The Hero Who Returned From Death Quits
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The Hero Who Returned From Death Quits

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사망회귀 용사님, 때려칩니다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero Who Returned From Death Quits

Obviously, there would be no grudges.

He endured dying countless times and killing the Demon King.

Even after killing the Demon King, it was okay to fight too hard and be abandoned.

However, their regrets are not something they can get used to.

Why is it like this?

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  1. The end of the emperor was so anti climatic. Honestly was hoping for a bit more substance behind the heroines turning their back on the mc rather just because some stupid plot of the emperor when he was so insignificant. In these regret type hero stories it’s only fun if the party was actually just evil or they were genuinely fooled by a well crafted scheme. In this one it feels the whole party were idiots for falling for the emorors schemes. Also the mc not informing his party of the emperor’s tricks is also just convenient to build regret.

  2. I like this series and I heard it was completed on novelpia but when I searched there I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know what it’s called there?

    1. Enter says:

      novel / 145751

  3. G says:

    This one is fairly decent. It is in the popular style of “I did everything for people and was betrayed, but now the people that betrayed me realize how valuable I am and regret everything.” But, there are some points that set it apart.

    One thing to note is that the heroines get way less abrasive (due to author’s change of heart rather than plot reasons I think) after about 10 to 20 chapters. So consider sticking it out a bit if you find them annoying at first. Chapter 100 was also a pretty god stopping point for waiting on more.

  4. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Loving someone who killed you is idiotic no matter the context. Always kill the people who killed you in your previous encounters regardless of their reasoning and feelings. It literally is that simple.

  5. drag says:

    It was pretty good novel

  6. Not good at all, boring and annoying to read, not due to the MTL but because of the annoying writing. Couldn’t pass 25 chapters, too poisonous for me.

  7. SweetPotatoLover says:

    Finally its here,
    i read this before at novelpia, and its already completed there
    if you like Main Heroine are trying to kill me, or similar protagonist like Frey you will most probably like this novel.
    Romance is there, still you need to get through not 1, not 2, but 5 flashback each retelling the story with heroine to get to the good parts.

    1. What’s it called there?

  8. “the reader who read till chapter 17 quits”

  9. I would rather read ntr doujins all day than reading this trash

  10. Zzz says:

    I have read to 100ch
    It is not the worst novel out there
    But there is no real romance for now nor harem nor obsession maybe in future.
    It is mostly politics bs but action is ok if you skimp through some of the worst parts
    I will score this 4.5/10
    Translation is quite good too i didnt really have any le confusion moments

  11. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    15 chapters in, there’s too much past weaving in that I can’t tell past from present to get a cohesive story. Everybody’s just terrible and the Hero even though he’s died many many times is still a complete whiner. We’re shown him being emotionless or cunning and even insane at times in flashbacks. But then cut to the present he just mopes around while listening to everybody else and doing what they ask, either quit fully or kill everyone.

  12. This is a slow poison in heavy dose… I still don’t understand his stupidity on *Saving* people. Even after *ALL* that, he is still acting like a hero.

    I am totally poisoned and need to recuperate…

    Read if you like to suffer, M@sochists.

    There is some regret, but haven’t seen any obsession or romance… Based on the setting there should be no romance or harem or whatever… But let’s see what cards author has to play. It would be brain-dead if there is no proper reason for romance or harem or whatever.

    1. Not exactly poison, but it is quite toxic in its own way.

  13. Wahhh wahhhh wahhh I don’t care about stupid weaklings past lives, I want to see him now. Then you can introduce his stupid self

    1. Perhaps I over judged, I should’ve just skipped like 40 chapters since they don’t technically matter.

      1. Nvm I don’t like it. Too much stupid stuff and not enough “hahahahahaaha now that I am technically evil I shall live my life to the fullest, by wandering around the world and doing nothing, relaxing and watching the clouds drift peacefully down the great azure sky and y’know the occasional main plot”

        and then maybe those other stupid tags like obsession 😡and regret 🤢

  14. R says:

    Oh, this does the same idea as those Chinese Wuxia Villain Memory Viewing novels. The heroines will go through the MC’s memories and fix their misunderstandings.

  15. I expected traah but this is good

  16. kk77 says:

    …mistakes were made

    this is basically torture porn – or in other words, a completely standard sub-genre of the “Regret” novels. do not read if you suffer the same afflictions as I do. i wasn’t supposed to either, but i got cocky.

    …it wasn’t in the main tags!! i thought i’d be fine!! it was NOT fine!!!
    ugh, returning to recuperation after this amateur move of mine. take heed from the folly of the fallen; never get complacent and ignore your poison protection protocols.

    1. Cain says:

      I didn’t listen and I regret it.

    2. I did not dwell in comment section before I started reading this… And alas, I am seriously sick now. Your folly went unnoticed… And here I am, fatally wounded.

  17. I can make an even more depraved betrayed hero party by introducing the r word and that the mc was the one that was r word.

  18. volt zone volt zone says:

    This is a good regret novel, Mc starts off as a hero with no skills(will learn from heroines) and has power of regression when he dies. Mc’s life is pure struggle everyday. The betrayal is well crafted over time and Mc has lost some of his memories due to regression. His holy sword breaks early on and he is banished. Heroines start by examining the remains of the sword.

  19. FlyingHamster says:

    spoiler : This novel has a happy ending.

  20. Insufferable says:

    I’m re-reading Young Master Template 4 right now so I’ll just wait for a review from someone else.

    Though, score is 9 so it should be better… right?

  21. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Are there romance and obsessive love? I’m still rereading leveling with the gods so its better to get a heads up

  22. Cero says:

    This betrayed hero thing is already very worn out 😒.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Agreed – and this one is not well done from what I have read so far.

  23. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    I really hate this demon king trope novel’s

  24. henji says:

    if you wish to fix your sleep schedule then here’s a good place to start!!!

  25. Random101 says:

    Hello comrades iam new here

    1. Reeii says:

      Welcome to our poison testing club!

    2. Welcome to the club, take a seat. We have a selection of drinks including “Obsession and Yandere”, “Misunderstandings and Regrets”, and also “Pure Love”. Harem is present in almost all of them. So, what will you choose?

      1. Newbies should get accustomed to low toxicity before tasting some insane miasma.

  26. RealEason says:

    I call upon milky violet to recommend me a novel with white hair girl

  27. Oh, Lord… I’ve already dived headfirst into reading “Miss Holmes, Professor Not a Villain”, so I won’t be reading any new works for a while. I’ll need to mark somewhere what’s worth reading, so I can come back to them later… Is this book worth a place in my notes?

  28. Wow its quite rare for a new novel with 100 chapter. I have a very important exam tommorow, better waste it with this.

  29. LuxX says:

    Damn, that’s regret! If you go wrong, you will be exposed to a deadly poison!

  30. The Mysteries of TS says:

    Who Requests this novel on discord?

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