The Duke’s Madness
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The Duke’s Madness

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공작가의 미친놈,The Duchy’s Madman
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Duke’s Madness

The family was destroyed. The moment he was killed by the swords of his enemies, he returned to the past.
My crazy mind came back, so it was good

‘I was a crazy person, but I was too reckless.’

Now that his mind is back, he will be able to exact his revenge.
… at least he believed so.

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  1. TWO says:

    I’m gonna read this but I dun have much hope. Remember me…

  2. OnlyTruth says:

    Fucking shit protagonist
    He is so fucking stupid and incompetent

  3. Kal says:

    Its become worse because the mc himself. The mc does not feel like regressor at all, Only the first tenth or so chapters after that he has manchild personalitu who tell kids joke and act stupid. After reading 100 chapthr i am done. I cant read this anymore. Plot its still good but the mc ruin everything

  4. Kal says:

    The plot its good but the joke its not funny at all, its cringe and the author did the same unfunny joke over and over again. Oh my god… This innocene kind of joke even tho he is a rwgressor “my mother is waiting” “i have a curfew” in the middle of batle.

  5. OnlyTruth says:

    return of iron blooded sword hound is better than it

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