Surviving a Cruel Fairy Tale
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Surviving a Cruel Fairy Tale

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving a Cruel Fairy Tale

How to survive in a cruel fairy tale where Little Red Riding Hood kills people and Snow White reigns as a tyrant.

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  1. Workout says:


    Story is just about a guy who was brought into a world of fairy tales and although they are some dark parts like murder, cann*balism and r*pe, it’s only mention as far as “they ate it” the comments in this story get dark and overall the story is above average but not yet amazing.


    The character on the pic of this novel is tinkerbell.

  2. Sephir says:

    this is giving me black souls vibes and i’m all for it

    1. TheSinglesLord says:

      Where is Alice

  3. Bocchan says:

    Yo is chat is the story good or interesting?

  4. says:

    Forgor to read synopsis nvm🗿.

  5. says:

    God please germanic fairy tale type story🙏, but probably not.

  6. Apops says:

    Honestly as a fan of stories that explore fairy tales deeply, this touches my soul in a way much like the game Grimlight

  7. Yeah fairy tails are dark. If my rambling incoherent story was left to rot, it would’ve been time-ified and made more kid friendly to where it would be some bs like:

    Something Volka is a nice fairy that cleans and uniforms your toenails while you sleep!!

    And Tom The Law Abiding Trickster is an good trickster that makes you funny!!

    It is a good thing these stories are fake because I would do something ehhh more words go here

  8. Tahnks for the context @workout, really apriciate it

  9. Workout says:

    Damn I’m stupid, story wasn’t real, anyways
    Did you know in one of the earlier versions of little red riding hood, instead of the wolf eating her grandma, red riding hood ate her grandma, it goes something like wolf killed the grandma and the wolf pours her blood into a bottle and slices her meat onto a platter and when riding hood visits the wolf tells her to “Have something yourself, my dear. There is meat and wine in the pantry” and when she eats it a little cats just days ” Slut! To eat the flesh and drink the blood of your grandmother!”

    Old fairy tales are horrific but oh so interesting

  10. Luiz Felipe says:

    This novel interested me

  11. Workout says:

    Your knowledge on these subjects outstands me, got any more Milky Violet?

  12. It’s fun making crap up.

  13. DarkOpera says:

    I don’t know man, but it’s look like some kind of story

  14. Rone says:

    ????? Wth I’m reading above

  15. Dang I forgot to give the reverse stories morals too!

    Alright the morals for the two reverse stories are that: if you ever happen upon a beautiful maiden and her pet whatever, then feed your toenails to it and you will be granted $9283929492930138103910391939192901948277 (20% taxed) and if you have the chance to be goofy then be silly, in moderation.

  16. Dang I forgot to do the reverse for Goelric the Evil trickster, alright then for the reverse Goroddricj the Nice Good Law Abiding Farmer falls in love with the habit of tricking and now as punishment he is forced to trip people and make people mad or else his soul will be stripped and sent to roll a hill down a rock forever

  17. Yeah cause I totally want to see Nghenfstac Volka the night witch that amputates children’s toes and uses it as an base for a special potion she makes which makes a mythical creature called the Ghesticoaodssacvila younger by 259 years thus sparing humanity from damnation by 9384 years and this only happens if the children are staying awake past their bedtime, but since it’s reversed in this novel, it’s actually children who use their toenails to feed the Ghesjtisjdkticiibovviila and make it older by 9767 years thus granting them riches and gold doubloons beyond humanity’s splendor and the night witch is actually just the caretaker for the Ghestidiicfjakfkkexioskflrcunvxdkrvkvila.

    Or the story of “Goelric the evil trickster who turns your shoes up and around and makes you trip once in a while and the White Door Elder” where Goelric stops his evil tricks once and for all and accepts his fate of past by closing the white door against the White Door Elders wishes thus destroying the evil god Thomas in a cycle of lunar eclipses.

    The moral of the story for the stories above are: if you stay awake then you will be sacrificed for the greater good by an evil witch and to grow up.

  18. Workout says:

    Honestly the synopsis ain’t the worst and story seems interesting, but the tags worry me, harem and obsession kinda makes me feel like we won’t actually dive into fairy tales and that we’ll probably stick with the commonly known ones, anyways when it comes out ima read it

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