Self-Employed With Instant Death
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Self-Employed With Instant Death

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즉사기 들고 자영업
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Self-Employed With Instant Death

Self-Employed With Instant Death mtl

I decided to never do something like a hunter in this life. “Hey, just give me a bowl of meat noodles.” “Give me some noodles too!”

… But for some reason, S-class hunters keep coming to my restaurant.

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  1. Review as of ch 104:

    Agree with the above that the MC is an insane siscon… to the extent that I wonder if the regret in his previous life was that the sister did not talk to him for a week……

    In addition the MC is a scum, bastard, idiot and dense MC to the extent that after a few chapters I just wanted MC to suffer something to correct his habits but all the MCs faults are conveyed in a comedic tone…..

    In summary an insanely dislikable MC by my standards because he does not even care for those who truly suppprt him,… e.g. a girl literally working as a slave for him in the name of secretary and he does not even have the decency to pretend to care for her…. i mean a running joke is that he does not pay her salary when she quit a high paying job to repay his grace and works tirelessly for him…. and the MC is a literal billionare when the girl also has to support her own sister……..

    Most of the charcter do not have any sort of development past initial “fall in love”/ start a friendship / become enemies stage……..The MC treats them like

    This brings me to the next problem… once a female character has decided to fall in love then her status has been fixed…. now the MC can treat her like garbage and she will not change her mind……. same with the friends made……
    It is to the extent that I am actually surprised why they are atill in love………

    Now back to the siscon issue…..
    Her sister also has a few plot holes like she fell in love with a fake identity of the MC when everyone around the MC understood that it was MC while she did not… I mean all he did was wear a mask.. he did not even change his voice….. And the sister is shown to have a similar level of obsession as the MC…..but she did not even recognize his voice……and the obsession is manifested a little differently….and then this whole aspect is forgotten as soon as MC decides to not use his alter ego…..

    Next we have the whole MC appears on tv and youtube and his name is famous… everyone knows it except for the sister who is known to watch youtube….. I mean he is doing press conferences… his restaurant is visited by s class hunters and is on the news… his guild is famous by his name…. and not to mention that one of his friends is an s class hunter who calls him master and the sister knows her and the fact that she is an s class hunter…..

    So the whole novel is ridiculous past the first few chapters and by the 80ch I was just reading it for completion and to write a proper review… and I can confidently say that this novel does not get better…….

    1. ashy larry says:

      Thanks for saving me time on this. That is the exact personality type that is the most detestable.

  2. Blanc says:

    Mc is insane siscon even his sister locked him in house he is happy dam sometime i think he is masochist

  3. Extra says:

    I get that the MC’s a siscon, but the extreme action that he’d almost taken against someone else concerning his sister made me completely lose interest in reading further.

    It’s just not for me.

  4. Raj says:

    Yes add doctor player

  5. What happened to the discord?

  6. you can add doctor player

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