The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work
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The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work

Read full chapter The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work, Light Novel The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work english, LN The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work, The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work Online, read The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work at Noble Machine translations.
이세계 편돌이는 퇴근하고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Fantasy World Fanatic Wants To Leave Work

An old-fashioned, rigid elf; a drunken dwarf; a cultish, fraudulent saintess, and so on…

I don’t need any of them.

A 24/7 convenience store.

I want to leave work.

That is my only wish.

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  1. cosmos says:

    well cosmos here
    this novel here is… what should I say different yet unique..
    mc starts as a weak guy who manages a store which is covered in mystery as the story progresses it gradually unveiled not all but most of the mystery..(what needs to be told as per the story). FMC you say?? umm I get it it’s harem and all but not upto my standard.. saint?? dementia.. angle?? prisoner delusional… elf??.. child.. tiger?????? um.. pet inthusiast.. and store manager ??? well she’s hiding something ..

    tbh this novel is not my style.. still it was not poison.. different people have different reading preferences.. I’m not judging but I’m judging ykwim? so it’s similar to webnovel the first store I mean concept.. but everything’s different ..

    7/10 but would not read further…

  2. Rader says:

    Not a bad novel by any means. People who are crying over it and calling it poison or what not here and in chapter comments have never seen Chinese novels where MC become a Restaurant owner in Immortal World or something similar.

    MC here is weak and as a human who is as weak as a child in fantasy world he is forced to communicate with Divine Beings and literal Gods. This type of gap reinforces how weak he is and this is normal in this genre. These type of novels are Slice of Life stories where MC get a powerful pet first and then some power ups that too after few arcs.

    Most bad comments here are expecting a slice of life novel to be a Munchkin Academy Novel or some Regressor. They have read too much academy sht to appreciate simpler genres.

  3. the law of white hair dictates that the only white hair justifiably simpable for are ones that are used mid to godly, so I shall use this to disapprove of this white hair 😡😡

    1*- no white hair
    2*- poor white hair use
    3*- white hair
    4*- white hair
    3* male
    5* whiter hair
    6* silver moon
    7*- pervert white hair
    8*- white hair
    9*- good white hair
    10*- pure white hair that becomes more cruel and twisted over time, leaving the mc no choice but to flee in fright only to end up in white hairs hands again because he talked to hair color not white

    1. 1/10 white hair 😡😡 idk I haven’t read the novel hehehe

      1. Just look at the cover, man.

      2. Whiteeeeeee haierrrr. Nvm I like white, ashen, lush green and also blue color. Like the snow, the uniqueness and feel given by the dull color of the dead’s ashes, a green forest filled with animals, and beautiful ocean.

        For blue hair, i like it in color similar to Ye Lan from genshin impact.

        1. I will vote for Eula’s blue hair

  4. It is a first novel in a long time where I couldn’t get past 4 chapters. Truly brain-damaging. I don’t even wanna rate this thing… It felt like it was supposed to be comedy genre, but ended up damaging my brain-cells.

  5. Saintess, 24 years old, height 165cm, white hair and violet eyes. If this description of the girl made you want to read this book – go ahead, because there is nothing else worth attention in this story. The premise is quite unusual, but it doesn’t make the story interesting – rather the opposite, it’s annoying. Essentially, it should be a comedy, but during the first few chapters I only laughed at the death of the main character – after that, I didn’t even chuckle. If you’re willing to read the book just for the Saintess, then you can read it, but I’ll probably move on to reading “Miss Holmes, Professor Is Not a Villain”. I’m stretching out the enjoyment of the best book as much as I can… The thought that this story will eventually come to an end lowers my sanity level.

    1. sorry I only simp for white hair of ratings 2+

      1. Sephir says:

        Man’s worse than down bad, he’s shotting himself with poison by injecting seringues in his body.

        1. Not like m any different. Although I stopped now. I am not reading anything and keeping my mind at peak form to only read the gold and above novels. I am taking breaks of around weeks before I read one.

  6. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    My prediction without reading it form tags: Mc dies in some ridicules way like— truck-kun, saving someone from danger, falling while walking, stabbed to death by Male Yandere, or pikachu thunderbolt. Than he transported to another world and forced to work 24/7, meet beautiful woman and create nonsense misunderstandings than suddenly became op

    1. Cero says:

      Warlock 😳

      1. crow raven crow raven says:

        he died from falling pepsi

        1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

          i need a break through to predict that, at least bullsh@t Dao Realm

  7. I raised EX Class says:

    Bro, I wonder if “Novel Request” on discord is useful? I mean, well, do as you please, Noble… You’re the king here…

    1. last 5 novels posted here before this are all from discord novel request 🙂

      1. I raised EX Class says:

        Really? I thought he was just taking the top-ranked novels on novelpia… And coincidentally, the novel he took had already been submitted to Novel Request…

        1. No. I took them specifically from discord novel request channel.

          1. TerriblyArrogant says:

            Give up.
            You won’t have me joining your discord 🤧

            F*ck, I have to join the discord, don’t I 😣

          2. Sephir says:

            Been a while since I’ve seen a noble comment

          3. Is noble nible an admin Id?

  8. angel salas says:


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