My Daughters Have Regressed
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My Daughters Have Regressed

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내 딸이 회귀했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Daughters Have Regressed

From the author of Taming The Villainesses

My daughters are starting to
regress. They say they want to see their mother.
… But I haven’t even gotten married yet, let alone have a daughter!?

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  1. No No No No says:

    Woah, the one who wrote Taming the Villainesses wrote this. Why is it so hidden away?

  2. Do says:

    This is not fully updated, I repeat, this is not fully updated.

    The novel is complete in original source, just need ~80chaps translated

  3. TheDiir says:

    Oh God, this is Mitsuri’s creation, the author of “Taming the Villainnes.” How could you let it be reduced to dust like this? Don’t you realize the significance of Mitsuri’s name? “Taming the Villainnes” stands as one of Novelpia’s finest-ending novels! And yet, it’s rated poorly here? What does that imply? Are you attempting to dissuade others from reading it?

    Alright, let’s delve into the review. The beginning is truly impressive, with the comedy seamlessly intertwining with the characters. Mitsuri’s prowess in character development is beyond doubt. The characters are well-crafted, possessing distinct identities. The plot, conflict drama, and even the characters’ decisions can be considered the pinnacle of this novel.

    I deeply admire Mitsuri because of their exceptional writing skills; each character feels genuinely alive, not merely as superficial constructs. The dynamics during their interactions are thoroughly enjoyable.

    1. I don’t know that author, but I think I hate that it is worth spending the time of one.

  4. Amunmu says:

    Alguna buena persona diga quien es la madre de naru

  5. Carlos Daniel says:

    Tywen best child

  6. I understand that the harem will be made up of the mothers of his daughters?

  7. Do says:

    Is this completed? Cause the final released chapter feels like so.

  8. Phobi21 says:

    The novel is not bad, it is entertaining to a certain extent and it makes me want to follow it.


    It irritates me too much to see how random people insult the mc while he does nothing.

    Damn he’s a hero who fought the demon king how the hell he gets insulted by everyone (literally everyone)

    It’s silly that could be fixed if he showed his strength or something but no, the MC always looks stupid seeing him doing nothing.

    Perhaps the author introduces some transformation that tries to explain it, but without a doubt he is nonsense from my point of view.

  9. Rone says:

    It’s a “black hair = savage” troupe, where everyone’s hair is colourful except black bcs that’s barbaric. I mean bruh, come on, you guys probably got some hero similar to him already and still got racist to black hairs? Smh, these guys is helpless, still, probably seeing there is ‘s’ in the title, probably at some point the heroines awoke and infatuated, even maybe obsessed? Idk, still willing to see some sacrifice, bcz I think I can’t survive lmao

  10. well it sure do look like it’s wholesome, well time to see who dies

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