I Became a Retired Warrior Who Suffered NTR in the Novel
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I Became a Retired Warrior Who Suffered NTR in the Novel

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소설 속 NTR당한 은퇴용사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Retired Warrior Who Suffered NTR in the Novel


It’s been a while since an interesting work came up, so I really enjoyed reading it…

Author Lee CxSaex…

NTRed the main character in the final episode.

Even without the NTR tag.

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  1. nishino says:

    he was only planning to marry
    the saint

  2. ashy larry says:

    Fair point from all the comments calling out the mc for doing the same thing but the difference is he really did have feelings for all of them but they were only with him for the fame. Not only that, they were prema donnas throughout the whole journey apparently. My only real gripe with the story is the crown prince never gets his karma. All the old party members do but not him really.

  3. Azazel-sensei says:

    This novel is strangely boring. it’s truly tedious to read it. It doesn’t matter what a story is about, in the end what truly matters is HOW it is written.

  4. Tutu says:

    @jinx They deserve the 3 and yes it’s still a betrayal, haven’t you read?

  5. poisontester.mkI says:

    Poison drinker here. Drank the whole thing.

    The story is mediocre , story telling is below average.

    Everyone has a 1D Personality , Character and Braincell. Regret tag should be removed as the old members didnt learn shit and kept digging their graves.
    Demon king and the four heavenly kings were not threats really. Theres nothing going on with fight scenes as it seems like the author didnt have enough imagination.

    Ending was lack luster, the ending of the old.members are also lack luster.

  6. rrobz says:

    It was OK – pretty typical harem betrays hero, hero mopes for a while, comes back, forms a new harem, old harem gets Zamaa’d (i.e. get the crap end they deserve) story.

    The only think I would note is the MC is not dense in the Japanese light novel sense (i.e., can’t figure out the obvious hints the FMCs give him), but just stupid / insensitive in ways that repeatedly hurt the new harem members, especially Lucia. For example, the whole elven forest arc when Lucia clearly was not comfortable going there, the MC repeatedly puts Lucia in positions to be abused.

  7. Autumn Leaf says:

    This novel is dry af
    The author probably just learned to construct sentences (no I am not getting confused by mtl). He can pass information not emotions

  8. SBN says:

    I read until chapter 27 and there’s nothing bad or offensive about the novel, it’s just… boring.

    The MC just goes from A to B to C while collecting women along the way and they like him for mundane reasons.
    The ex hero party members are just 2 dimensional characters that are cartoonishly evil with no redeeming qualities.

  9. Bocchan says:

    Man.. The comments is in shambles Idk which one is true ’bout this novels story.

  10. In the early chapters mc got ptsd from being ntred if someone mentions the name of his formers heroine he will puke but it got better after meeting one of the former General/commander of the demon king

  11. Phantom says:

    I wish I could have my 2 hours skimming this novel back. The novel is generic but I didn’t have fun reading it.

  12. FrixerDrag says:

    Why the f Coco on picture???

  13. BoobzLover says:

    This actually not as bad as i expected

  14. jinx says:

    honest short review..

    Mc is like a kid.
    The only one who betrayed him was technically the saint. What did mage and elves do….to think that they betrayed him. So childish MC. Its notl like they are officially couples or engage like the saint. They are free to marry and do in things their lives. its not like since u joined my hero party, u will have to maryy me

  15. why is he so mad he did the same thing with the other 2 girls ?

  16. Abs says:

    From what i understand the mc reincarnated into a ntr character from the book he read, then he regains his memory, gets revenge for those disgusting things, finds real women and gets married

  17. Grimm says:

    IHero remembered his past life as a modern person after NTR and betrayal.

    Saintess- ntred by crown prince
    Archer – revealed herself as just using the hero. B*TCH
    Mage – married a the king of another kingdom

    MC Escaped the empire for a few months, then Demon King reappeared and former party members asking for support. MC ignored them and let their kingdoms get destroyed. Kills the demon king then get married with new party members

    So-so novel, Not stellar, not bad.

  18. Feng says:

    its shit dont read. just wish fulllfilment trash . read if you haave too much time. bdw story starts after he gets NTR’d.

  19. Mista says:

    Nope it was the crown prince. Damn it.

  20. Mista says:

    I gonna guess… It is the porter.

  21. It’s hard to read because the mc is so broken from the early chaps already, also regrets are not my thing I don’t buy their sob story even if there is one and if they did regretted their actions I hope the mc will not forgive them for the rest of their lives

  22. Misib says:

    i read only the first 3 lines:

    the story mc reincarnated is a story where he catch priet/saint doing xuxu with crown prince other girls, all but elf have fiances and elf was just for fame( they didnt amount to anything in the part), so they had to make the “hero” happy and this author put ntr in the last episode.

    also by the title in the last chapter the story already ended and we have a extra chapter.

    remember i have read too little i can guess the entire plot but i wont say.

    ps:it has no misunderstanding tag.

  23. Jaoyad69 says:

    Wow just wow how can someone be so shameless.


    MC got ntred but instead of losing hope MC kept himself strong.

    3 ntred bitch got their karma.

    MC got true love Elf and human princess.

    While it seem like MC got heros ( previous ) body after hero got ntr so, hero (MC) did not get ntr since he did not have any feeling for them.

  24. Blue Shadow says:

    any brave warrior?

  25. mfss says:

    I shall go and see what kind of adventure this one got

  26. Sebastian says:

    Good luck

  27. Poison testing again wish me luck

  28. salamone says:

    bruh is that a spoiler in the descrition?

  29. Hehe says:

    wow I’m scared..

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