, I’ll read it later.

  11. quygan says:

    Everyone, this is not poison, I repeat, this is not poison, the truth is quite good and quite pleasant to read, a 10/10

    1. Reii i Reii i says:

      As per your review, I am going in

    2. A fellow Magical Explorer fan

      1. Q D Q D says:

        Coincidentally, I also really like the light novel Magical Explorer, although the plot is not too good and the main character is like any other typical MC, but for some reason I am attracted to the story.

      2. Hinaniki says:

        So we have another Magical explorer enjoyer here

  12. Cero says:

    Will there be a hero who dares to try this poison?😵

    1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

      Call me muk cuz ima feast on this

      1. Cero says:

        Good luck muk!!😳

  13. The golden crown,just like her beautiful hair, decorated and adorned with amethyst similar to her enchanting eyes, sapphire, ruby and emerald above the empress head in th pfp looks so majestic and beautiful..

    1. Her chin be pointy tho. Gotta be safe not to bow her head.

      1. Thx, now I can’t unsee it

      2. Not only pointy but uneven too. 🤣 Lmao

  14. Cero says:

    Forgive me for everything academy cliche novels !😭

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