Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away
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Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away

Read full chapter Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away, Light Novel Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away english, LN Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away, Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away Online, read Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away at Noble Machine translations.
악역 영애를 키우고 도망쳤다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Raised the Villainous Daughter and Ran Away

I turned a doomed villain into the most powerful existence in the empire and ran away.

…She has become a body that cannot live without me.

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  1. KitsuneLight says:

    Abandonaron la traduccion? Todavia faltan 50 capitulos😭😭😢

  2. Warrior says:

    I quit!!!! just quit!!¡!!! This one is tooo childish.

  3. techmanOP says:

    Last CHP 150

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Huh? Its up to chapter 200 as of 12/23.

  4. Ean says:

    This novel is too tier, no poison trust me bro.
    Character development and no harem, some parts kinda boring but overall is great.

  5. QAZWSX says:

    What chapter will the MC run away? The whole Mo-ok attack is so boring due to the MC being a munchkin.

    1. Hell knight says:

      Chapter 122.

  6. I really like the poster, she is pretty af. Not over nudity or sexiness , just right amount of beauty. I also saw a cute girl yesterday but well I was in different city on a trip and she was probably young so I didn’t approach her. Damn i fumbled

  7. Zzz says:

    Ah i hate salvation stuff
    But it is rare pure love novel
    Idk man ima commit sudoku

  8. clown 🤡🎪 says:

    wow completely forgotten about this for me its good didnt realize it would get updated considering the rating

  9. Libor TTT Libor TTT says:

    This is honestly pretty good novel.

    FL isnt a little girl, but 20 year old woman. Not sure if i missed how old our MC is, but he went to university and then started yt channel, so he cant be that much older

    Read up till the newest chapter 58 and its great, if it didnt end up in a cliffhanger

  10. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This comment section is very fun to read, just like this series. Well its a fine read nothing special, but nothing terrible. This is a to each their own type of read, and your enjoyment will depend on how well you agree with some of the MC’s logic in his decisions.

  11. Ugh this is such an annoying comment section, I am thinking of ways to make fun of everyone but it’s just so much work that I’d rather just insult you all.

  12. Listen if you want Americans to enter the chat then you shall have it. Are you saying black peoples are monkeys? Don’t you know that’s racist, see now I’m no black person but if I were black I’d probably be very offended with that statement, to insinuate that slavery and monkey is to say that black people are monkeys we should all post a black picture online to say that we are against racism Viva la no one likes Frances let’s agree, I’m willing to put my differences aside with the British to dogpile on the French.

  13. Fella is probably laughing his ass off because he made some people on the internet trigger with his comment. Don’t pay attention to him. His own argument is worth 0 on a site like this. If you think about it he is ranting about a FICTIONAL novel because it contains slavery. Now think that ALL slavery novels are deleted, now what? Well if he did it for the human rights of freedom he also should defend life, isn’t he? So now that all slavery FICTIONAL novels are abolished, let’s continue with the ones with murder, because it’s against life, all FICTIONAL novels with swords, magic, superpowers, and yanderes should be deleted. Now that you destroyed 98% of this site’s novels, let’s talk about those dammed novels about fluffy romance… how dare they talk about love between men and women? What kind of restriction is that? We demand freedom of love.

  14. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Trying to get them to release you from slavery is abiding by the rules of these backward monkeys is cowardice. This is what’s essentially wrong with the novel. It is a justification of slavery as it shows that mc accepts his situation. You can repeat or paraphrase the dumb monologue that the author wrote to justify this, but it remains lame all the same. Korean society have this weird emphasis on working hard to get better in life without even caring about the system that is the main culprit that even put you in that situation in the first place. It is not admirable to suffer years as a slave to gain freedom, it is admirable to die trying to achieve liberty.

  15. SenatorArmstrong says:

    >Rants about sh*t
    >Turns to ideology and politics
    Why are Burgermutts like these?

  16. Ninja says:

    Another novel when the og mc is bad, and villain is good, and another power limitter BS bruh… Just make him possessed a normal person would be more interesting.

  17. Memomo says:

    bro really doesn’t understand what a “slave” means and thinks the mc is a normal citizen.. the mc here has a purpose and is willing to take some sacrifices to achieve it… he knows that hitting back in his current situation isn’t a good idea and instead he’s saving that for the right opportunity.. just read the last chapter and you’ll understand

  18. Ean says:

    How can you take Dagonsuznyx opinion seriously when he’s whining so much.

    Basically Mc reincarnates in reverse otome game as the final boss. Mc is a slave because his kingdom was destroyed so he’s bought by the fl. Original soul of the final boss is merging with the mc, he’s scared and raise the fl to live good without him, the more close he’s with her accelerate the fusion.

    I give it 8/10 plot is interesting, mc is not stupid or have a kid mentality and is strong. Fl is cute and you can see a progession in their relationship.

    Mc ultimate goal is scape slavery and live. No die just because some dude slapped you, and it’s just happens two times at the begging of the novel…

  19. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Go head and immerse yourself in as a slave then. Getting slapped left and right. Surely that must be your calling

  20. SenatorArmstrong says:

    >Brings out ideology and politics
    Average burgers mentality.

  21. Problems arises.

    MC “Have you considered, MURDER?”

  22. Dagonsuznyx says:

    I am implying that disrespect that comes from eve the closest people to you is unacceptable, yet alone people who literally treat you like a slave. What empathy are you talking about my dude? The moment someone slapped him, he should fight back. “What is he even gonna do?” Is a stupid excuse for not defending yourself and allowing such a caste system to exist. I know that East Asian societies have strict social rules that we have long destroyed in the west, but it doesn’t mean that their archaic mindset is right.

    If you cannot achieve liberty even after all your efforts, then death is better than a life of servitude. “Give me liberty or death” or so as the saying goes, right?

    Also, true nobility lies in democracy and the state, never in aristocratic societies. It is impossible to be morally good while being a noble.

  23. Forgotten one says:

    I read upto ch-15, then I thought, what the hell I was reading?!!
    Here MC being brainwashed by the system and the game heroine turned out to be the real villainess…
    What NTR hypnosis novel i am reading…??!!
    I feel very scared…

  24. The reason he like that is because character syncronization, the owner of body probably like FML and likely drag MC to change future outcome. And he have slave seal.
    MC try to run before become slave but fail, and when he meet fml he sympathise with her situation and realize that she is just a miserable child with nobody on her side.
    And he got slap by 2-3 people who is noble btw, what he gonna do? Fight back?
    If he fight back he is dead.
    Im understand that empathy isnt your thing just from reading your comment about your dad, but try it. Its actually a pretty nice thing

  25. Lostplushie says:

    @Dagonsyznyz Dude, MC’s stature is one of a slave, one non-justifies retaliation can result to execution on the spot, this is middle ages. A high value slave is still a slave, a stature below than a peasant in the social hierarchy.

    To be honest, a slave publicly throwing hands on a noble and getting away scot free in medieval era in some stories is much more immersion breaking.

  26. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Are you implying that your dad beats you up?

  27. Dagonsuznyz says:

    This is stupid. The MC is a slave and likes his siruation, at least doesn’t do anything to change it. He is just a little puppy following his master. Oh he also loves getting slapped in the face. I’d beat my own father half dead if he ever slapped me, I don’t know how you guys can immerse yourselves in this kind of story and like it. Self-respect and dignity are some of the core virtues of a human being. Without them, you are no different than a monkey.

  28. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    So MC ran away? In which chapter?

  29. Well I’m not reading it then. If he doesn’t run away soon, I will do nothing at all.

  30. Memomo says:

    it’s not bad actually… the characters aren’t kids.. the fmc is 20 years old iirc.. but it has some clichés here and there.. I think the mc will leave fmc because he is afraid of the synchronisation rate rising up everytime he falls in love with fmc and that he’ll lose his true self.. still not much progress in that regard tho as he’s still not leaving anytime soon cuz it’s only ch 58

  31. Rone says:

    Lmao the way you said it made me think you insulted the comment above you, made me read twice

  32. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 58. I agree with trash upstairs. The story is pretty good.

  33. It was a nice read, characters is well written and the story is nice

    The story is more focus with ML and FML, Its not a harem despite many other female character who close with mc.
    Usually story about “becoming villain” Is more towards MC with og MC but MC just doing his best to help his master and the og MC never mention unless she show herself in story.
    MC is youtuber who got suck into game after beating hardest Otome game in the world.
    Its not explain yet why or how MC got suck into game but its already hinted couple of time in chapter
    8/10 read.
    Cant wait for another update

  34. The FML is 20 years old. Hopefully, this sorts out some misunderstandings. The beginning is also pretty cliche, like a lot of other people have said. MC is sold to the FML. Both attend a ball. FML is insulted. MC stands up for her and spouts words such as “I’ll always stay by your side”. MC says that actually the last line quite a lot. It actually gets annoying to a point. The novel’s just okay.

  35. Salty1 says:

    I know of two others saved someone and ran away novels on this site wich isn’t much but still weird

  36. At first, I wanted to read it, eventually – there’s yandere + villainous theme, but something about the comments made me cautious… Maybe I’ll read it together with Lombard by the time I can actually tear myself away from bg3.

  37. Poison Tester says:

    Chapter 15

    Synopsis: 1m youtuber guy transported into reverse harem game because unlock hidden plot/true end. He became character named Jean, A fallen prince and now a slave of villainious that have inferiority complex because her family don’t treat her well. The MC felt sympathy and decided to take care her.

    Review: I don’t know why people don’t like it but this is interesting for me. It’s like when you read shoujou manga/manhwa but in male lead perspective. If you like reading manhwa with kingdom genre i think this is will be your cup of tea.. Yeah It’s good but ordinary..

  38. Sephir says:

    A bit more in depth of review of 2 chaps cuz i’m always getting roasted for doing bad reviews.

    The mc is a mootuber who does guides as living.

    He falls upon a reverse harem soul game.

    He then proceeds to get reincarnated as the hidden boss of the hidden route, now that he’s reincarnated the “system” gives him superhuman strength from the guy he possessed and the famous synchronization poopoo, who gives him all the memories of his predecessor and make him proceed to kill people while being cold-blooded.

  39. Kaniya says:

    No decent poison this week …I am very disappointed

  40. Sephir says:

    Seems like poison 2 chaps in the cliche is killing me

  41. Poison Tester says:

    Ughh.. I’m boring so im coming hahahah

  42. Luiz Felipe says:

    This novel seems to be something edp made

  43. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    this shi can be weird

  44. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I am not gonna read this grooming stuff

  45. Insufferable says:

    So the child he raised is the heroine or what?

    If it is then just no.

  46. Zero says:

    Poison 😩

  47. White says:

    Based on the title alone. Man raised a red flag to a red billboard

  48. Miguel o hara says:

    Fast as f boi

  49. DURARARAR says:


  50. Zreomurderer says:


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